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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1469


Chapter 1469

Chapter 1469: The Qi Empire

The Qi Empire was one of the largest empires in Jiu You.

In Ba Huang Province, few people knew that the leader of the Qi Empire and the emperor of the Qi Clan belonged to the same family. Only those who had a high-social status knew that. Even the Wen Clan and the Si Kong Clan had deep connections to Jiu You, just like the Qi Clan.

Some people like Lin Feng who gained strength and recognition in Ba Huang had learnt about those things though. And the more they learnt about those things, it seemed like there were even more secrets behind the scenes. The more they learnt, the less they knew.

Ba Huang Province and Jiu You were already very mysterious for most people, so what about the Holy City?

In the imperial city of the Qi Empire, there was a flight of stairs with many, many steps. There were ten thousand steps in total. Ordinary people would need a long time to go up them. From the top, they could the spectacular landscapes of the imperial city, making them feel like they were flying.

At that moment, many people were flying over that flight of stairs.

At the top of the stairs, there were soldiers adorning dazzling armors. Those guards looked majestic and domineering, and everyone had to go through them to enter the city. Except, members of the imperial city of the Qi Empire could fly over and directly into the city. Even the strong cultivators from the Ba Huang Province had to go through the guards.

But at that moment, someone flew into the city, seemingly violating the rules.

Many people raised their heads, they were astonished because they recognized who it was!

It was a young man who had become very famous in the Ba Huang Province. Some people even compared him to Lin Lin Feng. Even though many people had never seen him, they had, at least, all heard about him.

’’Xia Tian Fan! Surprisingly, he flies into the city, violating the Qi Empire's rules.’’ thought some people sighing. Xia Tian Fan was insane.

’’Xia Tian Fan's name is Xia, so he doesn't belong to the Qi Clan. He's not an emperor either. Does he think he's strong enough to ignore Emperor Dong's rules?’’ thought the crowd. Nobody stopped Xia Tian Fan and the guards ignored him as if Xia Tian Fan had done nothing wrong.

’’He suddenly appeared in Ba Huang, his social status is mysterious, and he's incredibly strong. What is his background exactly?’’

’’Xia Tian Fan's social status has to be incredible!’’ thought some people.

’’More people are flying as well, who are those now?’’ thought the crowd again. Some people were smiling indifferently and flying into the city behind him.

’’The one in white clothes looks unfathomable. I only I only have that feeling when I see my teacher!’’ thought someone.

’’That's the Messenger!’’ some people who had made it out of the ancient battlefield alive recognized the Messenger instantly. Surprisingly, he had come but he was with some young men, who were those people? They were all Zun cultivators, some of them were even cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. Those young men who were laughing and talking to him as if he were a friend.

’’Just like my teacher said, after the meeting of the emperors, Ba Huang and Jiu You have changed a lot.’’ someone thought. Then, they saw the guards suddenly rise up in the air and bow before those people, ’’Your Highness The Messenger!’’

The Messenger smiled and waved, then he continued moving forwards. He was satisfied, people from the Qi Empire showed him respect when they saw him, which meant that Emperor Dong must also be nice.

After that, be nice.

After that, more people continued arriving.

’’Eh?’’ At that moment, the crowd was astonished when they saw Emperor Yu, the leader of Tiantai who had vanished for some time now. He was going to participate at the wedding ceremony as well!

’’Today, all the emperors and the Messenger are here. Even though Emperor Dong doesn't like Emperor Yu, he's probably not going to fight Emperor Yu on the wedding day. There might be some tensions though.’’ thought the crowd.

’’Do you think Lin Feng will come today?’’ asked someone.

’’I don't think so. If Lin Feng comes, the Qi Clan will find a way to kill him. The Qi Clan hates Lin Feng more than anything, after all.’’ replied someone else.

’’I don't think he'll come because it is too dangerous.’’

’’Hehe, Lin Feng is insane, how can you be so sure!’’ said someone laughing at that moment. That guy was precisely Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue.


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