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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 136


Once every six months! Poor Meng Qing, having to go through such hellish torture every six months. Why did she have to endure such horror?

’’If it happens again in the future you must tell me! I can help you. I don't want you to suffer like this, now that I am here.’’ said Lin Feng to Meng Qing. His snake spirit could swallow all the cold Qi. Besides, his snake would grow stronger the more Qi it consumed.

His snake spirit was so mysterious... eating the Qi of others was not something which normally occurred.

’’You haven't told me yet what really happened on that day.’’ said Meng Qing while staring at Lin Feng. She had suffered from exhaustion and had fallen sound asleep on Lin Feng's chest. It was such an embarrassing moment that she had forgotten what had happened before that.

’’Well, you first tell me where that cold Qi comes from?’’ said Lin Feng.

’’I was born with it.’’ replied Meng Qing which surprised Lin Feng. She was born with it?

Lin Feng had already heard that some people were sometimes born with diseases or natural abilities but Meng Qing's one was horrible.

’’Now, you tell me.’’ Said Meng Qing.

Lin Feng smiled. He then released his snake spirit appeared behind his back. The little snake had already become a huge snake. It curled up on Lin Feng's shoulders, its eyes made it look like a real snake rather than a spirit. Its two eyes were staring deeply at Meng Qing.

’’Huh?’’ Meng Qing was stupefied when she saw the snake. She looked incredibly anxious.

’’It's my spirit, I still don't know what kind of snake it is. It swallowed all of the cold Qi that you released last time and gave me the power of that Qi.’’ said Lin Feng.

Meng Qing looked stunned and she was blankly staring at Lin Feng's snake spirit.

But very quickly, she looked as cold and indifferent as always. Meng Qing then slightly nodded and said: ’’No wonder, it's an extremely strong spirit.’’

Lin Feng slightly nodded while looking deep in thought and said: ’’It should be a snake spirit but it is not clear to me yet what kind of snake it is.’’

’’You'll know at some point.’’ replied Meng Qing.

’’I hope so.’’ replied Lin Feng while nodding and said: ’’I am going to head back, if you need anything in the future then come and get me right away.’’

Meng Qing nodded. Lin Feng stood up and then put his hand on Meng Qing's head. He caressed her hair for a few seconds which made her body slightly tremble.

Lin Feng turned around and left. Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng's back and frowned.

’’That's... a snake spirit?’’ whispered Meng Qing.

She had the sensation that it was a beast spirit but not necessarily a snake spirit... she knew there was something special but couldn't describe what it was. There was a spirit which strangely looked like Lin Feng's spirit but it had nine heads... and it wasn't a beast spirit but a dragon spirit!


It was early in the morning and there was not a single cloud over what seemed to be a boundless area.

In the Celestial Academy, there were a lot of people gossiping about recent events.

It seemed like most of the people were mentioning the same words very often in their conversations: cultivation tower and Hei Mo.

At that moment, two people were walking on the biggest road of the Celestial Academy and were talking amongst themselves.

’’I heard that his name is Lin Feng. At the registration day, he humiliated two students of the academy: Zuo Qiu and Bai Ze. His goal was to make the wealthy and noble cultivators lose face.’’ said one of them.

The news of what had happened at the cultivation tower was already widely spread in the academy because Lin Feng had broken the rules and killed one of the students.

The news was spreading at the speed of light, not only because Lin Feng had broken the rules but also because it has to do with one of the best students of the academy, Hei Mo!

Any rumor relating to the ten best students of the academy spread quickly. Even though Hei Mo wasn't at the top in the ranking, he was still extremely powerful.

’’Who told you about what happened at the registration day? He must be quite proud and arrogant if he humiliated the wealthy and noble students... but this time he has made a big mistake, I mean Cui Ting had already warned him that he was Hei Mo's little brother. He surprisingly still dared to kill him. That's a humiliation for Hei Mo. Lin Feng will definitely regret what he did. He could never think of defeating Hei Mo.’’

