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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 137


Now what?

Lin Feng nodded and said coldly: ’’Now, if you're done talking, I also have a few things to tell you. Your little brother was a piece of trash. He did not have other people in his eyes. He attempted to steal my cultivation room so I had to make him leave, but because he was your little brother, he thought that he was invincible. He then broke the rule of the academy and harassed my friend every single day for three months with your help. He humiliated her and hindered her training. Was I wrong to kill him?’’ said Lin Feng while looking at Hei Mo.

’’You killed him... you were indeed in the right, but...’’ said Hei Mo who wanted to keep talking but was interrupted by Lin Feng: ’’You already said that you have finished talking, so please, SHUT UP!’’

’’Huh?’’ the crowd was stupefied. That guy was really aggressive and suddenly dared to tell Hei Mo to shut up. He only thought that he could behave like this because Wen Ao Xue was next to him!

Hei Mo was stupefied but immediately said: ’’Alright, continue.’’

’’You also said it yourself, I was right to kill him. Your little brother broke the rules of the academy, it was obviously because you had allowed him to do so. So because you allowed your little brother to attempt to humiliate me, you have indirectly caused me to lose face. When he wanted to kill me, you were happy to provide your support. So first you have made me lose face and then you're getting angry because you lost face when things did not go as planned. Could it be that you are so stupid that you think I would willingly lose face to you because you are strong?’’ said Lin Feng with a strict tone making the whole crowd stupefied yet again.

That's right. These types of people could only see things from their perspective and couldn't understand other people's point of view.

’’Even if what you say is true, then what?’’ said Hei Mo with a detached tone.

’’No then what, I've met many people who thought they were above the rest of the world. I have always shown them how foolish and ridiculous they are.’’ said Lin Feng coldly. He then continued: ’’You must think that I am only saying this because Wen Ao Xue is here. However, whether Wen Ao Xue was here or not, you do not have the required power to kill me.’’

’’Don't try and refute what I am saying. You are free to try and kill me at anytime and you will see what happens when you make an attempt on my life. Just like you said, when someone commits a crime there must be punishment, and sometimes the price is your life.’’ said Lin Feng who sounded incredibly threatening.

Some people in the crowd frowned. Not only was Lin Feng saying that whether Wen Ao Xue was there or not, Hei Mo couldn't kill him but he was also saying that Hei Mo might even die for attempting it.

But Yuan Shan had no doubts concerning what Lin Feng had just said. He knew about the mysterious girl protecting Lin Feng. He had seen her power first hand.

Hei Mo was stupefied and said coldly: ’’You have a very high opinion about yourself.’’

’’I have never had a high opinion about myself and I have also never been arrogant or thought that I was above anyone else. I'm not like you who dares to talk about others lives as if they were already within my hands. Isn't that itself extremely arrogant? Do you think that you stand high above everyone else in the world? I would like to ask you a question, what Qi layer have you broken through to?’’

Arrogant? High above the rest of the world?

Hei Mo smiled coldly and said: ’’I could hold you between my two fingers and easily kill you. I have broken through to the Sixth Ling Qi layer...’’

’’And you dare be that arrogant. You are ridiculous. You must be joking.’’ interrupted Lin Feng while laughing loudly. He then said: ’’You have only broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer and you dare to speak about that as if you were one of the best cultivators in the world. Even saying that you could hold me between your fingers and kill me. You must be joking! Having broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer is nothing extraordinary. How ridiculous.’’

’’The world is huge, there are millions and millions of geniuses... and you dare talk about yourself as if you are special and others are beneath you. I want to tell you something: you are a little mouse who can only see an inch.’’

’’What powerful words!’’

’’What sharp arguments!’’

Said some of the people within the crowd while looking at Hei Mo who was being verbally harassed by Lin Feng. Hei Mo had indeed only broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer which wasn't considered as an extremely strong cultivator in the outside world but in the academy, nobody would provoke him. Almost nobody could defeat him. Even some students of the seventh Qi layer wouldn't want to fight against him.

