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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 144


Brother? The old man was surprised when he heard the conversation between them. An evil expression appeared on his face. Lin Feng surprisingly knew that slave and was a good friend of his. The old man looked at Lin Feng who was slowly moving towards them. He then walked towards Lin Feng to prevent him from walking further and said: ’’It doesn't matter if you were friends before. Now, he is marked. He is doomed to be a slave for the rest of his life.’’

’’If I put a mark on your face, will you become a slave too?’’ said Lin Feng extremely coldly.

The old man smiled and said: ’’You want to die, right?’’

’’If I die, it will mean that someone killed me after your death.’’ said Lin Feng coldly. Suddenly, the Qi emerging from his body grew even colder and started moving towards the old man.’’

’’You are overestimating yourself.’’ said the old man while smiling. Suddenly, his body pierced through the air looking like a hurricane and moved towards Lin Feng.

’’Sword Unsheathing!’’ Lin Feng used his sword unsheathing skill. He had mastered it to perfection. He was extremely quick and agile since a single strike needed to be enough to kill an opponent.

But the old man ignored Lin Feng's attack and managed to avoid it while moving closer to him, he then thrust our his fist and punch Lin Feng in the chest.

’’ARGH!’’ Blood sprayed from Lin Feng's mouth ad he was propelled backwards.

’’Seventh Qi layer!’’ the crowd was stupefied. The old man was incredibly strong. He had broken through to the seventh Qi layer and compared to Lin Feng the difference was too big. Lin Feng wouldn't be able to withstand another attack.

But Lin Feng raised his head again. He started moving towards the old man again. He looked as cold and determined as ever.

The entire atmosphere around the cage was filled with a freezing cold Qi.

’’You're very talented. You could have had a brilliant future but because you're courting death, I have no other option but to help you find it.’’ said the old man when he saw that Lin Feng continued to approach. He then laughed coldly and said: ’’You have only broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer, you could never touch me, not even once... and killing me? Only in your dreams!’’

’’No need to kill him. Put a mark on him. Make him a slave. Wouldn't it be much better that way?’’ said Bai Ze. The old man was surprised by those words but then smiled and said: ’’Young master, you are extremely clever. Of course, that would be a much better solution! He's much stronger than that Han beast... It would probably be a great spectacle to see him fighting as a slave.’’

’’Let's do it.’’ said Bai Ze while evilly staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had acted recklessly, there was no choice.

Lin Feng didn't even give him a glance though. He kept walking. Each and every step he took was filled with determination and coldness.

’’AAARRRGHHHHH!’’ Han Man roared just like an animal. His body was shaking but the middle-aged man was holding him down with chains. Han Man couldn't move freely.

The old man hit Lin Feng again. Blood splashed once again from his mouth. Lin Feng's body was projected away and struck against the wall of the cage so hard that it made the cage vibrate.

Just like the old man had said, Lin Feng was strong but had only broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer. He could never compete with someone of the seventh Ling Qi layer.

When Liu Fei and the others saw Lin Feng's body get blown away. They all stood up and walked towards the cage.

’’Wait, wait!’’ said Wen Ao Xue preventing them from moving further.

’’Get out of the way.’’ said Liu Fei. Wen Ao Xue only had a wry smile on his face.

’’Lin Feng cannot win this fight. If you go there, you will only die with him.’’

’’Get out of the way!’’ said Liu Fei coldly ignoring what he had just said.

’’I'm going.’’ said Wen Ao Xue while shaking his head. His body suddenly transformed into an illusion and flew towards the cage. When he arrived at the edge of the cage, he didn't enter it. He had the feeling that Lin Feng wouldn't be so easy to kill.

Wen Ao Xue was terribly touched by Lin Feng's actions. That guy would risk his life for his friends...

Po Jun was touched as well. The mark on his face was moving along with his facial muscles. Such a person should be respected by everyone.

Lin Feng's eyes became pitch black. He was slowly walking forwards. In his heart, there was no emotion at all, only darkness.

’’DIE!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously. His deadly sword fluttered in the air. A grayish black fog rose around his sword and started rushing into the atmosphere.

’’Is it the best you can do?’’ said the old man while laughing. He joined his hands together and release a hurricane like wind.

A deadly Qi unceasingly flowed out from his body. Lin Feng's sword was shaking with intensity.

At that moment, Lin Feng threw his sword through the air towards the old man. It pierced through atmosphere at full speed and lacerated everything which came into contact with it.

’’What's the point?’’ said the old man fearlessly. When Lin Feng's sword arrived in front of the old man, it abruptly stopped.

’’Goodbye!’’ yelled the old man causing Lin Feng's long sword fly away into the distance. At that moment, Lin Feng had landed in front of the old man and thrust his hand forward with the sharpness and precision of a sword.

’’Die!’’ said the old man with a cold smile on the corner of his mouth. He disintegrated Lin Feng's sword Qi and punched Lin Feng again. Thick dark blood gushed out from Lin Feng's mouth.

Lin Feng however had caught the old man's hand using both his hands. He surprisingly hadn't been pushed back. Everybody was stupefied.

’’What is he doing?’’

Lin Feng was probably going to die because of this. That action was a big mistake.

It seemed like there was a large wound on Lin Feng's chest where the old man unceasingly punched. There was a huge blood stain. The scene was terrifying.

But Lin Feng didn't release the old man's hand. He was firmly and tightly holding it between his two hands.

Everybody was staring at Lin Feng. How fierce! These were probably his last moments and he still didn't release the old man's hand. Had he renounced his will to live?

Some of Lin Feng's blood even splashed on Han Man. His heart was pounding and he was breathing heavily.

Dust rose under Han Man's body. Suddenly, the ground started shaking. The expression in his eyes was progressively changing. His red eyes slowly turned yellowish-brown and looked like that of a bloodthirsty wild beast. They were filled with intense wrath.

’’Roooaarrrr!’’ a bestial roar came from Han Man's mouth. It seemed like the ground was going to cave in. The ground was shaking so much that it seemed like it could cave it at any time. More and more yellow dust was rising into the air. A thick layer of sand was covering Han Man's body.

The middle-aged man who was on Han Man's back wondered what was happening. His heart started beating faster and faster.

’’What's going on?’’ When the middle-aged man saw all the dust flying around him, he was astonished.

Suddenly, the chains on Han Man's body broke into a thousand tiny pieces.

When the old man and Lin Feng, who were fighting, saw that, they were stupefied too.

’’Huh?’’ the old man was surprised. He didn't understand what was happening. His pupils shrank.

’’Celestial Spirit!’’ Suddenly, a dazzling light as bright as the sun burst from Lin Feng's expressionless and pitch-black eyes.

Since Lin Feng's Celestial Spirit had awoken, he had not taken advantage of the abilities that his spirit provided him. This was the first time.

The old man slightly closed his eyes. He wanted to move back but Lin Feng was still tightly holding his hand.

Suddenly, the old man jumped up in the air, taking Lin Feng along with him.

’’Die!’’ said Lin Feng in a low voice. He could see everything clearly thanks to his celestial spirit. Every movement of the old man was very clear in Lin Feng's mind.

At the same time, Lin Feng's body turned into a shadow. A dazzling light appeared and suddenly, a long trail of blood sprayed into the air.

’’That shadow!’’ the crowd was stupefied by what they had seen. Lin Feng had become almost invisible with his shadow!

’’Just because you're extremely strong, it doesn't mean that I can't kill you!’’ said a cold yet calm voice. The old man was holding his throat as blood was gushing through his fingers. He was falling slowly to the ground!


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