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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1303


Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303: Lin Feng, Demon God?

Three days later, Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged in the palace hall with several silhouettes behind him. All those illusions were Lin Feng's, there were eight lights in total.

’’The present life, the rebirth, the three lives of all sentient beings, past, present and future.’’ whispered Lin Feng. Around him, an incredible soul Qi appeared.

’’Break!’’ said Lin Feng. The eight lights behind him gradually broke apart, each light seemingly turning into two.

’’Bzzz!’’ then the lights broke apart and disappeared.

’’I can't condense my soul, I still don't know how to control my soul strength properly!’’ thought Lin Feng, opening his eyes. He looked slightly disappointed. He had been studying the three lives scriptures for three days non-stop, however, he had to rely on a very strong soul to create a soul embryo, and then an embryo of enlightenment, and then a godly embryo.

Even Lin Feng who already knew how to practice the broken soul technique found it extremely difficult to move on to the next level, let alone geniuses who didn't have the three lives emperor's teachings.

I never had difficulty learning anything before, so I thought I'd learn it easily.’’ thought Lin Feng smiling. Then, he released his celestial book spirit.

’’Come out!’’ said Lin Feng. He immediately invoked the fourth page, which turned into a demonic area in front of him. Since he had peeled off a page the first time, the second time was a lot easier.

Lin Feng jumped onto that golden page which had turned into the demonic area. He took out the ancient trees from his ring and they fell down into the demonic area. The Bodhi trees contained an incredible demonic intent and had many Bodhi fruits to pick.

Lin Feng took one of the Bodhi fruit and threw it into his mouth, like he would a normal fruit. If another demon cultivator had seen him, he would have fumed with anger at the waste. Those fruits had incredible powers after all.

Demon intent flew throughout Lin Feng's body and his body turned black.

However, Lin Feng didn't intend to practice demon cultivation. All of a sudden, a gigantic and ancient tree, which was probably thousands of years old, fell down onto another corner of the demonic area. That tree even seemed alive. Lin Feng started hallucinating: it was as if he had appeared somewhere else where a small breeze was brushing against his skin and it smelt like fruits and vitality.

However, everything changed abruptly. It became extremely hot and everything started burning painfully. After spring and summer, autumn arrived with a desolate energy sweeping the land. Then, it started snowing and freezing, killing the ten thousand things of creation.

’’Four seasons, ten thousand things of creation: the ancient tree of the four seasons!’’ thought Lin Feng. In a short time, he had seen the four seasons, which all referred to the passing of time. It was perfect for the scriptures Empress Xi studied, the Ten Thousand Things of Creation Scriptures!

’’My spirit allows me to study all sorts of things because I understand the origin of them. Because of that, I can understand holy marks or even use all sorts of precious treasures, like the Tian Tian Xuan stone or the season tree.’’ Lin Feng was contemplating to himself. Lin Feng took out all the items he had found in Empress Xi's coffin chamber: the mountain and river picture scroll, the bronze mirror, the bed, and so on.

Lin Feng wanted to see if he could use his spirit to understand the power behind those items.

Once Lin Feng took out those items, he realized that the mountain and rivers picture scroll and the bed had a connection. The rivers in the picture scroll started flowing, the mountains looked more real, it was as if they wanted to appear in the demon area. Empress Xi was on her bed and the ten thousand things of creation seemed to come to life around her.

’’Those two things are interconnected and are both useful in improving a cultivator's understanding abilities!’’ thought Lin Feng. Empress Xi attached a lot of importance to knowledge, so the things in her coffin chamber naturally helped her understand the ten thousand things of creation. Lying on her bed activated the picture scroll, even when sleeping. That way, she could practice cultivation non-stop.

Lin Feng looked at the teapot and the pencil. Even though they were extraordinary, they had nothing to do with cultivation, at least nothing happened when he tried to activate them. The bronze mirror emitted dazzling lights which contained an incredible Qi.

Lin Feng walked towards the bronze mirror and looked at it. Instantly, a reflection appeared, Lin Feng's reflection.

He raised his hand and looked at himself.

’’Is that really me?’’ whispered Lin Feng. The Lin Feng in the mirror was tall, he looked he looked majestic, strong, he was wearing a long robe. He had a dazzling black sword, a black helmet on his head, his eyes diffused an incredible intent, he looked like a god of demons.

Lin Feng slowly walked backwards, the lights faded a bit and he disappeared.

’’Was that me in my previous life or me in the future?’’ thought Lin Feng, recalling a conversation he'd had with Yan Di. Yan Di told him he didn't believe in reincarnation and Lin Feng agreed with him, so could it be that the reflection was his future self?

Lin Feng was skeptical, was it a simple reflection? In other words, could it be a reflection of his current state of mind: Determined and strong?

And what about that black sword from hell? It wasn't subject to reincarnation, it controlled its own life.

’’Back!’’ in a flash, the demonic world turned back into a one-paged golden scripture and returned to his celestial book spirit. The season tree, the Bodhi trees, the mountain and river picture scroll, the bed, the bronze mirror, everything went back inside his spirit.


Three days passed and Lin Feng didn't practice cultivation at all. He gave the treasures he found to his father, he gave cultivation resources to his friends and family members, skills, intent crystals, abstruse crystals, abstruse tablets, plus the resources in the small worlds. With the pure Qi and so on, he was convinced that after a few years, everything would change for them. Everyone would be able to break through to the Tian Qi layer if they didn't get any mental hiccups.

On that day, Xue Yue day, Xue Yue was calm, even though people from the other countries in the Xue Yu Region came to Xue Yue. At least all the strong cultivators from the Ba Huang Province had left. The strongest cultivators now were low level Zun cultivators. With the treasures Lin Feng had left in Xue Yue and the deployment spells Yan Di had cast, there weren't going to be any safety concerns. As long as emperors and cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer didn't show up, that is.

On that day, Xin Ye and Liu Fei were holding Lin Feng's hands and walking beside him. It was a very romantic scene.

’’Lin Feng, you and Liu Fei still haven't...’’ whispered Xin Ye. Lin Feng smiled wryly and Liu Fei lowered her head.

Lin Feng turned his head and looked at Liu Fei. He put his hand on her chin and said jokingly, ’’Sister, if I disobey, won't you kill me with your bow and arrows?’’

’’Petty!’’ said Liu Fei glancing at Lin Feng and rolling her eyes. He was bringing up the past again.

’’Otherwise, I can execute you on the spot.’’ said Lin Feng laughing. Liu Fei's face turned red and Lin Feng laughed even more. Actually, the night before, Lin Feng went to Liu Fei's room, but she was already sleeping so he didn't bother her.

’’What are you talking about?’’ asked Xia Ya. She jumped onto Lin Feng's back, ’’Brother, I don't want you to leave!’’

’’When I become the strongest cultivator in all of Ba Huang, I'll take you all with me and we'll go see your grandfather!’’ said Lin Feng.


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