But, saying that the sixth Ling Qi layer was already amazingly high on the path of cultivation was obviously an exaggeration.

His heart was as ugly as his personality.

Lin Feng stopped for a few seconds and continued: ’’Of course, you probably think that you are amazing because you are amongst the ten best students of the academy but you are a tiny insignificant person in the world of cultivation. So now I want to ask, in three months time I want to challenge you to a life and death battle, do you dare to accept?’’ said Lin Feng.

The entire crowd was astonished.

Lin Feng actually dared challenge one of the ten best students of the academy, Hei Mo. He even dared to challenge him to a life and death battle.

Lin Feng had just joined the academy, he didn't know what he was doing.

’’He definitely doesn't know how powerful Hei Mo is.’’

’’That little boy is bringing about his own destruction. He has gone insane.’’

The crowd was making various comments about Lin Feng. Nobody believed that Lin Feng could win. They all thought that he was acting recklessly and had lost his sense of reason.

Even Lin Feng's friends were astonished and didn't believe what he had just said. They knew that Lin Feng was strong but he would definitely never be able to defeat Hei Mo. That was insanity.

Wen Ao Xue was looking at Lin Feng. It was obvious from his face that he didn't think Lin Feng could ever win the battle.

Of course, Lin Feng was humiliating Hei Mo by challenging him.

A student who had just joined the academy had humiliated his brother, humiliated him a few times and was then challenging him to a life and death battle. He had completely lost all face.

Hei Mo was sure that everything that was happening would eventually spread through the academy and he knew that the other ranked students would soon hear about it.

At that moment, Hei Mo's evil face looked even more evil and sinister.

He had burning flames in his eyes. He looked hideously terrifying.

’’Do you think that you have completely lost all face?’’ asked Lin Feng while smiling. He then said: ’’You are losing face again, but what about me? Especially since you have brought so many people with you. Have you never thought that I would lose face too?’’

’’So, you don't need to look at me that way. If you want to regain your reputation, I will see you in three months. Show everybody that you, Hei Mo, can afford being arrogant because you truly are an amazing cultivator.’’

Hei Mo looked furious, he looked at Lin Feng and said: ’’In three months, you will understand how pitiful and pathetic you really are.’’

When he finished talking, Hei Mo turned around and left.

The entire crowd was astonished. Hei Mo had accepted the challenge.

Three months later, he would make Lin Feng regret that challenge forever.

The crowd first look at Hei Mo's back in the distance and then looked at Lin Feng again. They were terribly excited and couldn't wait to see that battle.

How could Lin Feng have challenged him to such a battle? What strength did he rely on to dare and challenge him to a life and death battle?

In three months time, Hei Mo would be much stronger and would regain his lost face.

Three months would pass very quickly. It was not a very long time in the world of cultivation.

’’Let's go.’’ said Lin Feng looking at his friends. They then started walking towards the exit of the academy.

Wen Ao Xue looked at Lin Feng and said: ’’Hei Mo is at the peak of the sixth Ling Qi layer. Even some students of the seventh Ling Qi layer don't dare to challenge him to a battle. Almost nobody can defeat him in the academy... and what level are you? the fourth or the fifth Ling Qi layer... you could never defeat him. Besides, Hei Mo is at the peak of the sixth Ling Qi layer and will soon breakthrough. It will be extremely hard for you to defeat as he is now let alone when he advances.’’

Lin Feng smiled. He obviously knew that it wouldn't be easy. He then said in a detached tone: ’’I needed to quickly become stronger than anyone else.’’

Wen Ao Xue nodded. He didn't really understand what Lin Feng meant. What did that have to do with Hei Mo?

Lin Feng saw Wen Ao Xue's facial expression and said: ’’Strength often comes when you are in danger. You have to risk your life to quickly become stronger.

When he heard Lin Feng, Wen Ao Xue was stunned. Risk one's life to become stronger? Lin Feng was an extremely scary individual.


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