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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 131


On the sixth floor, the pure Qi within the cultivation rooms was already very thick and rich.

Some people had seen Lin Feng cultivating outside of the room on the sixth floor. Initially, some of these people were actually only passing by and were heading towards higher floors but because they had found the scene fascinating, they had stopped on the sixth floor and forgotten about their previous plans. Besides, some of them were also attracted by the room which was being opened even though they didn't have the required strength to normally reserve such a room.

If they managed to get that cultivation room, they would definitely be able to boost the speed of their cultivation.

The light emitted by the pure Qi finally dulled completely inside the room. The stone door made a rumbling noise as it started to open itself. Everybody started taking steps towards the door and was fixedly staring at it as it opened.

Finally, the door opened itself and everybody stared at the silhouette coming from the room. It was a young man with a sword on his back. When he saw the crowd, a strange and enigmatic smile appeared on his face.

’’You all want this room?’’ said the young man with the long sword. He had an incredibly evil look on his face. Nobody replied in the crowd but the expressions on their faces showed that they really wanted it.

’’Well if you want it then I will give it to you.’’ said the young man with an evil smile on his face. He moved away from the entrance and stood by the side, to allow them access to the room.

At that moment, there was nobody in the room and the door was wide open. The crowd was looking at the room as if they were a bunch of starving people looking at a mountain of food.

However instead of rushing over to the room, no one was moving at all. They were all looking at each other and didn't move towards the room.

Nobody was moving because they knew that the first to go towards the room would be attacked by everybody else. Even if it was their brother, they would attack him. Their greed was truly intense.

Nobody was willing to be the first one to move towards the room.

Of course, there were always exceptions! ...and Lin Feng fearlessly started moving towards the room.

Lin Feng walked towards the room looking natural and at ease. While standing before the door, he turned around and looked at the crowd.

’’I was the first one waiting here. This room is mine. You should go and find another one.’’

The people in the crowd were looking at him with a cold smile on their faces. The first one? What the hell does that mean to them? That means absolutely nothing to these people. In the world of cultivation, the only way to persuade people was strength. Being fair and just was not an argument these people would listen to.

Besides, he was telling them to find another room. Under the tenth floor, it was almost impossible to find empty room. What did he want them to do? Go to the top of the tower?

’’You cannot have that room. Get lost.’’ said one of them while coldly staring at Lin Feng.

’’Hehe. If you want to have that room, you should first insert some purity stones.’’ said another person with an evil smile on their face. They thought that the moment when Lin Feng would put his purity stones in the hole, that would be the best moment to attack him.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd. Nobody was attacking him at all.

A piercingly cold Qi emerged from Lin Feng's body and his ice spirit appeared behind him.

His ice spirit didn't stop spreading in the atmosphere. Everything was turning white with a layer of frost.

That ice was way too cold and way too strong!

But it didn't scare the crowd away. Apart from a few weak students, most of them were extremely strong.

’’Whoever wants this room, you are free to come and try to take it from me.’’ said Lin Feng with a cold tone. The atmosphere suddenly became even colder!

Some sword Qi had also emerged from his body and invaded the atmosphere together with the ice Qi, emitting whistling sounds as the Qi whirled in the air.

His ice Qi was just as sharp as his sword Qi. It was almost piercing through people's skin.

Lin Feng's long hair was swaying from the wind created by his Qi being released into the atmosphere. He looked like an experienced cultivator but he also had a look of confidence on his face.

’’Sword force!’’ the crowd was stupefied and terrified by the extremely strong and power piercingly-cold sword force which was hidden within the Qi! No wonder this young man can be so aggressive.

Even though the sword force which emerged from his body was only diffused with the strength of the third Ling Qi layer, it was extremely intense and sharp. It could even be strong enough to defeat some cultivators of the fourth Ling Qi layer.

Besides, his sword force coupled with his ice spirit made him very difficult to defeat even for a cultivator of the fourth Ling Qi layer.

But in the crowd, there were quite a few people who were cultivators of the fourth Ling Qi layer and they were fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

All those who were of the third Ling Qi layer were leaving the crowd one after another. They had been discouraged by the combined energy which Lin Feng had been releasing.

