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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 123


’’LIN FENG!!!!’’ The one, who was wearing that bronze mask, surprisingly was Lin Feng! ...and he was the person who had saved her father's life?

Liu Cang Lan looked at Lin Feng's face. He had met Lin Feng only twice and both times, he was wearing a bronze mask. It was the first time that he saw Lin Feng without his mask.

He was smiling and seemed like a very good natured person. Despite his age, he looked mysterious and mature. Only his mouth revealed a frivolous and unruly smile which showed that he probably had a good sense of humour as well.

’’How young!’’ shouted Liu Cang Lan stupefied and then whispered: ’’How mysterious he seems almost mystical.’’

The first time Liu Cang Lan had seen Lin Feng, Lin Feng had pronounced a few deep and mysterious sentences which had deeply influenced his thoughts and opinions.

The second time that he had met him, Lin Feng had fearlessly contradicted Duan Tian Lang leaving him dumbstruck and unable to reply. He had also damaged the reputation of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. The one who had taken such brave actions inside the Imperial City was this smiling young man.

These things didn't only require intelligence. They also required a person to be courageous, fearless and quite audacious to dare make Duan Tian Lang lose face in front of so many people. It also required a person to be quite unconventional and unrestrained.

Liu Cang Lan would have never thought that such an extraordinary person could be so young.

’’Lin Feng, you just said that you are............ Liu Fei's boyfriend.’’ suddenly said Liu Cang Lan recalling what Lin Feng had just said. He had a strange expression on his face and asked: ’’Is it true?’’

Lin Feng suddenly became very shy and scratched his head while remaining silent. Liu Fei was staring at him stunned.

’’Father, don't listen to that bastard. He's just a despicable pervert.’’ At that moment, she was angry at Lin Feng for having dared say that he was her boyfriend in front of her father. How embarrassing!

’’A despicable pervert?!’’ Lin Feng looked very awkward after hearing such words. He then resolutely said to Liu Fei: ’’Fei Fei, are you not the one who asked me out and said that we were in a relationship in front of everyone the other day? If I'm a pervert, you are one as well!’’

’’..................’’ Liu Fei's eyes almost rolled. What a crazy bastard!

Liu Cang Lan's eyes were huge and wide open. He didn't understand what was going on at all!

Lin Feng stared at Liu Fei's beautiful face making her blush. Why had she started calling him a pervert again?

While looking at both of them in such a strange situation, Liu Cang Lan couldn't help but smile and said: ’’Fei Fei, that's alright, I have seen enough. Let's go now.’’

Liu Fei angrily looked at Lin Feng and then made her horse turn around.

The three of them were riding their horses. Suddenly, many of the soldiers of Liu Cang Lan's army, when they saw Lin Feng with the group started to approach them. The crowd suddenly kneeled down and bowed to the extent that their heads made a loud thud when colliding with the solid ground.

Lin Feng was astonished and found it very strange especially that these people were not prostrating themselves in front of Liu Cang Lan... or Liu Fei... but in front of him!

’’Thank you for having saved our General's life.’’ The people in the crowd were thanking Lin Feng one after another. Lin Feng was stupefied.

’’Please stand up. There is no need to do such a thing.’’ replied Lin Feng. These people were incredibly strong and had experienced many extraordinary things throughout their lifetime. How could they bow and worship Lin Feng?

’’Young Man, you didn't save only our general's life but you also saved two hundred Chi Xie armored cavalry soldiers. If our general died, our town would probably be in danger and might be invaded. It means that you saved and protected many people's lives with your actions.’’ said a soldier looking solemn and grateful. Lin Feng was still surprised. He had never thought about these things.

’’Oh I see but that's enough, please stand up now.’’

Lin Feng wasn't an arrogant person and everybody could see it. Everybody stood up when Lin Feng told them. They could see that he looked embarrassed from having so much attention on him.

’’That's alright, everybody can disperse now.’’ said Liu Cang Lan while waving to everyone. Everybody then quietly left.

