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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 115


’’Teacher, don't be angry. I will persuade him.’’ said Wen Ao Xue. He looked so clean. His clothes were unstained by even a speck of dust. Nobody would think that he was actually a man.

’’The Celestial Academy is not very famous but if you became one of its students then you would understand how great it is. You could fully exploit your natural abilities and you would greatly improve your skills as a cultivator. You shouldn't doubt at all that it would be greatly beneficial to you.’’ said Wen Ao Xue to Lin Feng. His beautiful eyes were staring at Lin Feng. He had a big smile on his face.

’’It doesn't look like it when I see your teacher.’’ replied Lin Feng indifferently. Everybody was stupefied. Each and every single one of the wealthy and noble cultivators pulled a long face. Lin Feng was attacking their dignity and making the academy lose face.

The teacher was also stupefied. A murderous light flashed in his eyes. He thought that Lin Feng didn't know how to behave in such a delicate situation. He was acting much too bold and was being completely reckless.

’’Your opinion is too biased. Your vision of the situation is unilateral.’’ said Wen Ao Xue while shaking his head. But Lin Feng as before, was not convinced. Academies and sects had the same purpose even if they didn't work the same way.

The entire Yun Hai Sect had been annihilated and everyone had sacrificed themselves for him so his main mission was to rebuild the Yun Hai Sect and make sure it does not repeat any of its past mistakes.

’’Wen Ao Xue is right. What you see is only the tip of the iceberg. I hope that you can join the academy.’’ said another voice. A silhouette which looked like an illusion suddenly jumped from a distant place towards the crowd. It was an old man. When the people saw him, Everybody was surprised and looked at him with eyes filled with worship and respect.

That old man was the vice-principal of the academy. The vice-principal of the academy was personally inviting Lin Feng to join the academy. Everybody was astonished.

’’Could it be that Lin Feng is already so powerful that even the most influential people of the academy have an eye on him?’’ whispered some people in the crowd. Some of the people much like Zuo Qiu and Zhong Ling, were furious because Lin Feng didn't have a letter of recommendation... but Lin Feng, who didn't even need a letter of recommendation to join the academy, wasn't even interested in joining it... and because Lin Feng wasn't interested in joining, even the vice-principal himself was trying to convince him to join.

’’You are right. There are some really pathetic students in the academy. They are good-for-nothings, but you have already humiliated them which was a fitting punishment. As far as the teacher is concerned, he is very narrow minded. I will make him apologize to you for his actions.’’ said the vice-principal to Lin Feng. Immediately after, he looked at the old teacher with a look which made the crowd shiver.

The vice-principal was going to make the teacher apologize because of Lin Feng?

Lin Feng was stupefied as well. He knew that he was a good cultivator but the academy was full of outstanding students as well. Even if he had defeated Zuo Qiu and Bai Ze, it was only the tip of the iceberg, why would the vice-principal attach so much importance to him?

’’Vice-principal.’’ said the old man stupefied. The vice-principal frowned which scared the old man.

Then, the old man turned around, looked at Lin Feng and said: ’’Please accept my most sincere apologies. I acted without thinking.’’

’’Be kinder and more sincere!’’ said the vice-principal who wasn't satisfied with the old man's apology. The entire crowd and especially the old man could not help but be surprised at such actions.

Was Lin Feng so strong that the vice-principal needed to be that kind to him? Did Lin Feng actually come from an incredible background? That was hard to imagine. All the teachers were personally invited by the academy. They were all famous and extremely strong. Surprisingly, the vice-principal was forcing the teacher to apologize to Lin Feng even though Lin Feng hadn't even made such a request. Everybody was trying to understand why.


The teacher that had just apologised pulled a long face. He hated the looks that he was receiving from everyone but when he saw the vice-principal's face, he had no choice but to look at Lin Feng and he then said: ’’I am sincerely sorry. I am worthless and I hope that you forgive me,Your Excellency.’’

’’What do you think?’’ said the vice-principal looking at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at the vice-principal. Lin Feng had the impression that the vice-principal had something in mind but Lin Feng was unable to guess what it was.

Lin Feng wanted to say something but then the vice-principal interrupted him: ’’If you are not willing to join the Celestial Academy, I can propose something else for you. I can give you a special permit to enjoy all the advantages of a student without restrictions but also without the obligations. Nothing would bind you to the academy but you could even have a personal teacher, you could benefit from all the resources of the academy for free. You could also leave whenever you want. You would have the same status as a student of the academy without restrictions. There would only be the advantages for you and absolutely no disadvantages.’’

