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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1400


Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400: Borrowing the fifth prince's force

’’Emperor Yu has faith in his direct disciples!’’ thought the crowd.

Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi had been discreet for a few hundreds of years and then they had recruited only nine direct disciples. After so many years, Mu Chen, Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi had started traveling the world. Their cultivation level wasn't high back then, Mu Chen was a cultivator of the very top of the Tian Qi layer and the two others had only broken through to the Tian Qi layer.

That meant that Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi had raised them from the beginning. They had also hidden their six other disciples the entire time.

Besides, their direct disciples had knowledge about so many different things. Like Ban Ruo who knew terrifying mantras, soundwave, and illusional energies.

’’The battles are becoming even more interesting. The Qi Clan, the Si Kong Clan and Tian Long divine Castle can't eliminate Tiantai's people as easily anymore.’’ thought some people.

After that, the Wen Clan and the Deva-Mara Palace sent fighters again. They killed two medium-level Zun cultivators from the Qi Clan again. The Qi Clan had even fewer people left. After that, the Celestial Palace of the Immortals also eliminated a cultivator of the Qi Clan. They only had thirteen people left: seven medium-level Zun cultivators amongst them.

Besides, the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, the Island of the Thunderbirds and Mang Niu Mountain also continuously attacked the Bestial Imperial Palace.

The Heavens of Desire's Palace and the Fairyland of the Nine Songs also had incredible battles. The Celestial Thunder Temple and the Church of Desire were interesting to watch as well. But the Celestial Thunder Temple could easily oppress the Church of Desire.

The Abyss of Sufferings sometimes challenged people from the Wen Clan and weaklings were slowly eliminated.

Time passed and it was Tian Long divine Castle's turn again. They were tired, so what could they do? Should they try and fight against the three members of Tiantai, against whom hadn't fought yet? They looked ordinary and simple like Ban Ruo, but who could guarantee that they weren't as strong as or even stronger than Ban Ruo?

’’Father, I'll go and kill Mu Feng.’’ said the fifth prince to Emperor Tian Long.

’’I'll go and kill him.’’ said the fourth prince. He was afraid that the fifth prince could die.

’’Don't, I'm worried about you.’’ said the fifth prince.

’’What if he hid his strength?’’ asked Emperor Tian Long to the fifth prince. The fifth prince could easily kill Mu Feng because he was a lot stronger than the seventh prince. However, if Mu Feng had hidden his strength still, it would be dangerous again.

’’Even if he hid his strength, he can't kill me that quickly. I have broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer and I know two kinds of abstruse energies. If I lose, I'll just jump onto the ground and give up. If I die, it's my fault.’’ said the fifth prince.

Once the previous battle ended, the fifth prince jumped forwards.

’’Brother!’’ shouted the fourth. He wished he could could kill Mu Feng himself.

’’Father!’’ said the fourth prince to Emperor Tian Long, but Emperor Tian Long closed his eyes and said ’’If you're not insane, you can't become an emperor. If I had prevented him from going, it would have been worse for him than losing, I would have influenced his future cultivation. Emperor Qi doesn't want Qi Qian Ren to kill Mu Feng because they have more secrets than us. They have another emperor, a medium-level emperor who actually controls their clan. Qi Qian Xing is also a cultivator of the very top of the Zun Qi layer, so he will soon become an emperor. We are different and I must be a good father. Your brothers and you are my only hope. You have to face danger, face pressure, be heroic, brave and determined to succeed if you want to become emperors.’’

The fourth prince bowed before Emperor Tian Long and said, ’’I understand, father.’’

The fourth prince knew his father was right, that dangers and risks were the keys to success. Tian Long divine Castle couldn't compete with the Qi Clan, and if Tiantai rose, Tian Long divine Castle would be doomed.

’’Brother, good luck!’’ said the fourth prince looking at the stage. The fifth prince was on the stage, he was looking at the people from Tiantai. Dragons started roaring and a dragon illusion appeared behind him.

’’Come out!’’

’’Come out, come out...’’ his voice echoed far away in the distance.

Mu Feng looked calm and serene. He jumped forward while condensing force in his feet. He then released demonic released demonic energies while landing on the stage.

’’Argh!’’ dragons roared and the fifth prince turned into a dragon. His Qi rose to the skies and moved towards Mu Feng

The fifth prince's dragon claws lacerated the sky and looked sanguinary. He released blood abstruse energies, further invoking his own blood strength. This also activated Mu Feng's blood.

’’Blood abstruse energies, gold abstruse energies!’’ the crowd looked at the golden-red dragon.

’’Dragon Totem!’’ Mu Feng looked at the dragon claws moving towards him and noticed that his opponent was condensing gold and blood energies into a dragon totem. It was dazzling, some holy marks even appeared on it.

Few people know how to use holy marks to attack, and those who did needed time to use them, unlike Qiong Qi. And even when they did use holy marks, their attacks couldn't be as powerful as when stronger cultivators used them.

The fifth prince fused together the holy marks and dragon lights.

’’Die, die, die!’’ shouted Mu Feng, his voice echoed and made the fifth prince shake. Then, he raised his fist and started assaulting him with his Deadly Demon Punch attack, he also condensed immortal energies into it.

Explosions sounded, but the fifth prince's dragon claws continued moving forwards.

’’Eh?’’ the crowd was astonished, especially the strong cultivators from Tian Long divine Castle.

’’Die!’’ shouted the fifth prince bravely. His fists collided with Mu Feng's Deadly Demon Punch and explosions ensued. Mu Feng was propelled away, and it sounded like his bones had been broken.

’’Die!’’ shouted the fifth prince. It seemed like It seemed like Mu Feng couldn't resist his attacks, so he chased Mu Feng. However, Mu Feng didn't back down. He condensed immortal energies in his fist again and used his Deadly Demon Punch once more. Then, his fist collided with the fifth prince again, crackling sounds were heard, then an ocean of energies rolled in waves and propelled Mu Feng away. Their fists collided a myriad of times after that.

’’Is that his full power? Where's the demon king silhouette?’’ thought some people in the crowd. If Mu Feng continued on like that, he'd die soon.

The two silhouettes kept colliding, higher and higher up in the sky. Those at the top of the mountains had to raise their heads to look at them.

’’Last step!’’ thought Lin Feng. He could sense that he was going to break through to the next cultivation layer at any moment.

’’Die!’’ shouted Mu Feng furiously. This time, he used both fists to attack the fifth prince. He didn't dodge the fifth prince's attack either.

’’Argh!’’ Mu Feng raised his head and looked up at the sky. His hair was fluttering in the strong winds above. He condensed all his strength and turned it into a demonic hurricane.

’’Boom!’’ Emperor Tian Long suddenly stood up and looked at Mu Feng worriedly.

Emperor Qi was also petrified. Emperor Yu, however, was smiling magnificently!

’’Mu Feng is about to break through to the third Zun Qi layer!’’ thought the crowd. Mu Feng had endured the attacks on purpose because he wanted to break through to the next cultivation layer!


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