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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1291


Chapter 1291

Chapter 1291: Dark Type

’’It's impossible to take those nine petals.’’ thought the crowd. Even the cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer from Fire Mountain had failed.

’’If the Qi Clan still had their imperial weapon, they could have taken it!’’ thought some people. Without imperial weapons, it was almost impossible to get that fire.

’’What if we try to break the ground?’’ suggested a cultivator.

Everybody looked at him in a strange way.

’’Maybe the demon fire is a terrifying living being which lives underground and that what we see here is just the tip of the iceberg, a kind of illusion!’’ said someone else.

’’Let's dig around first.’’ said the cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer. Cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer made the decision, so everybody else had nothing to say.

’’Everybody move back!’’ said all the cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. Everybody moved far away. Lin Feng was wondering digging around was a good thing? Would Qiong Qi's plan still work if they dug around?

Everybody moved far away in the distance and Lin Feng asked Qiong Qi using telepathy, ’’What do you want me to do?’’

’’Let's go!’’ said Qiong Qi rising up in the air. Lin Feng followed him a bit farther away.

’’Let's start!’’ said the cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer loudly. Immediately, someone released terrifying empty space energies as sharp as blades and attacked the area around the fire.

’’Break!’’ shouted another cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer. Lights flooded the area, a strong wind started blowing, fissures and cracks appeared all around the fire.

At the same time, some other cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer attacked as well, pieces of the ground exploded all around.

’’Over there!’’ the crowd was staring at the scene. A small lotus with nine petals was visible. It was wasn't big, but above it, there was a gigantic lotus with nine petals, of which the demon fire emerged.

The small lotus with the nine petals must be the real body of the plant.

The demon fire was releasing terrifying black-fire Qi which dashed to the skies. skies. The sky became darker and darker, but it was still possible to see the greed on those cultivators' faces.

’’They're acting recklessly!’’ thought Qiong Qi smiling coldly.

’’Piss off!’’ shouted the cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer at the same time. Nobody had gotten the lotus yet, but they were already fighting.

’’I'm the one who released the water energies, do you think you can steal the demon fire from me?’’ said a cultivator. Immediately after, the crowd saw someone emerging from the water under the lotus, a huge hand appeared and moved towards the nine netherworlds demon lotus. Someone was trying to steal it.

’’Ah...’’ a painful shout spread in the air. The cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer was immediately swallowed and killed by the fire, his ashes rested on the water.

’’We can't touch it!’’ everyone just realized.

’’Let's go!’’ the faces of the cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer turned deathly pale. They looked at the fire and moved back quickly, the fire was growing now.

’’Let's go!’’ said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng using Feng using telepathy. Lin Feng was staring at the fire, but then he immediately moved towards, following orders. Threads of fire surrounded him and Lin Feng realized that that fire couldn't burn, but it was still very powerful.

’’He did it!’’ Lin Feng was surprised. Qiong Qi had probably made that fire because he wanted people to leave.

’’There's a madman!’’ thought the crowd when they saw Lin Feng. He was surprisingly walking to the fire against all odds.

Lin Feng and Qiong Qi both walked to the fire.

The crowd in the distance looked at the black fire rising to the skies, they couldn't help but think it was a pity. That fire could have been useful, especially for those cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

’’Someone is trying to commit suicide!’’ thought the crowd when they saw that some people were going into the fire. They were probably dead already.

Qiong Qi slowly walked towards Lin Feng and said, ’’Release your spirit, I'll help you.’’

Lin Feng looked at him angrily. Qiong Qi always pretended that he did things to help.

But Lin Feng /> But Lin Feng listened to him and released his celestial book spirit. Qiong Qi was incredulous.

In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, very few people had such a spirit, and finally, Qiong Qi had the opportunity to see what it looked like.

’’Did you have your spirit at birth or did it awake later?’’ asked Qiong Qi.

’’At birth!’’ said Lin Feng. He didn't come from that world, but when he had arrived, he already had that spirit. After that, it had become a celestial book spirit and had granted him the ability to see everything clearly.

’’At the beginning, it was just a dark world which I could use to sense everything in my surroundings better. Then, it became a celestial book spirit!’’ said Lin Feng.

’’That's its type!’’ said Qiong Qi. It was a dark-type spirit. No wonder Lin Feng could practice demon and cursing cultivation so well, he had a dark-type spirit.

’’Dark eyes, dark sword, dark fire lotus, dark world.’’ whispered Qiong Qi. Indeed, as he had started to turning the pages, he came across those same skills.

’’Dark type!’’ Qiong Qi definitely knew something!


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