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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1331


Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331: Influence in the Empire

Lin Feng moved his head closer to her, stretched his hand and touched her chin. He smiled thinly and said, ’’So seducing me and then abandoning me won't be a problem for you?’’

Yi Ren Lei smiled and stretched her slender white hands, putting them around Lin Feng's neck. He could smell her breath, she was so close to him.

’’In a hundred days, I'll still be Yi Ren and you'll still be Lin Feng. During those hundred days, you can make love to me whenever and as much as you want, my love!’’ said Yi Ren Lei, turning Lin Feng on even more. Lin Feng removed his hands from her chin and she pulled her hands away from him. He didn't look at her again, desire abstruse energies could make any man fall and he was afraid to fall for her.

’’Didn't we want to go see the ice emperor and the snow leader?’’ asked Lin Feng, walking away.

Yi Ren Lei looked at him angrily and followed him, making small, cute steps. She caught up with him and grabbed his arm. ’’My love, so do you want me to give Dao He my virginity?’’

’’Dao He!’’ Lin Feng's eyes flashed with cold lights. The first time he had seen him, Lin Feng didn't mind him, but the second time he saw him, Dao He had attacked him by surprise. The third straw was when the Dao Clan had arrived and he had released murderous energies while looking at Lin Feng.

They both walked for a bit and arrived near a gigantic ice palace. It reached the clouds and the sun was shining on the ice, but wasn't melting. It looked like it was made of crystals rather than ice.

There weren't any guards in the main hall because a place like that didn't need guards.

’’Yi Ren, my little girl, you're here!’’ said someone in a gentle way, even though Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei hadn't even arrived yet. Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei made it to the middle of the main palace, it was filled with an incredible Qi. There was ice outside, but inside, everything was golden. There were carvings of a beautiful girl on the stone pillars.

Some people were sitting at the end of the room, a few dozen actually. The ones who attracted the most attention were the two people at the very front, to the left and the right. On the left was a well-proportioned middle-aged man who looked at Lin Feng in a cold way.

That person was probably the ice emperor.

On the right was a woman who looked simple, elegant, clean. She was wearing a snowy robe. She was probably very old, but she looked like she was twenty-four. Lin Feng sighed and reminded himself that being strong was a good way to remain beautiful.

Many people were sitting at their feet. Many of the young men looked noble and heroic, their Qi was incredible and they had imposing appearances, they were probably the descendant of feudal aristocrats.

Dao Gu and Dao He and the other strong cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, as well as a young man, were sitting at the feet of the snow leader.

’’Father, mother!’’ said Yi Ren Lei, holding Lin Feng's arm and bowing bowing in front of them. Lin Feng also bowed in front of them, ’’Mister, madam!’’

’’My daughter is even more beautiful!’’ said the snow leader, standing up and walking over to Yi Ren Lei. She touched her face, but Lin Feng found it strange because they looked like sisters, not mother and daughter.

The snow leader turned around and looked at Lin Feng. She smiled thinly and said, ’’That's my daughter's handsome little boyfriend!’’

’’Eh...’’ Lin Feng was speechless. Little boyfriend!

’’Alright, come and sit!’’ the snow leader dragged Yi Ren Lei, and Yi Ren Lei dragged Lin Feng to sit at her feet too.

’’Yi Ren!’’ at that moment, the ice emperor looked at Yi Ren Lei.

’’Father!’’ said Yi Ren Lei in a cold way.

’’There are millions of men in the empire and I have so many sons who are all extraordinary. If you like one of them, I can help you marry them. Why did you choose this random guy?’’ asked the ice emperor.

Lin Feng now understood that those people weren't Yi Ren Lei's parents, even though she called them her parents.

’’It seems like the balance of power is completely different here and in Ba Huang Province. Even though emperors are the most respected people here and even if there are two emperors in one empire, it seems impossible for two emperors to be as close as those in Tiantai.’’ thought Lin Feng.

It was as Yi Ren Lei had said, the ice emperor didn't wish that Yi Ren Lei would go to the shrine, to keep the lineage pure. While the snow leader wanted her to lose her purity, but with one of one of his own.

’’You're overthinking things father, how could I bring a random man?’’ said Yi Ren Lei, leaning against Lin Feng and smiling in a gentle way. Dao He looked furious, he had never seen Yi Ren Lei act like that, she seemed to be genuinely in love.

’’If there's anything you have doubts about, before I go to the shrine, I can prove that I'm right.’’ said Yi Ren Lei. Everybody understood what kind of proof she was talking about.

The ice emperor nodded and said, ’’Since you have already made a decision, I won't say anything more. I just think it's a pity that I have so many sons and that you're not interested in a single one of them!’’

’’That's not true, I'm just afraid that I'm not good enough for them, they're all so outstanding.’’ said Yi Ren Lei modestly. She couldn't choose one of the ice emperor's sons, otherwise, she wouldn't be in control of her life anymore. Without Lin Feng, she would have had to choose Dao He.

’’I think you're destroying your future.’’ said someone else in a cold way. It was a young man wearing an imperial robe. He was tall and looked noble. He looked at Yi Ren Lei and continued, ’’You should understand that we want to protect you because we're part of the same family. Instead, you brought a random man, implying that you don't care about us.’’

’’I appreciate your kindness.’’ said Yi Ren Lei glancing at Lin Feng in a gentle way.

’’Since it's that way, I have nothing else to say.’’ said that young man. Then he looked at the snow leader and said, ’’Mother, what do you what do you think?’’

In the Ice and Snow Empire, the cultivation emperor was the most respected person and was the ruler of the country. The snow leader and the emperor weren't a couple by any means, but in the empire, they were the most respected people, so everybody called them mother and father. That had been the tradition since the antiquity.

’’I am happy if she's happy. Of course, if she can make a better decision, I don't mind.’’ said the snow leader smiling.

’’I already decided, I won't change my mind either, mother.’’ said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

’’Things could change, don't be so sure.’’ said the young man indifferently, not trying to conceal anything.

’’My boyfriend has a bad temper, if you infuriate him, don't blame me for not having warned you.’’ said Yi Ren Lei.

Lin Feng was sitting there, looking like a demon with his pitch-black eyes. The situation was far worse than he had expected. It was no wonder that some people wanted to kill her in the empty space. The situation was already bad enough in the open like this, so behind the scenes, it was probably quite scary.

Those who had tried to kill Yi Ren Lei in the empty space had probably been sent by some of those people who were in front of them.

’’I hope he's got a bad temper.’’ said the young man smiling coldly. ’’Father, mother, I'm off.’’ said the young man, standing up. He bowed in front of the ice emperor and the snow leader and looked at Yi Ren Lei, ’’You can come to my palace whenever you want.’’

He smiled and slowly left.


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