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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1451


Chapter 1451

Chapter 1451: Back to Ba Huang

Lin Feng's heart was as calm as still water as he rode his sword in the sky above Xue Yue. The Tian Sha Sect had been destroyed. At the same time, he had also given the Tian Xuan stone back to Tian Xuan. That stone was an incredible gift and Lin Feng didn't need it anymore anyways.

Lin Feng had finally finished what he has wanted to do for a long time here in Gan Yu, He felt so relieved.


This time, Lin Feng didn't go to Yangzhou City, he was going to the former imperial city instead. He had already said goodbye to his friends and family members, so he didn't need to go through that again, it would be too sad. Then again, he couldn't stay in Yangzhou City forever. This time, it was better to leave and next time, he might be able to create a small world to take his friends and family members with him.


The former imperial city of Xue Yue didn't look as magnificent as before, but the Celestial Academy still existed. However, it was slowly falling apart. Only some of the former teachers had continued working there.


Back then, the second prince led the Celestial Academy behind the scenes. After Duan Wu Ya left, it had no imperial support anymore. Then Yan Yu Ping Sheng had died too and the academy started losing its influence.


Lin Feng walked through the desolate Celestial Academy. Some disciples passed by, but they looked extremely ordinary. There were only two stronger young disciples who stood out at the central tower. Of course, with Lin Feng's cultivation level, it wasn't possible to compare them with him.


Lin Feng stopped in front of the central tower for a few minutes and then continued walking.


The two disciples turned around and looked at Lin Feng. They frowned, ’’It's so strange. It seems like he's walking slowly, but in a few seconds, he's already so far.’’


Lin Feng then walked through an orchard. It smelt like peaches and there were petals lying on the ground and floating around in the wind. It was extremely pleasant to rest there.


Lin Feng opened his eyes and slowly walked towards the pavilion. Back then, Yan Yu Ping Sheng liked to spend time there, play some music, meditate.


He looked at the place where his teacher used to sit. There was someone else sitting there, they were wearing white clothes, long hair, and they were playing the zither.


That person stopped playing the zither and smiled at Lin Feng.


’’The teacher liked Xin Ye back then, even though she wasn't very strong, she was still outstanding. He thought I wasn't as good as her at playing the zither but actually, I knew all of his songs.’’


Lin Feng knew it was Wen Ao Xue. Indeed. Lin Feng knew all of that.


’’Of course, later, he preferred you!’’ said Wen Ao Xue smiling wryly.


’’Do you know what I'm thinking?’’ said Lin Feng, looking at Wen Ao Xue in a strange way.


Wen Ao Xue nodded and smiled, ’’You are wondering whether I'm a girl or a boy.’’


’’Indeed.’’ Lin Feng looked at Wen Ao Xue, he was as beautiful as a woman. When he was playing the zither a moment before, Lin Feng had thought it was a woman. He had long slender hands, his long hair was beautiful.


’’You guess.’’ said Wen Ao Xue, slowly slowly walking towards the orchard. Lin Feng looked at Wen Ao Xue's butt. Wen Ao Xue had told Lin Feng the Wen Clan had a teleportation portal in Xue Yue which led to Ba Huang Province. Was it there?


Lin Feng followed Wen Ao Xue for a little while before they arrived in a place with illusion Qi.


’’Is that an illusion?’’ whispered Lin Feng.


’’It's also a deployment spell.’’ said Wen Ao Xue smiling. Then, he entered it. Lin Feng realized that Wen Ao Xue's steps looked extremely strange as if there was a mysterious strength. Some holy marks appeared and the space in front of a tree became distorted.


Lin Feng followed Wen Ao Xue. The space around them was changing. An altar appeared in front of him, it was the teleportation portal.


’’Even high-level Zun cultivators can't even create that spell, right?’’ Lin Feng was surprised to see that advanced of a deployment spell there.


’’In fact, cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer can't even go through it on their own, let alone see it. Even if they walk here, they'll only see an ordinary orchard.’’ replied Wen Ao Xue smiling. Lin Feng had started studying deployment spells but later he had stopped because he had too much to study.


’’Let's go back!’’ said Wen Ao Xue smiling. Then they continued walking forwards, jumped onto the altar, placed many abstruse crystals inside, and activated it. A terrifying strength rose up in the air and lights surrounded them.


’’Teleporting to such a far away place requires so many abstruse crystals!’’ whispered Lin Feng.


’’With cosmic energies, which use the strength of the Earth and sky, teleportation would require even less energies.’’ explained Wen Ao Xue. Lin Xue. Lin Feng could sense the strength of the holy marks, but all in all, he still found the whole process very mysterious.


The lights were more and more dazzling, and then, they disappeared.


They immediately landed in the Wen Clan's territory. In the blink of an eye, they had traveled over an incredible distance.


’’Isn't it very expensive to travel using the altar?’’ asked Lin Feng to Wen Ao Xue.


Wen Ao Xue laughed and said, ’’Indeed, it's very expensive and requires special items. Besides, the holy marks the altar contains are also incredible. My clan initially created the altar because it was convenient. It was worth it though, but of course it had a price. If you want to go home sometimes you can come and ask me to use it.’’


Lin Feng shrugged and smiled, ’’Thank you!’’


’’I just hope you don't have any prejudices.’’ said Wen Ao Xue. He could see that Lin Feng had some doubts when it came to him. Now, Lin Feng knew about Wen Ao Xue's social status in the Wen Clan and so on.


’’You're back!’’ Some silhouettes appeared. Wen Tian Ge was there and was smiling at Lin Feng.


’’Mister Wen!’’ said Lin Feng nodding and smiling at the old man next to Wen Tian Ge. Lin Feng had been to his birthday before.


’’Lin Feng, let's have a few drinks. Last time, we didn't have any time to.’’ said Mister Wen smiling in a friendly way.


’’Alright.’’ said Lin Feng nodding. Lin Feng had used their teleportation portal, so even though he didn't want to stop, he had to out of politeness.


’’Let's go then.’’ said Mister Wen, smiling happily. They arrived in a courtyard of a pavilion.



’’Lin Feng, you're a real hero. Last time, I saw how talented you were, and in two years from now, apart from emperors, nobody will be able to compete with you. You're already as strong as me.’’ said Mister Wen smiling. Wen Tian Ge poured some alcohol in Lin Feng's glass naturally, as if Lin Feng was friends with the Wen Clan.


’’You're flattering me. I still have a long way to go.’’ said Lin Feng smiling. Mister Wen was a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer, he had even killed many cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer himself. The old man was being polite, but that didn't mean he was lying. Last time when Lin Feng had been to the Wen Clan, he wasn't as strong, but now he was almost as strong as the old man. That was absolutely fact.


’’I'm not flattering you. I wish Tian Ge and Ao Xue were as strong as you. Maybe then they would be able to defeat Xia Tian Fan.’’ said the old man smiling. Lin Feng remembered Xia Tian Fan, he had challenged some of the strongest young cultivators of the province. Seven days had passed now, so what was Xia Tian Fan doing now?


’’Mister, how strong is Xia Tian Fan in your opinion?’’ asked Lin Feng.


’’He's enigmatic. He defeated Si Kong Xiao from the Si Kong Clan and a strong cultivator from the Godly Xiao Yao Sect. He left central Ba Huang after that and now I don't know where he went.’’


’’Do you know where he's from, mister?’’ asked Lin Feng. The Wen Clan knew a lot, so perhaps they knew this. Xia Tian Fan was suddenly rising, he had to be from somewhere important.


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