’’I tell you to attack me but you don't, I tell you to leave but you don't leave either. What the hell! How indecisive and hesitant can you people be! You guys definitely don't have the courage and the determination required when walking on the path of cultivation.’’ said Lin Feng coldly.

He took a few steps forward and the sword Qi as well as the ice Qi emerging from his body were growing stronger and stronger.

’’Eight Strikes of Desolation!’’ said Lin Feng while attacking with both of his hands. A mixture sword Qi and ice emerged and spread through the atmosphere. Lin Feng surprisingly was the one who had taken the initiative to attack.

The crowd moved at the same time and intercepted Lin Feng's eight strikes of desolation attacks... but at the same time Lin Feng started running forwards and a magnificent glow appeared on his sword.

Suddenly a bright light pierced through the air leaving behind only a magnificent glow.

A few people in the crowd didn't have sufficient strength to block the attack and were thrown backwards as blood was splashing all around them.

All these cultivators of the fourth Ling Qi layer had attacked at the same time and it had become a very chaotic scene.

’’Sword of Nirvana!’’

A sword Qi which created whirlwinds in the air appeared around Lin Feng's long sword. Ice Qi, sword Qi, sword force and his sword of nirvana started to spread together through the air as if they were in a complete fusion. The power moved at the speed of light with overbearing dominance.

However, the enemies' attacks were everywhere. There were too many people and their attacks were sometimes cancelling out other people's attacks even though their initial goal was to attack Lin Feng together. It had become complete chaos.

Rumbling noises unceasingly spread throughout the atmosphere and progressively became lower and lower until silence invaded the air again. They were all surprised. There were so many people and they had all attacked Lin Feng at the same time but had been unable to defeat him. Without any structure to their attacks, they had been too chaotic.

’’I will give you a second chance. Is there anybody else who still wants to try for this cultivation room?’’ said Lin Feng while coldly glancing at the crowd.

The entire crowd was just fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Nobody dared move. It had been made completely clear that nobody wanted a one-on-one battle against Lin Feng.

’’Since you don't dare to fight me any longer then don't try to steal from me again or next time you will all die.’’ said Lin Feng who still emitted a strong cold Qi into the air. Nobody in the crowd would dare to doubt Lin Feng's words. If they tried to steal his room, he would really kill them.

Lin Feng turned around and didn't look at the crowd again. He took out three purity stones of medium quality and inserted them in the hole in the wall.

At that moment, a brilliant and radiant pure Qi appeared. There was an incredible quantity of pure Qi in the room. The entire crowd looked on with envious stares.

These people looked like they wanted to attack Lin Feng again out of pure greed, however when they recalled the previous scene they quickly calmed down.

They were all very strong cultivators. They had all broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer and Lin Feng of the third Ling Qi layer had surprisingly managed to scare them to death to the extent that none of them dared attack him again.

If that news spread, they would all lose face. Nobody would ever believe that they lost because Lin Feng of was too strong, they would rather assume that those few students of the fourth Ling Qi layer were just too weak.

Lin Feng was about to enter in the cultivation room when a cold and detached voice said something: ’’Wait, wait!’’

Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at the person who was talking. It was the young man with the long sword who had initially left the room.

’’You seem to be forgetting somebody.’’ said the young man with a strange and evil smile on his face which made Lin Feng have a strange smile too as if he was disgusted.

’’If you have something to say, say it quickly instead of making me waste my cultivation time!’’ said Lin Feng aggressively.

The young man with the long sword made an evil smile and said: ’’I initially intended to tell you that I would give you the room only if you gave me three purity stones of medium quality but now I'll ask you for six instead. Otherwise, you'll have to give me back my room!’’

Lin Feng's pupils shrank. Give him back the room?

He was demanding six purity stones of medium quality? How ridiculous.

On top of that, when Lin Feng was putting the three purity stones into the hole, that guy hadn't said a single word. He had only been waiting for the moment when Lin Feng was finished so he could attack him and steal his room.

This guy had calculated everything. No wonder he had been standing there the whole time. How shameless.

The crowd was also exasperated. That guy was really shameless. They were thinking about how horrible it would have been if they had been Lin Feng.

’’What? Is there a problem.’’ said the young man when he saw that Lin Feng wasn't replying. The young man had an evil smile on his face.

Lin Feng looked at him for a second and then said: ’’Now, I will advise you to run away and go as far as possible from my sight.’’


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