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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1463


Chapter 1463

Chapter 1463: Who Is He?

In the eastern part of Ba Huang, in Xuri City, many people were talking about the gossip of Ba Huang in a restaurant. Many bloodbaths had occurred, and many geniuses had risen and fallen.

The influential imperial groups of Ba Huang Province were also fighting like madmen. The battles between the Wen Clan, the Qi Clan and some others were the fiercest. The Qi Clan, Tian Long divine Castle and the others joined hands to fight against the Wen Clan because the Wen Clan was working with Tiantai.

’’Even though Tiantai disappeared, the Qi Clan and Tian Long divine Castle won't give up. The Qi Clan had even captured some disciples from Tiantai. He also burnt Tiantai's territory down to the ground. He wanted to attract some people from Tiantai with that stunt. Some people did flock over because they were upset, but Qi Qian Xing killed them easily. said some people sighing.

They didn't have any new news from Tiantai. The emperors from Tiantai had protected their disciples and made everyone disperse. The Qi Clan and the others knew that Tiantai had probably asked their disciples to leave and practice cultivation while they were away. They even paid attention to any clues they might find, for example, the number of abstruse tablets a cultivator had was considered a clue.

’’Hehe, don't you know that some of the homes of Tiantai's disciples are under surveillance. In order not to infuriate their allies, they hadn't killed their families, because they're just too scared!’’ said someone loudly.

’’Don't be too loud! You want to get killed or what?’’ said someone else. Then, that person stopped talking because he noticed that many people were looking at him.

’’Your tongue or an arm, you choose!’’ said a young man at that moment. That person immediately turned pale.

’’Your Excellency, I'm sorry, I made a mistake.’’ said that person bowing, he was terrified. His face was deathly pale. In Xuri City, if he infuriated the Qi Clan, he would certainly die.

’’Slash, slash...’’ a table exploded, the young man stood up and looked at the person he had infuriated.

’’It's Qi Zang!’’ the crowd was horrified. Qi Zang was alone in the restaurant drinking and eating. Qi Zang had risen after the meeting of the emperors. He had already broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer and his abstruse energy was level nine.

’’Should I do it myself?’’ asked Qi Zang calmly.

That person's face was deathly pale. He closed his eyes and shouted furiously. Then he cut off his own arm. He was a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer, so he couldn't recover it until he became a Zun cultivator.

Qi Zang didn't look at him again. He just walked away and left the restaurant.

’’Qi Zang is cruel but he's very strong. People must obey him in these parts.’’

’’Hmph! If someone is reckless, they must pay the consequences for it.’’

Now people were making fun of the guy who had lost an arm.

The one who had lost an arm left the restaurant, he was still bleeding intensely.

’’Wait!’’ said someone at that moment. He turned around and saw a young man who was at the table next to the one where Qi Zang Zang was sitting a moment before. ’’I'll help you stop the bleeding.’’

Then that person walked to him.

It was Lin Feng, but he had changed his face. The masks Mister Xiao had given him were peerless items, so nobody could recognize him. The Qi Clan couldn't imagine it either, that the young man they wanted to kill the most was in their Xuri City.

Lin Feng put his hand on the young man's wound and released life energies. That person instantly felt better.

’’Abstruse strength, life abstruse energy!’’ thought that person. Lin Feng was so young and could already use life energy. He had to be at least a medium-level Zun cultivator!

After all, Lin Feng didn't know him and on top of that, he had just offended Qi Zang.

People around were surprised to see someone helping him.

’’Have a sip of that.’’ Lin Feng took out some life water and put some drops in the young man's mouth. Slowly, his arm started growing again. People were astonished. Life water was priceless and that guy was seemingly wasting it.

After watching his arm grow again, he stood there speechless for a moment. Then, he deeply bowed before Lin Feng and said, ’’Thank you so much, Your Excellency, I am unable to repay your kindness though.’’

’’Let's go out and have a walk.’’ said Lin Feng nodding. He stood up and left. That young man didn't understand. Did Lin Feng need him to do something? Even though he didn't understand, he still followed him.

’’Do you want to get your revenge?’’ asked Lin Feng. They were walking on the main road. That person was person was incredulous and said to Lin Feng using telepathy, ’’We're in Xuri City, it's the Qi Clan's own territory. Qi Zang is the most talented young cultivator of the Qi Clan at the moment and I only have the strength of the Tian Qi layer. There's no way I can get my revenge.’’

’’I can help you.’’ said Lin Feng smiling.

That person looked at Lin Feng and guessed that Lin Feng probably didn't like Qi Zang either, but he hesitated because the Qi Clan was too dangerous.

’’What do I have to do?’’

’’Qi Yan, Emperor Dong's son, is going to get married soon. The emperor of the Qi Clan, Emperor Qi, is an elder for Qi Yan. He will definitely go to Jiu You for the wedding. Besides, he'll bring some high officials from the Qi Clan with him. When they're gone, I can maybe kill half of their people.’’ said Lin Feng calmly. Lin Feng knew that the Qi Clan had captured and killed some people from Tiantai recently.

Wedding? Would the Qi Clan still be protected during Qi Yan's wedding?

’’He's so confident.’’ thought that person.

’’Can you check when they're leaving the Qi Clan?’’

That person was surprised and nodded, ’’If the high-officials of the clan do leave, then people will talk about that, definitely.’’

’’They have a special portal on their territory, therefore, they won't leave using the main roads. Maybe they'll be gone but we just won't see it.’’ said Lin Feng. ’’I don't blame you if you don't find any information. Helping you was only a slight effort.’’

After listening to Lin Feng, his eyes twinkled. Qi eyes twinkled. Qi Zang had made him cut off his arm because of one simple sentence. He obviously wanted to get his revenge.

’’I'll try and find a solution. If I don't have precise information, I won't let you take any risks.’’

’’Alright, if you hear anything, we can show up at high noon in that restaurant and I will understand. If you have no news, don't go to that restaurant and I will understand too. I'll be there everyday. Be careful.’’ said Lin Feng nodding. Then, he disappeared.

That was a good way to get some information, but even if that person didn't learn anything, it didn't matter. The most important thing was not to make any mistakes.

After that, Lin Feng went to that restaurant everyday and drank alcohol at high noon. He changed his face everyday even. After ten days, that person showed up, sat down and glanced around.

Lin Feng left the restaurant and came back in with the face he had when he had first met that guy. That person looked happy to see Lin Feng.

’’Let's go. The Qi Clan has been gathering presents for the past few days. They left this morning. However, I'm not sure whether Emperor Qi left or not. After all, nobody will talk about Emperor Qi's whereabouts, so nobody knows his timetable.’’ said that person to Lin Feng using telepathy.

’’That's good enough.’’ said Lin Feng smiling. He then cheered with that guy and said, ’’Cheers!’’

’’Cheers!’’ said that person smiling as well. Then, Lin Feng left.

That person looked at Lin Feng and whispered, ’’Who is he?’’

Maybe he would know soon!


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