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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1192


Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192: Trading Purple Seeds

’’Empty words.’’ said Zong Ren Yu, staring back at Lin Feng. He then said coldly, ’’Next time, I'll stir your soul in the blink of an eye and make it burst out of your body.’’

’’The soul-stirring skill is a skill they teach at the Church of Desire. Luckily, I am a monk and know how to use Buddhist energies. Let's see if we can learn from each other.’’ said someone who was wearing a kasaya and slowly walking towards them. That person's Qi was majestic and oppressing, but at the same time it was a pure Qi which made people feel comfortable. That person was Kong Ming, a Buddhist monk from the Celestial Thunder Temple in the celestial part of Ba Huang.

’’Eh?’’ Zong Ren Yu frowned. He was one of the strongest cultivators of the regio and his Buddhist skills were astonishingly powerful. It was said that he had an indestructible Buddha body. He even understood acoustic and gold abstruse energies. Even though Zong Ren Yu was strong, he was far from being as strong as Kong Ming.

’’No need. We don't have an unlimited time here in Fortune City, so we can learn from each other another day. I'm off.’’ said Zong Ren Yu indifferently. His silhouette flickered and he left, going to a shrine.

’’Gold, Unyielding, Fury, argh!’’ at that moment, Kong Ming rose up in the air and chanted a mantra. A strong wind brushed against Zong Ren Yu's body and golden lights surrounded him. Like a golden Buddha, Kong Ming threw himself at Zong Ren Yu.

’’What an aggressive Buddhist monk!’’ thought the crowd. Zong Ren Yu felt cold. He had refused to fight Kong Ming because the outcome was obvious. Kong Ming didn't intend to let him off though. He shouted so loudly that the space around them changed. Zong Ren Yu couldn't escape it seemed.

Realizing this, he turned around and looked particularly evil.

’’Soul stirring, argh!’’ Zong Ren Yu shouted furiously and the ground shook. The sound waves created by their voices collided, creating a hurricane.

Golden Buddhist lights surrounded Zong Ren Yu again and he was struggling to resist them. He was trying to run, but his face turned deathly pale.

’’Righteousness has never won over evil. I hope that the Church of Desire would do good things sometimes and stop harassing women.’’ said Kong Ming in a majestic and dignified way. Zong Ren Yu smiled evilly and said, ’’I will remember what you said, Master.’’

Then, Zong Ren Yu left for a shrine.

’’I will remember that Kong Ming interfered with our affairs!’’ When Zong Ren Yu had reached the shrine, his voice echoed everywhere. There were four emperors in the celestial part of Ba Huang, so it was a very powerful region. There was the Celestial Thunder Temple to which Kong Ming belonged, the Heavens of Desire's Palace to which Yi Ren Lei belonged, the Church of Desire to which Zong Ren Yu belonged and the Fairyland of the Nine Songs.

Those four groups of influence were extremely powerful. That region alone had two of the ten strongest young cultivators of the province Zong Ren Yu didn't like that, and he couldn't allow the Celestial Thunder Temple to get involved in the affairs of the Church of Desire.

He would never listen to Kong Ming.

Many people's silhouettes flickered as they headed for the shrines.

’’Taoist priest!’’ said Lin Feng to Qiong Qi who seemed pensive.

’’What /> ’’What do you want, young danapati?’’ said Qiong Qi as if he were a real Taoist priest.

’’You forgot to give me back my things.’’ said Lin Feng smiling. Qiong Qi wanted to avoid the topic.

Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng and grinded his teeth. He said, ’’You little bastard, you dare steal my things. I will remember this.’’

He then gave a ring to Lin Feng. Lin Feng found his heavenly nine dragon cauldron and the golden crow fire in it. Qiong Qi wasn't happy, he would be able to level up a few times with that fire.

Lin Feng tapped Qiong Qi's shoulders, smiled and said, ’’Stop joking, you obtained so many treasures these past few months, but I didn't ask you to share them. I'm quite generous in that regard.’’

