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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1488


Chapter 1488

Chapter 1488: The Old Man and The Young Man

Feng Xuan and Feng Ling were already waiting outside together . They had left a few days before after they gave up at the fourth wall .

Those who were from the Holy City weren't even that far . They talked about Gu Li and Lin Feng . Lin Feng was still in there . Even the fifth and sixth walls didn't scare him . He was determined, even if he had to kneel, he didn't care .

’’He's been in there for so long . ’’ said a young man who was talking about Lin Feng .

’’Only twenty days, that doesn't mean anything . We did the same too . ’’ said another one .

’’Indeed . Those two beautiful girls are strong but they didn't stay in there too long though . They're not too weak . The most important thing is that they're really beautiful though . ’’ those people were talking about Feng Ling and Feng Xuan now .

Feng Xuan was one of the four most beautiful women from Ba Huang Province . She had voluptuous breasts, an incredible figure, and beautiful skin . Feng Ling was slender and elegant, even though she didn't look as se*y as Feng Xuan, she still looked attractive .

’’Haha, do you want to take them home?’’ said one of them laughing .

That cultivator called Tian Ruo shrugged and said, ’’If they haven't had se* yet, they couldn't be good wives . ’’

’’You should ask them if they'd agree to it . ’’ said another one . Tian Ruo glanced at Feng Ling and Feng Xuan and smiled, ’’Marrying two sisters would be great, especially given their appearances . ’’

Feng Ling and Feng Xuan looked furious . Feng Ling wanted to talk, but Feng Xuan held her back . She smiled at that young man and said, ’’Sorry, we already have someone . ’’

’’Is that so?’’ said that young man while releasing Qi which oppressed them . Feng Ling's heart started racing .

’’Indeed . You've seen him . If you defeat him, my sister and I will consider you . ’’ said Feng Xuan . She was furious but didn't show it . Feng Xuan was convinced that if that guy fought against Lin Feng, he'd lose .

’’Hehe, that's a nice suggestion . ’’ said that young man smiling . ’’I, Zhou Tian Ruo, am only too lucky . ’’

’’Haha, you're lucky indeed, you'll get to sleep with those two hot sisters . ’’ said the others laughing . Feng Xuan controlled herself, but Feng Ling's cheeks were red, she was furious .

Time passed slowly . Lin Feng had already been in there for almost a month . On the thirtieth day, two people emerged . One of them was an old man with a white beard who looked enigmatic . . He had the demeanor of a transcendent being while also looking like a hermit . Then, he sat down on a cloud in the sky .

Behind him was a young man, he was handsome and was wearing monk's clothes .

’’Teacher, you're back!’’ said some people who recognized the two silhouettes in the sky . They looked happy .

Their teacher had taken a disciple with him and had left for a year . Now he was back .

Outside of the room, the beautiful girl looked at them and rose up in the air, ’’Teacher, disciple, you're back, finally!’’

’’Sister, long time no see . You're becoming even more beautiful . ’’ said the young man in white clothes while smiling .

’’You're flattering me . You've been traveling around a lot . Now that you've broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer, you're progressing quickly . Your force must be as strong as mine even . ’’ said the beautiful girl .

’’It's thanks to our teacher . He has made great efforts to teach me . ’’ said the young man . We've been through a lot after we went so far away . Even some emperors threatened us . Of course, we also had great opportunities .

’’At a certain level, you should go and travel too, otherwise you'll always be a frog in a well . ’’ said the old man smiling . Then, they Then, they landed on the ground .

’’Sister, that's the emperor!’’ said Feng Ling surprised . That was the hermit of the manor .

’’Yes . ’’ Feng Xuan sensed it too .

At that moment, the old man looked at Feng Ling and Feng Xuan . Then he smiled at them indifferently .

’’You seem talented . Continue practicing cultivation and a bright future will await you . ’’ said the old man smiling . Then, he looked at the young man from the Holy City, surprised .

’’They must have taken medicine to become that stronger . You must be from there . ’’ said the old man smiling thinly .

They stood up as a sign of respect, even if they were ’’from there’’ .

’’A hundred years passed, as expected, more and more people come to the Celestial Walls Manor . So many guests this time . ’’ said the old man smiling in a gentle way . Then he looked at the room where the walls were and said, ’’Are there still people inside?’’

’’Three people . One of them is from there . The two others are with those two girls . Do you want to go in and see them?’’ asked the beautiful girl .

’’Alright, I'll go in and see . ’’ said the old man entering the room . After he entered, the door closed itself again . The old man observed the three observed the three people . One of them was in front of the third wall and he was covered with sweat . The others were back to back in front of the eighth wall . Eight different sorts of force were surrounding their bodies, but they both looked calm and serene as if the outside world had nothing to do with them .

The old man's facial expression changed . He looked intrigued . He left while smiling, ’’Not bad, not bad . ’’

’’Teacher, you look excited . ’’ said the young man in white clothes smiling .

’’Two of them in there are a lot stronger than you . They're really incredible . ’’ said the old man smiling .

Apart from Gu Li, was he talking about Lin Feng?

’’Dong!’’ this time, the ground quaked as the door opened and someone came out .

’’Incredible force!’’ the girl suddenly turned around and looked at the door . Force spilled out from the room .

There were two silhouettes who came out . They were both surrounded by an incredible force .

’’How's that possible?’’ thought the beautiful girl astonished . She couldn't believe it . Lin Feng had only been in there for a month and his force was already more powerful than hers . How gifted was he!? She was speechless .

’’Eh?’’ at that moment, Lin Feng noticed the young man standing next to him .


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