These words made the hearts of the people in the crowd start to pound. They were all astonished. Lin Feng could leave whenever he wanted. He could benefit from all the advantages of the academy. Besides, these words came from the vice-principal himself. He had made a promise to Lin Feng which meant there was no hidden intention and it was not something that he could take back.

’’Could it be that his family name is Duan?’’

’’Maybe his family is Yue? Or Yu?’’

Said some people in the crowd, but if his family name was Duan and he was this much of a genius then everybody would have already heard about him. Besides, every single person in the Yue Clan was way too arrogant and would never join the academy. They were as strong as a powerful sect and wouldn't study outside.

The thoughts of the people in the crowd were moving at full speed in their brains. Even if Lin Feng was a outstanding genius and was extremely strong, that still wasn't enough for the vice-principal to be this generous to him. The crowd was puzzled and really didn't understand how such a thing was possible.

Lin Feng was even more confused than the people in the crowd. Lin Feng couldn't bear it anymore and had to ask: ’’How could I be so lucky? How is this possible? I really want to know why you would give me such an opportunity. Why?’’

’’It is actually a strike of luck. You don't even have the possibility to refuse because everything will be decided by you.’’ said the vice-principal with a big smile on his face before adding: ’’I can only tell you that I had similar experiences in my life. I was also supported by others along the way.’’

’’Supported by others?’’ thought the crowd who still didn't understand. Lin Feng knew nobody in the Imperial City, why would the vice-principal be so good to him?

Besides, Lin Feng couldn't refuse because there was no obligation when joining the academy. He could go there whenever he wished and leave whenever he wished as well. How could he refuse something that was only benefits and completely under his control?

If the vice-principal had malicious intentions then he wouldn't have acted like that. He could have easily eliminated him. After all, Lin Feng had only broken through to the Ling Qi layer.

’’Maybe I really do have good luck.’’ thought Lin Feng. He then smiled and said: ’’My friends and I will join together. We must be able to stay together.’’

’’No problem. You can bring anyone as long as you are close with them. Besides, you don't have to respect our rules and regulations but the others including your friends will have to.’’ said the vice-principal honestly.

’’Of course.’’ replied Lin Feng while smiling.

’’That's great. Then, everybody can disperse.’’ said the vice-principal. Suddenly, he stretched his hands over to Lin Feng and gave him something. The entire crowd was dying from curiosity. They didn't know what the vice-principal was giving to Lin Feng.

’’Welcome to the Celestial Academy.’’ said Wen Ao Xue. Lin Feng nodded and then the group began to enter the academy.

They walked under the arch of the gate to discover wonderful and magnificent palaces.

’’Oh my...’’ when Lin Feng saw these parks, palaces and rivers, he couldn't help but be amazed. Everything was perfect. Besides, the architecture of each palace had its own magnificent style.

’’You can explore all of these places in depth during your stay here.’’ said Wen Ao Xue. Lin Feng was really amazed at sight of the palaces.

’’Celestial Academy...!’’

The main palace, the name of the academy was written in huge letters. It looked like it was really a unique place within this world.

’’Welcome to the academy. You will not regret it.’’ said Wen Ao Xue while smiling.

Lin Feng looked at that boy who looked like a beautiful woman and asked: ’’Why did you defend me?’’

Wen Ao Xue shook his head and said: ’’For the same reason as the vice-principal.’’

’’What I mean is that we've never met before. We don't know each other, why would you help me?’’

’’There are some people who are so mysterious that you see them for a few seconds and you instantly know that you like them. You are that kind of person.’’ said Wen Ao Xue whose cheeks had turned red. Lin Feng stared at him stupefied by his response.

When Wen Ao Xue saw that Lin Feng was making a strange face, he also made a strange face.

’’Get lost. I'm not one of them.’’ said Wen Ao Xue which made Lin Feng laugh. Of course, there people in this world who were attracted to the same se*. Some people liked that type of thing but Wen Ao Xue obviously didn't even though he looked the type.


At that moment, in a distant place, the vice-principal and the teacher were walking together on a path within the territory of the academy. The vice-principal saw that the teacher didn't look like he was feeling at ease. Who liked having to apologise to a junior cultivator in front of all the students? Of course he would not be happy about such an event.

’’Are you still angry?’’ asked the vice-principal indifferently to the teacher.

’’I would never disobey your orders. You are the vice-principal.’’ said the old man. He had actually been invited by the vice-president himself all those years ago.

’’Haha, no need to react that way. You should understand that I never do things for myself but I understand your reaction.’’ said the vice-principal and then added: ’’I did things this way for a reason. You remember that skill which you were telling me about? Go and take it. Just say that it's an order I gave you.’’

The old man was surprised. Then, the sadness his face expressed was replaced with joy. He looked overjoyed.


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