’’What a bastard!’’ said Qiong Qi pushing Lin Feng's hand away.

’’Well, who is he? After Qiong Qi left, Yuan Fei and the others came to Lin Feng and asked him. How come Lin Feng was friends with a Taoist priest.

’’An old buddy.’’ said Lin Feng looking at Qiong Qi's back. Lin Feng couldn't fight Fu Hei yet, he would have never been able to get back his things without Qiong Qi.

Amongst those who were still alive, Fu Hei was the one who had suffered the biggest loss.

’’Let's go to the shrine too and use those fate seeds. If you want to practice cultivation, remember you can trade fate seeds for time in the shrine. You can make one day turn into a hundred.’’ said Lin Feng to his friends. Everybody nodded and went to the shrines.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing stayed together. Lin Feng was pensive. He had over ten million gems, what gems, what could he do with them?

’’Meng Qing, do you need anything? I can help you if want.’’ asked Lin Feng to Meng Qing.

But Meng Qing shook her head and said, ’’I have the memories of my ancestors. I don't need anything.’’

Lin Feng nodded. Meng Qing had a pure celestial and bestial blood. She had inherited an incredible power at birth. As she became stronger, the powers she had inherited also became more powerful.

In the shrine, the old man looked at Lin Feng and smiled. So many gems, Lin Feng could even buy peerless holy weapons with that many gems.

’’What do you need?’’ asked the old man to Lin Feng.

’’Master, how long do I have?’’ asked Lin Feng.

’’One day. In one day, the diviner will appear.’’ replied the old man smiling. He was nicer than before for some reason.

’’Only one day!’’ whispered Lin Feng. Then he said: ’’Master, I need one more month, I also need all the arts of sorcery, skills and techniques. Apart the gems I'm going to use for the extra month, I want to use all my gems for sorcery spells.’’

Cursing spells were efficient against demonic and Buddha spells. In the antiquity, Buddhist and Taoist spells were all sorceries. According to legends, black magic from the West was also a sort of sorcery.

Lin Feng didn't know how sorcery spells worked in that world, but his cursing scepter was incredibly powerful.

Besides, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were black mages according to legends. That alone proved how strong sorcery energies were. Lin Feng wanted to become a strong black mage too, therefore, he wanted to trade all his fate seeds for that.

The old man /> The old man looked surprised, smiled and said, ’’I have incredible cursing skills and techniques here, but your gems are far from being sufficient!’’

’’Not enough!’’ Lin Feng was surprised. 10.3 million gems weren't enough. That was enough to get a peerless weapon and a few high level holy weapons, but not enough for a cursing skillset...

’’Master, can I have some parts of the skillset?’’ asked Lin Feng.

The old man shook his head which made Lin Feng cough nervously.

’’Never mind, I'll give the rest to you!’’ said the old man smiling. Lin Feng was astonished, give him?

’’Master...’’ Lin Feng didn't believe it, could they cheat in the shrine?

’’I decide everything that goes on here. Don't you want a gift?’’ said the old man narrowing his eyes. Lin Feng said, ’’I would love to, you just surprised me is all. Thank you so much, Master!’’

Lin Feng bowed in front of the old man. How could he refuse such an incredible gift.

’’I'll transmit it to your memories!’’ the old man opened his third eye. He didn't look like an ordinary old man at that moment, he looked like an incredibly powerful cultivator, like a cultivation god.

Lin Feng sensed the memories entering his brain and they were all incredible.

After a short while, Lin Feng had received all the memories. He then shook his hand and said, ’’You go together!’’

Then Lin Feng and Meng Qing disappeared.

The old man walked towards a chair, sat down nonchalantly, and he narrowed his eyes. He talked to himself, ’’I love that about Fortune City, that's my favorite part. With your talent, maybe we'll meet again.’’

Of course, Lin Feng didn't hear what the old man said!


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