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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1349


Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349: Ice Determination

Lin Feng walked towards Yi Ren Lei and said, ’’The area is closed, so we're stuck here. How do we go to the fifth floor?’’

’’If the envoy doesn't show up, we probably just have to wait.’’ said Yi Ren Lei. She didn't know either. It was her first time in the shrine too.

’’Let's sit down then.’’ said Lin Feng. They ran over to a mountain and sat down cross-legged.

’’Hey...’’ said a young man who was wearing a shirt without sleeves and had bulging biceps.

’’Are you talking to me?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’Of course, I just saw your battle. You're okay, but how come you have dragon blood?’’ asked the young man.

’’I drank dragon blood and condensed it.’’ said Lin Feng.

’’No wonder. It's not pure enough though, it's actually polluting your Qi.’’ said the young man. Lin Feng was looked surprised.

’’Who's your master?’’ asked Lin Feng's interlocutor. Lin Feng replied, ’’Master?’’

’’If you don't want to tell me, it doesn't matter.’’ said that person. Then he closed his eyes. Lin Feng wanted to say something, but he decided not to. People in there had their own personalities, even if they were a bit eccentric. Just like the guy Lin Feng had just killed. Initially, Lin Feng had just asked him a question, but then he attacked him.

After some time, Lin Feng sneezed, making him frown. He opened his eyes and looked at Yi Ren Lei, Yi Ren Lei looking back at him.

’’The place is getting colder.’’ thought Lin Feng.

Yi Ren Lei nodded and glanced around, it had started snowing.

’’Is this a test?’’ whispered Yi Ren Lei.

Many others opened their eyes and saw the snowflakes.

Yi Ren Lei made ice energies flow throughout her body, using the snowflakes to help her practice cultivation. Lin Feng Feng closed his eyes again and released abstruse energies, as if he was studying.

’’The more ice there is, the colder it gets, but why?’’ thought Lin Feng. It was an ordinary question that seemed obvious to anyone else. Coldness and Heat had no limits, but didn't ice Qi come from the ice itself?

When ice and ice fused together, it was still ice, but what about abstruse energy? Abstruse energies were difficult to condense because there were of different types.

’’Wind is fast and so is empty space. When condensing wind and empty space energies, you have to consider speed to make them fuse together perfectly. But when you make wind, empty space and desolate energies fuse together, you have to start by making their destructive energies fuse together. It's the same with thunderous energies.’’ thought Lin Feng. He just understood something! He had to understand the similarities between different abstruse energies to make them fuse together perfectly.

’’My />

’’My Vayu Death skill contains wind, thunder, desolate and empty space abstruse energies because they have a common point: destructive energies. Fire abstruse energy also contains destructive energy, so if I focused on that point, I could make fire abstruse energy fuse together with them and my attack would become explosive!’’ thought Lin Feng. Now he was excited, so excited that he forgot about the coldness.

Yi Ren Lei felt cold, so much so that she was shivering. She wanted to use this opportunity to practice cultivation, but she was getting too cold. She looked at Lin Feng, and noticed his excited demeanor.

’’What's wrong?’’ asked Lin Feng, when he saw that Yi Ren Lei was looking at him angrily. ’’I'm so cold, my love!’’

’’Come here.’’ said Lin Feng, opening his legs and wrapping himself around Yi Ren Lei. ’’What about now?’’

’’Much better!’’ said Yi Ren Lei.

But it didn't last long, it was getting even colder.

Lin Feng put his fingers on Yi Ren Lei's lips, noticing that they were covered with a layer of ice.

’’I can't use ice energies to block the ice, otherwise it'll gets worse. Are we going to freeze to death, my love?’’ asked Yi Ren Lei, shivering.

’’Don't think about it too much, just study the ice and snow abstruse energies in here and it'll be even easier.’’ said Lin Feng to Yi Ren Lei.

’’You rock.’’ said Yi Ren Lei smiling. Lin Feng rolled his eyes and smiled, ’’Are you trying to turn me on?’’

’’Who else would I be trying to turn on?’’ said Yi Ren Lei, smiling devilishly. Then, she closed her eyes again and sensed the cold, but it no longer hurt her.

’’Ah...’’ after a long time, someone shouted furiously. That person was releasing terrifying amounts of ice intent, but his body was freezing into an ice cube!


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