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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 124


Take care of Liu Fei? Lin Feng first blankly stared at Liu Cang Lan and then smiled wryly. It wasn't that easy to take care of Liu Fei.

If only Liu Fei was similar to Meng Qing... But at that moment, Lin Feng was living with Meng Qing... what about Liu Fei? That was a difficult situation for Lin Feng. He didn't know what to do.

Besides, Meng Qing wanted to take care of him and wanted for him to tell her stories all the time.

’’Uncle Liu Cang Lan, why do you trust me?’’

’’When the Yun Hai Sect was destroyed, they all sacrificed their lives to protect you. If I can't trust you, then there is nobody in this world that I can trust.’’ said Liu Cang Lan while fixedly staring at Lin Feng. He then smiled and said: ’’Besides, I think that Fei Fei and you are a very good match. If you want to take care of her forever, I have no objection to your union.’’

’’Ehhhh....’’ Lin Feng was really stunned. Liu Cang Lan was surprisingly trying to make Lin Feng and Liu Fei become engaged. Because of her incredible beauty this offer would be hard to resist for any ordinary man.

Of course, Lin Feng wasn't an ordinary man.

’’Uncle Liu Cang Lan, I am not that kind of person but I have listened to what you have to say and I can promise you that I will do my best to take good care of her.’’ replied Lin Feng in a low voice.

’’Liu Cang Lan smiled. He liked Lin Feng. He then said: ’’I understand. I know that you are not that kind of person. Lin Feng, it is Liu Fei who expressed this.’’

When Lin Feng heard Liu Cang Lan's ambiguous words, he felt like crawling into a hole and disappearing from the world. He was extremely embarrassed. Maybe Liu Cang Lan thought that what Lin Feng had meant when he said he was not that kind of person was that he wasn't a talented enough when it came to women but Liu Cang Lan found it strange.

But did Lin Feng have a choice? If he refused Liu Cang Lan's offer, It would be too suspicious..........

When Liu Fei had heard her father tell her that he wanted to spend some time alone with Lin Feng. She felt incredibly furious in her heart.

At that moment, Lin Feng and Liu Fei were in her house. Liu Fei angrily looked at Lin Feng and said: ’’What did you tell my father?’’

She remembered that Lin Feng had said that he was her boyfriend in front of her father. It was very possible that her father had misunderstood Lin Feng. At that moment, Liu Cang Lan had asked Liu Fei to leave with Lin Feng without asking for her opinion and gave her no chance to respond.

Poor Lin Feng. He didn't want to argue. He was just smiling wryly.

’’Father, I'm not leaving.’’ said Liu Fei while shaking her head and looking at her father.

’’Don't make trouble, Fei Fei! I have made this decision and I will not change my mind. I told Lin Feng to stay in Duan Ren City for three days. Three days from now, you will both leave together.’’ said Liu Cang Lan strictly. He was extremely firm and strict with his words.

’’Father!’’ shouted Liu Fei who wanted to say something else but was interrupted by Liu Cang Lan.

’’No! You have nothing to add! I am your father and you will listen to me.’’

Liu Fei was shaking while staring at her father which made Liu Cang Lan want to take back his words and give her a choice but he was convinced that Liu Fei had to leave so he did not take back his words and stayed silent.

’’I'm sorry. I will not disobey.’’ Liu Fei, didn't say anything else and ran towards her room with a bright red face.

When Liu Cang Lan saw Liu Fei run like this. He felt powerless. Lin Feng felt powerless as well. Because of all the problems Liu Cang Lan had he would constantly be worried to death if Liu Fei stayed.

’’Some people are really heartless...’’ thought Lin Feng.


Three days later, dust rose all around the galloping horses. Several hundreds of Chi Xie armored horses were galloping on that ancient road.

’’Uncle Liu Cang Lan, you can accompany us to here we should be fine from this point on.’’ said Lin Feng to Liu Cang Lan.

Their horses gradually slowed down and stopped. Liu Cang Lan looked at Liu Fei. He looked reluctant to part with them. He also didn't know when they would meet again.

’’Father, you can go back now.’’ said Liu Fei reluctantly. She was gritting her teeth.

