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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1355


Chapter 1355

Chapter 1355: Going to Die Soon?

’’With his strength, he could have gone straight to the seventh floor, he didn't need to sit all those tests, but he did anyway. He was quite confident in himself.’’ thought Lin Feng.

No matter what, people who had dragon blood were always talented. The envoy had chosen him first and he was also the first one to cross the door.

Who would be the remaining eight?

At that moment, the envoy looked at a second person and a light illuminated him. It was a young man wearing fine clothes.

’’You, come!’’ said the envoy smiling. The young man in fine clothes walked in front of the statue and waited for the opponents to come to him.

Just like the first battle, ten people came. The strongest cultivators still didn't attack, they were being cautious. Seven more people would be chosen by the envoy and they had a chance to be selected amongst them.

The envoy shouted and the battle started. The young man in fine clothes jumped, two sharp glaciers appeared, as well as two icy roads. In the blink of an eye, he killed everyone and crossed the door.

’’How strong! Maybe the people who went to the fifth or sixth floor already had level seven abstruse energies.’’ thought Lin Feng. There really were incredible geniuses there.

The envoy then called the third person. It was the beautiful girl in black clothes. Lin Feng had already noticed that she was extraordinary. The two people Lin Feng had noticed previously were surprisingly the first and third cultivators selected by the envoy.

After the girl in black clothes, there were six people left. The girl didn't lose either, she also crossed the door. The envoy continued selecting people until there were three people left.

Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei had waited. They were patient with their hearts as calm as still water. Yi Ren Lei had always wanted to come to the shrine and receive the teachings of the goddess. Even though she had already learnt a lot, it wasn't enough. She hoped she'd go to the seventh floor as well and bath in the goddess' lights.

Yi Ren Lei thought she was quite talented. Even the diviner told her that she was talented, that she would definitely become an emperor. She had seldom met people who were stronger than her. Some people, however, had gone straight to the seventh and eighth floor. If Yi Ren Lei didn't die, she'd practically be an overlord in the Ba Huang amongst people of her own generation.

Of course, Yi Ren Lei knew that things could change with a moment's notice. Some Some people had incredible abilities and some had discovered that they had a special body. Maybe that Lin Feng wasn't as strong as some of the people there, but in the future, he would probably surpass them. Even the diviner had asked him to become his disciple.

’’Yi Ren, should we? I can help you kill someone.’’ said Lin Feng to Yi Ren Lei, using telepathy. There were three more spots, so they might not have more opportunities afterwards.

’’It's not that easy, the envoy has already chosen six people and all of them were astonishingly strong. Their cultivation level wasn't necessarily high, but their battling prowess was extraordinary. Some of them could even defeat cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. The last three people will probably be similar.’’ said Yi Ren Lei sighing.

’’What about you?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’I give up!’’ said Yi Ren Lei smiling in a pure way. Three people were left, even if the last three people chosen by the envoy weren't as strong as the previous ones, the ten opponents would probably be stronger because they hadn't tried in the first place. There were still some cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer left.

Lin Feng looked at her smile and smiled too. She gave up, it didn't mean she failed, it meant that she that she had already learned a lot.

’’One of us must go inside. We must join hands and kill the last person!’’ thought the princes. They had to join hands and kill the last one, then the strongest one would go to the seventh floor. Of course, all of them hoped they'd be the one to enter.

The seventh person the envoy chose was a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer who could also defeat people at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

The envoy was about to choose the eighth person, and everybody was nervous, clenching their fists. Two more chances. All those who had thought the envoy would choose them started participating too.

The eighth person was a powerful cultivator who killed three people in a flash. However, as he was killing the ninth person, terrifying ice-claws appeared above him and cut straight through him. Many people were astonished.

’’It's him! He's been hiding his real strength the whole time.’’ thought Lin Feng when he saw the young man who had just killed the eighth selected candidate. It was a tall young man in snowy clothes. He had seen him on the fourth floor when the snowflakes would move away from him as they fell.

If some people had concealed their strength, the envoy couldn't guess accurately. Lin Feng had also concealed had also concealed his real strength because Yan Di had told him to.

After that young man crossed the door, only one person was left.

The envoy slowly glanced at the crowd and a light illuminated one person. Lin Feng started shaking as he was illuminated by a dazzling light. He was the ninth selected candidate!

’’Considering the strength you displayed, you shouldn't have been the ninth selected candidate, but I had to make a difficult decision. I need to change the rules.’’ said the envoy looking at Lin Feng in a sharp way, ’’This time, you won't fight against ten people, but thirty!’’

’’No, he can't accept!’’ said Yi Ren Lei astonished. ’’He's not going!’’

Lin Feng was astonished, thirty people? And he couldn't use holy weapons. Did the envoy want to kill him?

Maybe, the last opponents would be terrifying. Ten people was already difficult, but thirty? Lin Feng couldn't imagine how that would end.

’’Nobody can refuse my decisions, it's the Ice and Snow Shrine!’’ said the envoy.

’’Why?’’ Lin Feng didn't understand. Why did the envoy want him to die?

’’Because you shouldn't have come to the Ice and Snow Shrine, you should have gone to the Demonic Shrine! I'm already being magnanimous!’’ said the envoy. Lin Feng understood now, he was in the wrong place!


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