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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1150


Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150: The Advantages of Fate Seeds

The atmosphere was calm even though more and more people were teleporting in. The more people there were, the less options there were to escape. They were all cultivators of the eighth and ninth Tian Qi layer.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd around him, many people had green fate seeds, but some of them even had green-blue fate seeds. Altogether, those people had more than three millions fate seeds, what a terrifying number.

The thunder cultivator's mouth looked sharp and his eyes looked like those of an eagle. He wasn't trying to kill Lin Feng anymore. There were so many strong cultivators around that whoever decided to Lin Feng would be grave danger as well. Even though he felt confident, those people could still pose a threat to him if they acted together.

Many people were thinking the same so everything remained calm.

’’How should we share his treasures?’’ asked the thunder cultivator. Of course, he wasn't talking to everybody, he was just talking to the strongest ones.

He didn't even question what would happen to Lin Feng. Lin Feng had precious weapons and seeds, he was definitely going to die.

’’With your thunder skill, you can trap him in a thunder cage. Then, those who don't want to fight can piss off.’’ said the cultivator in golden clothes indifferently.

’’And those people have a lot of seeds too, we can't share the loot with them. It would be better to take their seeds as well.’’ as he said that, several people started moving back, but the thunder cultivator had already tempted the other strong cultivators.

The thunder cultivator's purple aura was dazzling as a gigantic thunder cage appeared.

The thunder cage also contained sharp golden energies.

’’It doesn't look good, let's go!’’ thought many people. They wanted to escape, but they were already imprisoned in the cage. They wanted to destroy the cage, but it was too strong.

’’Die!’’ shouted the thunder cultivator. Everybody in the cage was suddenly surrounded by thunderous energies.

’’Kaboom, boom boom boom...’’ many people died instantly and many others were injured. Lin Feng put an arrow in his bow and shot it at the thunder cultivator.

At the same time, the thunder cultivator attacked the prisoners who hadn't died. A few of the stronger cultivators also attacked the weaker ones. They couldn't let the thunder cultivator keep all the seeds for himself.

’’That's the law of the jungle!’’ thought Lin Feng. That was the only expression suitable to describe his situation. Of course, Lin Feng held no compassion for them, those people had come to Fortune City knowing that they could die, besides, they had come to kill him as well.

Many people stopped moving when they saw that the thunder cultivator had killed so many of them. Initially, they wanted to steal some of the prisoners' seeds.

They didn't attack. However, at that moment, Xue Bi Yao looked perplexed. The elders of her sect had always said that killing people was necessary to become stronger.

Only twenty people were left in the thunder cage and those twenty people were outstanding youths from the Ba Huang Province. Of course, there were many more geniuses in Fortune City who came from Ba Huang Province. They were busy elsewhere or maybe they knew that so many people would try to kill Lin Feng so they didn't come.

Those who remained now had tons of gems. The thunder cultivator now had even more gems than Lin Feng. He had just killed a few hundred people and obtained 400,000 gems, plus the ones he already had, he could sense how his vitality had improved.

5-6 people's fate seeds had turned blue-green which meant that they had more than 100,00 gems.

’’I heard that if you obtain more than a million gems, your physical body can become a lot stronger. If you obtain ten million gems, your body can become unbreakable, you could even block my Nine Thunders Celestial Attack. When I get your gems, I will have almost a million, then my fate seeds will turn blue and my body will become indescribably strong.’’ said the thunder cultivator staring at Lin Feng.

’’His fate seeds are mine, but you can share his holy weapons. What do you think? His bow is a high-quality holy weapon, if you take it, you can all obtain blue fate seeds. Then you would be the same as me.’’

’’A million gems make the seeds turn blue and your body even stronger, ten million make your fate seeds turn purple and you can become almost indestructible...’’ thought Lin Feng. He then smiled coldly and said, ’’You want to take all my 300,000 gems and give the others my holy weapons, you're really smart.’’

’’Shut up!’’ shouted the thunder cultivator. He released thunderous energies at Lin Feng. Lin Feng groaned coldly and released Qi from his halberd. Explosions sounded, as the destructive energies of the halberd and the thunder energies collided.

’’I gave you a few more minutes to live, so if you want to die now, I don't mind!’’ shouted the thunder cultivator furiously.

Lin Feng said nothing, he just raised his bow and condensed fire energies into his arrows. The crowd was surprised. Was Lin Feng taking the initiative to attack the thunder cultivator? That was suicidal.

However, at that moment, the atmosphere became dark. The crowd was surprised when they raised their heads and saw that outside of the cage, a gigantic mountain was falling down on them. That gigantic mountain was moving incredibly fast.

’’Kacha, kacha...’’ terrifying sounds invaded the atmosphere. The ground cracked and deep canyons appeared.

The cage broke apart and the mountain disappeared, leaving everything back to normal. However, everybody looked glum, another monstrously strong cultivator had arrived.

At that moment, in the distance, an incredibly robust and muscular person appeared holding a black wooden stick. No wonder he had attacked the thunder cultivator, they all knew that beast, it seemed like he had become stronger too.

’’A thunder beast actually blocked me with a thunder cage, damn you're not friendly. Since you have a human form, you must be sick of life!’’

Yuan Fei pointed at the thunder cultivator with his wooden stick. The thunder cultivator looked upset. He released more bestial Qi which dashed to the skies.

The thunder beast hated it when people humiliated him, and here was Yuan Fei was humiliating!


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