’’Lin Feng, these people are not soldiers. They are officers. They are the best elements of my army. They can all lead groups of a few hundred people. I have only five hundred officers. I trust them more than anyone else in the world. The soldiers who came with me to the Imperial City are all guards. You saved their lives. In the future if there is an opportunity, they will be your assistants.’’ said Liu Cang Lan.

Lin Feng was surprised and replied: ’’My.... assistants?’’

’’Indeed, your assistants.’’ said Liu Cang Lan honestly while nodding. He then added: ’’You noticed that some people want to do me harm. At some point, they might succeed... If in the future you are also involved in these battles then they will all come to help you.’’

Lin Feng was smiling wryly. Who knew what would happen in the future?

Lin Feng noticed the other gate of the town and sighed. They were in the very north of the country at the border with another country. If there was an attack someday, even if it wasn't supposed to happen, Liu Cang Lan's territory would be the first one to be involved in battles.

’’Fei Fei, you go first. Lin Feng and I are going on a walk.’’ said Liu Cang Lan to Liu Fei. Liu Fei was surprised and strangely stared at her father.

’’Alright.’’ she said while nodding. She didn't ask her father for explanations and left.

’’Lin Feng, let's walk to the gate.’’ said Liu Cang Lan while looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was also surprised. He didn't know why Liu Cang Lan wanted Liu Fei to leave them alone.

’’Alright.’’ said Lin Feng while nodding. They galloped towards the western gate of the city. There were lots of troops in that area. Even though they were looking at Liu Cang Lan, they didn't move away from their respective positions.

They got down off their horses and Liu Cang Lan then brought Lin Feng towards a flight of stairs on the left of the gate. The flight of stairs led to the gate tower which was very large. They went up all the way to the top of the tower, Lin Feng suddenly just felt an extremely strong and cold wind blowing on his face.

Lin Feng then looked at the landscape and was completely amazed.

’’Duan Ren City, the city of a thousand blades!’’ thought Lin Feng.

In front of him was a vast field which looked boundless. There was a myriad of bladed weapons lying on the ground. Some of these weapons were already completely rusted and worn down over time.

’’Since the battle, I have never given the order to remove these weapons from their positions. I rather prefer leaving them there in remembrance of those heroic souls.’’ said Liu Cang Lan slowly. He pointed his finger at the distance. It looked like a gigantic sword had cut a mountain into two. It strangely resembled the mountain where he could see sunlight shining in the Yun Hai Sect, the place where Liu Fei used to practice cultivation. That place was surrounded by a moat.

As that natural moat was surrounded by high hills, it was easier for Liu Cang Lan's troops to shoot at people who would try and come from that location. They were extremely vulnerable if they came from that location.

’’That place is the border. If you were to go there then there is a good chance that you will not make it back alive. It's called Duan Ren Border.’’

’’Duan Ren Border... Logical.’’ whispered Lin Feng.

’’This is the border with the Mo Yue Country. The Mo Yue Country and our Xue Yue country, are very different. In the Mo Yue Country, they don't have sects and they are completely united. Therefore, they are much stronger than us as they have a combined power. They have a huge army which is under a single banner. If they weren't scared of my army in Duan Ren City, they probably would have attacked a long time ago.’’ said Liu Cang Lan. That is why, Liu Cang Lan, a long time ago had spared no effort and had fearlessly led his army into great battles. He had emerged victorious and created a legend which brought fear to his enemies.

’’Lin Feng, you saw how dangerous the situation is for me, someday, I will probably have my life taken from me and I'm not speaking carelessly when I say this... ’’

Lin Feng understood why Liu Cang Lan had abandoned the Yun Hai Sect in the past. He had left everything behind to protect his country from invaders. In the Xue Yue Country, there were internal and external threats. The situation was extremely complex.

’’Lin Feng, there is something that I would like to ask you.’’

Lin Feng was stupefied. He was staring at Liu Cang Lan. What could Liu Cang Lan have to ask from him?

Liu Cang Lan slowly said: ’’Please take good care of Fei Fei.’’


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