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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1395


Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395: Another Round

’’The Wen Clan, the Deva-Mara Palace and Tiantai are all influential imperial groups, together they can definitely put pressure on the Qi Clan, the Si Kong Clan and Tian Long divine Castle's alliance.’’ thought some people.

The Qi Clan, the Si Kong Clan, Tian Long divine Castle and the others weren't happy. They were even more furious that the Deva-Mara Palace had joined their alliance as well.

If Mu Feng hadn't done that, the others would have continuously tried to put pressure on Tiantai and eventually destroyed them, but now it was much more difficult.

Mu Feng glanced at the other groups. The emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals was at the end of his life and Jun Mo Xi was in a difficult situation. He couldn't decide alone to make the Celestial Palace of the Immortals join an alliance, and if he did, he would be in danger. Concerning the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, Yuan Fei was there, but still, the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit and the other groups of the bestial part of Ba Huang were in a kind of alliance already against the Bestial Imperial Palace: Emperor Peng's group.

The Heavens of Desire's Palace had helped him, but he couldn't ask them anything because he didn't know the empress. He could give demon scriptures to the Deva-Mara Palace, but he couldn't offer anything to the Heavens of Desire's Palace.

Of course, Mu Feng had promised scriptures to the Deva-Mara Palace, but first he had to become an emperor. This implied that the Deva-Mara Palace had to be loyal and couldn't betray the alliance for a while. And Mu Feng died, he wouldn't be able to give them anything.

’’Brother, do you have anything to say?’’ asked Emperor Qi to the emperor from the Church of Desire. The emperor of the Church of Desire looked at him and said, ’’I prefer not to get involved.’’

The situation was already chaotic. The Deva-Mara Palace would probably get scriptures, but the Church of Desire had nothing to ask for because they didn't need anything. Getting involved for them was pointless. He was going to ask his people not to attack Mu Feng at the very least.

Besides, he didn't want to infuriate Tiantai because they didn't have just one emperor, they had two. Emperor Shi was going to rise, and amongst Tiantai's current disciples, some of them were soon going to become cultivation emperors as well.

Emperor Qi smiled and nodded. He wasn't happy though.

At the same time, the battle finished on the battle stage. Mu Feng had killed the members from Tian Long divine Castle, the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan.

After Mu Feng went back to his group, many people looked at him in a strange way. They had no choice but to admit that Mu Feng had done something great for Tiantai. They They were less angry about the fact that Mu Feng had flirted with Qiu Yue Xin and Meng Qing now. Only the purple-eyed young man still looked angry.

After that, the Wen Clan and the Deva-Mara Palace didn't disappoint Mu Feng. They joined hands on the battle stage and fought against the fighters from the Qi Clan and so on. They always sent a strong cultivator, even if a strong cultivator from the other side attacked, they could focus on the two other groups. When the opponents were too strong, they always joined hands to protect each other. When they lost, at least, they remained alive. When they were in danger, sometimes they even broke through to the next cultivation layer.

Time passed and the battles slowly started coming to an end for Tiantai. The people they sent in the end were not too strong. During these final rounds, Tian Long divine Castle sent an incredible cultivator who could transform fully into a dragon.

’’Tian Long divine Castle has nine people who have Emperor Tian Long's personal skill and those nine people were all qualified. Besides, their cultivation level is very high. Did you notice?’’ said Mu Chen after Tiantai's last battle finished. The others continued fighting as they still had fighters.

’’The weakest of those nine people has the strength at the top of the fourth Zun Qi layer and the strongest one has broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer.’’ Qi layer.’’ said Ruo Xie nodding. He had noticed that too. Those people were very discreet. During the first round, they had been hiding in the crowd. Only one had shown up on the battle stage, on Tiantai's battle stage to fight against Meng Qing.

Mu Feng had also noticed. That cultivator had attacked Meng Qing, Mu Feng couldn't have missed him.

’’Those people must be Emperor Tian Long's very core disciples. If you encounter them in the next round, surrender. Don't fight unless you know you can defeat them, and if you can defeat them, kill them!’’ said Mu Chen calmly, yet slightly cold too.

’’There's also Qi Qian Ren who has reached the top of the sixth Zun Qi layer, he's Qi Qian Xing's younger brother. He's also Emperor Qi's youngest son, so he's bound to be strong. You have to be careful.’’ said Mu Chen.

’’Emperor Qi's son!’’ Mu Feng really wanted to kill him, hoping that Emperor Qi would go insane if Mu Feng did that.

But Qi Qian Ren had the strength of the top of the six Zun Qi layer and he had been to the shrine. Adding on that he was also Emperor Qi's real son, so his blood strength and spirit had to be powerful. Qi Tian Xu was nothing compared to him.

’’If we kill Qi Qian Ren, won't Emperor Qi go insane and try to kill us?’’ asked someone.

’’He won't. Emperor Yu saved Meng Qing because Meng Qing because it was allowed, but rules must be respected. Even if you kill Emperor Qi's son , he won't dare do anything. Otherwise, the others would do the same and the situation would be chaotic.’’ replied Mu Chen.

’’But you have to remember that strength is the most important thing. If someday you become emperors, you will have very few enemies. The main goal of the meeting of the emperors is cultivation!’’ said Mu Chen.

Everybody nodded. The Qi Clan was arrogant but what would happen if someday a medium level emperor appeared in Tiantai? And a third emperor? and a fourth? Then, the Qi Clan would be doomed.

The crowd then looked at the battle stage. There were sixteen people starting the next fight, meaning that six groups had already run out of people to send. The other groups didn't have many more people either, so soon, the second round would be over.

Tiantai's people glanced around. There were maybe a thousand people left, half of them had been eliminated already.

’’Some people who are considered the ten strongest young cultivators are here too.’’ said Mu Chen. ’’Kong Ming can already defeat cultivators of the top of the Zun Qi layer. He's very smart though, and he always hides his strength. The great oriental greenfinch roc, Wen Tian Ge, Si Kong Xiao and Fu Hei aren't bad either.’’

’’But I don't know how many people can fight against them!’’ said Mu Chen.


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