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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1151


Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151: The Watcher's Arrow

Lin Feng looked at him and smiled. He had broken broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer since the last time they saw each other. Now he could destroy the thunder cage with one strike from his wooden stick, everybody was amazed by his explosive power.

’’You want to die!’’ said the thunder beast to Yuan Fei furiously. He was instantly surrounded by terrifying purple thunder energies. He then spat out lightning at Yuan Fei.

’’Be kind to your daddy!’’ said Yuan Fei raising his wooden stick. The crowd sensed his terrifying and explosive energies, it was as if a mountain had been falling down from the sky again.

’’Kaboom!’’ The terrifying thunders disappeared, destroyed by Yuan Fei's wooden stick. Yuan Fei rose up in the air and a myriad of wooden stick illusion appeared, blotting out the sky and assaulting the thunderous energies.

The thunder beast was furious as he released even more thunderous energies at the illusion of wooden sticks. Even people in the distance could sense their explosive energies. Those people were beasts, in both senses of the word. Bestial Qi was now dashing to the skies.

The purple thunders looked sharp and indestructible. The cultivator had used gold and thunderous energies to cast that spell.

’’Even some Zun cultivators' battles don't look that explosive!’’ thought the crowd shivering. Lightning continued striking down, it seemed like they destroyed bits of the sky each time. Lightning was striking Yuan Fei as he was standing in the middle of the lightning, using his Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell ward them off.

’’That thunder beast is so strong!’’ thought Lin Feng. Yuan Fei was already incredibly strong, he was a high level Tian level beast whose strength and attacks were explosive, but that thunder beast could actually compete with him. Who exactly was his ancestor?

The remaining cultivators were now closing in on Lin Feng. Even though they were surprised that Yuan Fei and Lin Feng were friends, they were still reluctant to give up Lin Feng's fate seeds and holy weapons.

The young man who was wearing fine golden clothes released his own fire energies and an illusory golden crow appeared.

They couldn't let him fight alone, Lin Feng had too many precious treasures, so they wanted their share the prizes.

’’You've already surrounded me, if you attack me now, we'll be enemies and you will have to pay the price for it.’’ said Lin Feng raising his bow. Everybody looked at him again, was he serious? Did he really think he was going to survive? He had only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer and was surrounded by incredible cultivators who wanted to kill him.

’’Bzzz!’’ the guy with the golden crow heard Lin Feng, but didn't take him seriously. His golden crow absorbed energies from the sun and moved towards Lin Feng like a shooting star.

Lin Feng condensed sun energies in his arrows and prepared to shoot one. However, at that very moment, a terrifying strength suddenly appeared. Lin Feng frowned and saw an arrow appear in the sky in front of him.

’’Boom boom!’’ The golden crow started burning and was destroyed. The attackers all frowned as another buzzing sound was heard. Another arrow appeared, but it didn't contain the same terrifying energies, this one was moving towards Lin Feng.

’’Eh?’’ Lin Feng was confused. He looked at the small dazzling arrow move towards him and frowned. It didn't seem like it was meant to harm him so Lin Feng let the arrow hit him.

The dazzling golden arrow crashed onto Lin Feng's body, but he didn't feel anything, the arrow just penetrated into his body. A tiny bit of blood appeared which then turned into a golden thread of blood.

’’What's that?’’ the crowd was astonished.

The crowd in the distance was just as surprised too. A protector's arrow. A protector had shot that golden arrow at Lin Feng.

That was the first protection arrow which had been shot since the beginning of the event.

How come? There were so many strong cultivators, all of them were geniuses For example: Yuan Fei the Great Ape Emperor's grandson, the thunder beast who also had a terrifying background, the celestial girl Xue Bi Yao, the one with the golden crow, but the protector didn't shoot at any of them. Instead, he shot at a cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer.

The others geniuses all hoped the protector would should an arrow at them, not only did it mean that they would be protected, but it also meant that they had the potential to become emperors. The fact that the protector had shot a golden arrow at Lin Feng meant that he thought Lin Feng had the potential to become an emperor.

Lin Feng was confused. A protection arrow? He didn't even know who the protector was. He had seen him once in Sword City, but that was all. Lin Feng didn't understand why the protector would choose him either.

They gazed into the distance and looked at the crowd in the horizon, looking for the protector. However, they saw nothing. The Watcher was an adept at hiding, that was one of his secrets to protecting people. The Watchers and the Imperial Assassin Union's assassins were both experts at hiding.

Because of the Watcher's arrow, Yuan Fei and the thunder cultivator also stopped fighting. The thunder beast, however, looked furious. His hair was messy, his body was surrounded by dazzling purple lights. A moment before, Yuan Fei had hit him eighty one times with his wooden stick. That was his Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell and he hadn't managed to block it that well.

’’Little crow, you're a bad boy too, I'll be your daddy and pluck you like a little chicken.’’ said Yuan Fei while raising his wooden stick. The crow cultivator's eyes were suddenly filled with flames. A gigantic golden crow appeared from his back and cawed.

’’Jin Xing, let's join hands and kill that boy and the stupid Watcher as well. We'll take their fate seeds and their holy weapons.!’’ said the thunder beast while flapping his wings.

’’Try if you dare!’’ said a cold voice. They turned around and watched girl in white clothes approach them.


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