’’You're right. One of the ten best students in the academy... Lin Feng has run out of luck.’’ said the other person in the same tone as if they were proud of their analysis of the situation.

At the same time in a distant location, two silhouettes were drawing a crowd of people's attention. Suddenly, many people gathered and started following the silhouettes.

These people were about a hundred meters away from the two people discussing. When the two people who were discussing, saw one of the silhouettes in the crowd, they couldn't help but be stupefied.

’’Hei Mo!’’ Hei Mo was surprisingly in the crowd.

’’There are so many people, something must be going on.’’ said the two people who were looking at them.

Hei Mo wasn't walking fast but he looked determined. Not so long after, they arrived near the palace where the first category students were living.

At that moment, a silhouette was slowly coming out of the palace.

’’Oh no... Lin Feng... that's the guy from the cultivation tower.’’ said Yuan Shan when he saw the crowd coming towards them. Cui Ting was walking next to an evil looking young man. Yuan Shan obviously remembered him from the events at the tower.

Lin Feng didn't stop walking. Immediately after, the two sides were facing each other. Lin Feng first saw Cui Ting and then slowly turned his head towards the evil looking young man. He then said: ’’Hei Mo I presume.’’

Hei Mo coldly looked at Lin Feng and then glanced at Wen Ao Xue, ignoring Lin Feng.

’’I want his life.’’ said Hei Mo indifferently looking incredibly calm. But he wasn't talking to Lin Feng as Lin Feng's life was protected by Wen Ao Xue.

Wen Ao Xue just smiled with his incredibly beautiful face which made him look like a beautiful girl. He then calmly shook his head and said: ’’He's my friend.’’

’’This is a problem now. In the cultivation tower, he killed my little brother after hearing my name. He made me lose face. You shouldn't get involved in this matter.’’ said Hei Mo who, strangely, wasn't discussing that matter with Lin Feng but with Wen Ao Xue.

Lin Feng had a strange look in his eyes as he was staring at Wen Ao Xue. Wen Ao Xue, who was more beautiful than some girls, was probably an extremely talented individual.

’’Well, I heard that your little brother broke the rules of the academy first and then because he was too weak, went and asked other people to help him. The result is that he died. The only thing to blame is his own weakness.’’

’’He can only blame his own weakness but Lin Feng is still new here, he only recently joined the academy. After such a short time he has made many people lose face. He also humiliated me. He must die, don't you agree?’’ said Hei Mo which stupefied everybody.

Hei Mo wanted to kill Lin Feng, not because Lin Feng had killed his little brother, but because Lin Feng had humiliated him when he killed his brother after hearing Hei Mo's name. In other words, even though Lin Feng had heard Hei Mo's name and his reputation, he had still dared to kill his little brother. Hei Mo only wanted to kill him to save face and nothing more.

For these kinds of people, face was the most important thing in their life, it was even more important than Lin Feng's life.

’’You also know that he's new here... so would you, Hei Mo, dare to threaten a new student? Wouldn't you be ashamed and lose face?’’

’’He has committed crimes which he must be punished for... and the only price to pay is his life.’’ said Hei Mo who ignored Wen Ao Xue's words. He then said coldly and indifferently: ’’You can protect him now but I don't think that you are going to stay with him forever. If you are not with him at some point, I will easily kill him. Who could stop me?’’ When he finished talking, he stopped looking at Wen Ao Xue and looked at Lin Feng.

’’You are indeed very smart and you must be very happy about how things have played out... you're a smart little boy but have you ever thought that your actions have lead to your own death?’’ said Hei Mo coldly and then added: ’’Or do you really think that you can hide behind Wen Ao Xue your entire life?’’

’’Are you done talking?’’ said Lin Feng coldly to Hei Mo when he saw that the latter wouldn't stop talking. Lin Feng's face was expressionless as if one of the ten best students of the academy was unable to make him feel scared or anxious.

When Hei Mo heard what Lin Feng said, He smiled coldly. His smile was as sharp as a blade. He then said: ’’I have finished talking, now what?’’


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