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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1370


Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370: Jun Mo Xi and the Celestial Palace of the Immortals

The Celestial Palace of the Immortals was located on a lofty mountain.

Nowadays, the Celestial Palace of the Immortals was losing their emperor, and people were paying particular attention to their on-goings. The emperor had transmitted his knowledge to Jun Mo Xi and had hoped he'd become an emperor before he died.

Someone came out of a cave on the mountainside, but nobody paid any attention to him. The Celestial Palace of the Immortals had become desolate those days. Of course there was a teleportation portal leading there, but they didn't need to guard it. They just had to pay attention to some of the people going in and out.

At that moment, two silhouettes flickered and landed in front of the cave. There was a young man wearing black clothes with pitch-black eyes. He had only broken through to the second Zun Qi layer, but he looked extraordinary.

’’Who are you?’’ shouted someone furiously while releasing Qi.

’’I came for the meeting of the emperors. I just used your portal, sorry for the inconvenience!’’ said Lin Feng politely and calmly.

’’Hmph! Is that an excuse to use it as you wish?’’ said the other one.

’’I know Jun Mo Xi, your Young Master. If he was here, he would definitely allow me to use it.’’ said Lin Feng.

’’Eh?’’ the two people frowned, he knew Jun Mo Xi?

They glanced at each other and looked at Lin Feng, ’’You must die for not respecting the Celestial Palace of the Immortals!’’

’’Boom!’’ energies surrounded Lin Feng and a gigantic golden hand appeared above him.

Lin Feng was surprised by their sudden decision. He released demonic Qi and rose up in the air while shouting furiously, ’’Jun Mo Xi, come out!’’ His voice spread far away.

’’Bzzz, bzzz...’’ those silhouettes rose up higher in the air. Where were Jun Mo Xi and Xiao Die?

’’You really want to die!’’ shouted the two cultivators rushing over to Lin Feng. Lin Feng released wind abstruse energies and dodged away from them.

’’What's going on?’’ shouted a middle-aged man looking at Lin Feng.

’’He entered our territory without permission using the teleportation portal. I don't know where he's from!’’ said the two people.

’’I'm looking for Jun Mo Xi!’’ said Lin Feng.

The man looked at him in a cold way, ’’You entered the Celestial Palace of the Immortals without permission, so I agree, you must die!’’

’’Right!’’ everybody nodded.

’’Stop!’’ shouted someone furiously. A young man appeared wearing fine clothes. It was Jun Mo Xi.

Jun Mo Xi glanced glanced at the crowd and then at Lin Feng, ’’Why are you looking for me?’’

Lin Feng took out a hot unit bottle and threw it at Lin Feng.

Jun Mo Xi caught the bottle and smelt the pleasant fragrance from that familiar alcohol.

’’Slash!’’ Jun Mo Xi broke the bottle and absorbed the alcohol. His face instantly turned red.

’’So tasty, do you have some more?’’ asked Jun Mo Xi, smiling.

’’I do, there was a lot in Dragon Mountain!’’ said Lin Feng, taking out another hot unit bottle and threw it at Jun Mo Xi.

’’I'll keep them, I don't drink enough anymore.’’ said Jun Mo Xi. He knew that it was Lin Feng in disguise.

’’Since someone wants to see me, why do you want to kill them!’’ said Jun Mo Xi to the two cultivators. He had power in the Celestial Palace of the Immortals because he had received the teachings of the emperor. He had already broken through to the fourth Zun Qi layer even.

The emperor wouldn't see Jun Mo Xi become an emperor though. He might survive ten more years, at most!

The old man had taken great efforts to make Jun Mo Xi get that strong already.

After hearing Jun Mo Xi, they nervously replied, ’’He came in without permission.’’

’’They're right, /> ’’They're right, people who come in without permission must die, especially during these times.’’ said the middle-aged man calmly.

’’I didn't ask you anything.’’ said Jun Mo Xi to the middle-aged man.

’’Jun Mo Xi, respect your elders. You're Xiao Die's future husband, so you should call me uncle!’’

’’Right now, I'm the Young master of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals, so watch your words!’’ said Jun Mo Xi.

The middle-aged man was speechless, but Jun Mo Xi ignored him. He walked towards the two cultivators who had tried to kill Lin Feng.

’’You're not respectful! You didn't bow in front of me and you humiliated me, thus you've humiliated the emperor. You should die!’’ said Jun Mo Xi. One of them moved back, but at the same time, it seemed like he was paralyzed. A gigantic hand struck his head and he exploded.

The other one's face turned deathly pale. His silhouette flickered as he tried to escape, but Jun Mo Xi caught up with him and slapped him. His body then exploded.

’’How strong.’’ thought Lin Feng. Those two had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer and they were strong cultivators inside the Celestial Palace of the Immortals, but in front of Jun Mo Xi they were mere insects.

’’The old man is not dead yet! If anyone disrespects If anyone disrespects him, I'll kill them!’’ said Jun Mo Xi. Then he nodded at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng followed Jun Mo Xi and they left. The middle-aged man was left sitting there with a sour face. Jun Mo Xi was becoming terrifying, and his imperial immortal body was a force to be reckoned with. Xiao Die's uncle was concerned that he wouldn't get his share of the power.

Jun Mo Xi took Lin Feng away from the mountain before he turned around and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at him back. And then they smiled. Jun Mo Xi was wearing his robe of righteousness while Lin Feng was wearing a pitch-black demonic robe.

’’I now know that if they tried to kill you, it wouldn't have been easy!’’ said Jun Mo Xi laughing. ’’How have you been?’’

’’I'm alright, the situation seems to be difficult for you though?’’ said Lin Feng.

’’You probably know that the emperor wanted me to be his descendant, but many people didn't want that. They wanted to steal the treasures from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals after the emperor's death.’’ said Jun Mo Xi.

Lin Feng nodded. Yuan Fei had told him that the Celestial Palace of the Immortals was dangerous. The emperor wasn't dead, but it was only a matter of days, months or maybe even years.


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