’’Fei Fei, Please listen to Lin Feng.’’ said Liu Cang Lan while strictly staring at Liu Fei.

Even though Liu Cang Lan hadn't known Lin Feng for a long time, he knew that Lin Feng was extremely strong. He felt reassured to know that Lin Feng was there to take care of Liu Fei.

Liu Fei glanced at Lin Feng, nodded and said: ’’Father, I will.’’

’’Take care of yourself.’’ said Liu Cang Lan while turning around and galloping away.

’’Lin Feng, please take good care of her.’’ shouted Liu Cang Lan from far away.

’’Sister, have a safe trip.’’

’’Brother, have a safe trip.’’

The cavalry on their Chi Xie armored horses shouted these words to Liu Fei and Lin Feng and left by following Liu Cang Lan.

Liu Fei stared at them for a while, motionless.

Lin Feng stayed next to her and remained silent.

’’Yesterday, my father told me that he had abandoned the Yun Hai Sect in the past even though they had taught him so much. He thinks that he is responsible for the destruction of the Yun Hai Sect. He feels endless regret in his heart about the events which occurred.’’

’’My father also told me that during the great battle against Duan Ren Border, my mother had been killed. He hadn't even talked to her before she was killed. He feels extremely guilty.’’

’’My father also said that because of the issues with the Duan Ren Border, he hadn't had time to take care of me which is why he had sent me to the Yun Hai Sect. Because he didn't assume his responsibilities as a father, he also said sorry to me, his daughter.’’

’’My father also said that during the war of the Duan Ren Border, he had lost many of his troops, a hundred thousand or more... They are buried outside of Duan Ren City and he... is still alive. He feels regret in his heart that he could not save any of them.’’

Lin Feng was calmly listening to Liu Fei. He found all these stories extremely complex.

’’I know why my father wants me to leave. He doesn't want me to get involved. He feels sorry and regrets many things but one thing I know is that the Xue Yue Country should feel regret for what they did and are doing to him. They are the ones who should say sorry to him.’’

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the sky while listening to Liu Fei. Even if the Xue Yue Country said sorry to him that would never be enough! If Lin Feng was strong enough, he would go to the Imperial City and ask the Imperial Clan how they feel about it. He was really curious to know how these people really felt from the bottom of their hearts.

Only those who were strong enough could influence others. In that world, if someone was strong enough, he could destroy an entire country with a wave of his hand and no one would stand against him.

Lin Feng would never understand why strength was so important in this land.

’’If you want to cry then you can go ahead. Its ok.’’ said Lin Feng to Liu Fei in a soft and affectionate voice.

Liu Fei had too much pressure. What a pity for such a beautiful sixteen year old girl.

When Liu Fei heard Lin Feng's words, tears started unceasingly flowing along her beautiful soft cheeks. Suddenly, she started sobbing loudly. She was shaking. She could barely breathe from all the tears that endlessly fell from her eyes.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Girls were all the same. Enough pressure would make them cry even though they tried to hide it.

Lin Feng made his horse go next to Liu Fei's one and put his hand on her shoulder. He then jumped down from his horse onto Liu Fei's horse and said: ’’It's ok, you can wipe your tears on me.’’

Liu Fei turned around, looked at Lin Feng with her eyes full of tears and then pushed her face into his chest while sobbing in his arms.

A while after, Liu Fei calmed down. She looked at Lin Feng and said: ’’You're a real pervert. You're taking advantage of the situation.’’

’’Eh....’’ Lin Feng was stupefied. What a moody girl.

’’It seems like someone is in love with me.’’ said Lin Feng.

Liu Fei looked at him and said: ’’Get over yourself.’’

’’You like manipulating people, don't you?’’ said Lin Feng while laughing. He then jumped back onto his Chi Xue armored horse.

Liu Fei still had tears in her eyes and her face was red but she didn't want Lin Feng to see her.

’’Let's go.’’ said Liu Fei to Lin Feng. The Chi Xie armored horses immediately left as if they were able to understand the ones riding them. They left at full speed. Lin Feng smiled.

Making Liu Fei listen to him was going to be such a difficult task!

On the old and ancient road, a picturesque scene unfurled of a young handsome boy and an extremely beautiful young girl galloping on their horses, swiftly into the horizon.


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