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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1243


Chapter 1243

Chapter 1243: Worrying

’’Sword!’’ said Lin Feng. His Tian Ji Sword emitted whistling sounds. Lin Feng just had to tell his sword to slit Qi Jiao Jiao's throat and it would.

’’Don't move, otherwise you'll die.’’ said Lin Feng. He rose up in the air and looked at one of the older Zun cultivators.

He was fixedly staring at him, he looked furious. However, Lin Feng had the emperor's sword, so what could they do?

Could Lin Feng kill him?

’’You will regret.’’ said that older Zun cultivator in a cold way. He ran towards an empty space to teleport himself.

’’You threatened my friends and family, do you think I'll let you off?’’ asked Lin Feng. ’’Kill him!’’


When Lin Feng said that, the emperor's sword moved towards the empty space. Sword Qi dashed to the skies and a horrible shriek sounded.

Very quickly, the emperor's sword came back to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had had to use it, but now some people would probably want to steal the sword. They'd have to think carefully before trying though.

’’Everybody would be astonished in Ba Huang if they knew what had just happened.’’ thought the crowd. Lin Feng had taken out an emperor's sword and he had killed two of the ten strongest young cultivators of the province. He had also killed four medium level Zun cultivators, a dozen low level Zun cultivators, even an older Zun cultivator. Nobody could block Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the remaining guards of the Qi Clan. They all started shivering. Older Zun cultivators couldn't escape so what hope did they have?

’’Go back to your clan and tell them that if they want to get their revenge, they'll have to prepare themselves well. I will take care of Qi Jiao Jiao for now. If you want to attack my friends and family members, I'll show you how I take care of one of the four most beautiful girls in the province.’’

Those people were all furious.

’’Piss off now!’’ said Lin Feng. Their silhouettes flickered and they left. They couldn't do anything for Qi Jiao Jiao anymore. Lin Feng was insane.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Mister Wen, he looked embarrassed as he said, ’’I'm sorry, Mister Wen. I caused you trouble.’’

Mister Wen smiled and shook his head, ’’No problem, if you hadn't been here, the older Zun cultivators of of the Qi Clan wouldn't have appeared. I didn't even know they were here today.’’

’’Thank you very much, Mister. I'm leaving now.’’ said Lin Feng. He bowed before Mister Wen and left. He kept Qi Jiao Jiao as a hostage and Qiu Yue Xin followed him as well. His sword whistled and streaked across the sky. There were some older Zun cultivators who had lived for many years, Lin Feng couldn't stay too long after showing them Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword.

If Lin Feng hadn't been careful while dealing with the older Zun cultivators of the Qi Clan, he could have lost it or he could have died.

People sighed when they watched Lin Feng leave. Lin Feng could now be considered a beast, as one of the ten strongest cultivators of the province. After all, he had shown how strong he was when he defeated Qi Tian Sheng.

Mister Wen's Clan gazed into the distance in the direction of northern Ba Huang. Even more strong cultivators were rising there. It was like the past when Hou Qing Lin had become one of the ten strongest young cultivators of the province. Now, he was a medium level Zun cultivators and was soon going to be at the top the top of the Zun Qi layer. Now, with Qiu Yue Xin and Lin Feng, what would Tiantai look like ten years from now?

’’Tian Ge, according to the diviner's predictions and Lin Feng's strength, Lin Feng is extraordinary. You should be friends with him, but don't get too close. Of course, that's just a suggestion, you're free to make your own decisions.’’ said Mister Wen looking at Wen Tian Ge in a deep and profound way.

Wen Tian Ge nodded. He understood.


Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin were riding his sword, flying towards Sword City.

Lin Feng had already used Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword once, so he still had two more chances to use it. Nobody else knew that he could only use it three times though, otherwise the consequences would be scary.

In the Tian Xu Teleportation Portal, Lin Feng had seen the Yun Hai Sect of Xue Yue. Soon, the Wen Clan would show why so many strong cultivators from the Wen Clan had gone to the Yun Hai mountain range. They had a specific goal. Lin Feng couldn't know what exactly, but he understood that something was going to happen in Xue Yue so he had to go back.

For a />

For a place like the Ba Huang Province, Xue Yue was tiny. Tian Xu Town was even larger than Xue Yue itself.

Of course, he didn't have to worry too much either. The Wen Clan hadn't said why they needed to go there and the other groups of influence didn't have teleportation portals powerful enough to go there.

Besides, Yan Di had cast a protection spell in Xue Yue, so Zun cultivators couldn't attack that easily. Lin Feng had also given his parents precious treasures.

’’I wonder how everyone's doing.’’ thought Lin Feng smiling. ’’Father, mother, Xin Ye, they should be alright. Liu Fei and Xiao Ya should be growing up. And Jing Yun, Yi Xue and Yun Xi, what are they doing? Are they alright? What about Po Jun and Ba Dao? And Mister Chi and Mister Huo? How strong have they become? What about Yue Qing Shan?’’

Lin Feng was thinking about all those people. In the cruel cultivation world, it was good to have people to care about. A year before, he was still a boy, he was chased by people and now he was able to kill low level Zun cultivators. Those cultivators were considered legendary in Xue Yue!

Everything felt like a dream!


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