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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 113


Bai Ze was standing in the middle of the crowd. His magnificent clothes could not hide the evil expression on his face. He had a gruesome and bloodcurdling facial expression. He looked like an evil monster.

Lin Feng's words had made him extremely angry. If he didn't fight, people would ridicule him to death.

The fight between Lin Feng and Zuo Qiu had made it impossible to determine Lin Feng's real strength. They did not even have a chance to see Zuo Qiu's level of strength. The only thing people could be sure about is that Zuo Qiu was weaker than Lin Feng.

’’He is about sixteen years old but he is already very strong. He is most likely at the peak of the second Ling Qi layer and he is much stronger than Zuo Qiu.’’ thought Bai Ze as he tried to reassure himself. Bai Ze had already broken through to the third Ling Qi layer and could easily defeat Zuo Qiu if he wished.

Initially, he thought that Lin Feng was a mere beggar but Lin Feng's strength as well as his personality left Bai Ze perplexed. He was puzzled. For him, his downtrodden appearance didn't correspond to his personality and strength.

Bai Ze was not convinced because for him, no matter if he won or lost that battle, there would be no benefit for him in the slightest.

If he won, nobody would acknowledge his strength. Indeed, winning against a beggar was something normal and obviously expected from him. Nobody would think it is a glorious thing for him to win against a nobody. Some people would even think that he abused his power to bully the weak. However, if he lost, he would lose face and would maybe be regarded as someone not worth mentioning. He would maybe lose everything that he had worked so hard to build all of his life.

’’Are you sure that you want me to show you how strong I am?’’ asked Bai Ze in an extremely evil tone. His manner of speaking reminded Lin Feng of Wen Ren Yan. Bai Ze also sounded like a snake, or more precisely, an evil and venomous snake.

’’Yes, I am sure.’’ replied Lin Feng while nodding.

’’Have you thought about the consequences yet?’’ said Bai Ze looking even more evil. ’’If I show you my strength then you will be sure to regret it forever.’’

’’Hehe.’’ laughed Lin Feng while a sharp light flashed in his eyes. He then coldly said: ’’You, rich and wealthy cultivators have really filthy mouths. I'm starting to get used to how much you guys like to talk. You don't need to keep talking. I have heard enough bullshit already today.’’

At the same time, while talking, Lin Feng glanced at Zuo Qiu. Zuo Qiu and Bai Ze looked the same to him.

’’Haha, did you hear that? Bai Ze should stop talking about other people.’’

’’Yeah, absolutely. These rich and noble cultivators seem to be extremely strong when you listen to them but if you challenge them, they cannot withstand a single attack.’’

Ordinary people were excited but the cultivators coming from wealthy and noble families looked more and more furious, especially Bai Ze. He felt like killing Lin Feng on the spot.

’’Are you sure that you clearly understand the consequences of your actions?’’ said Bai Ze while walking out of the crowd. He really sounded like a snake.

’’Have you thought of the consequences each time you called me a beggar?’’ said Lin Feng while taking a step forward. Sharp and brutal Qi started emerging out from his body.

’’I am a noble, I am rich, I am a member of the Bai Clan in the Imperial City, I am not even eighteen years old yet I have already broken through to the third Ling Qi layer. I have a high status in society. I am a genius. I am extremely strong. I have everything that I want. What's your problem? Is it wrong to say that you're a beggar? Is it not the truth?’’ said Bai Ze while making another step. A brutal and cold Qi moved towards Lin Feng. It seemed like the purpose of the attack was to damage Lin Feng's internal organs. Bai Ze used all the strength he had after breaking through to the third Ling Qi layer.

’’I was born as an ordinary person, never had much money to invest in resources and always relied on myself to progress. I just turned sixteen and I've already broken through to the third Ling Qi layer. Can you compete with me?’’ said Lin Feng whose words were sharp as a sword. Suddenly, an incredible sword Qi and force whistled through the air.

The earth and the sky were emitted rumbling sounds. The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng had just turned sixteen and was at the same level as Bai Ze. They had both broken through to the third Ling Qi layer. However, Bai Ze had grown up in a much better cultivation environment than Lin Feng. Bai Ze had had everything he needed to increase his cultivation. Besides, he was about two years older than Lin Feng. The difference was too big.

’’Such an outstanding disciple doesn't have a letter of recommendation for the Celestial Academy?’’ said some people in the crowd who thought Lin Feng was incredibly talented.

Zuo Qiu, who was standing next to Zhong Ling, wasn't saying anything. He didn't know what to think. He had criticized Lin Feng about the fact that he wasn't a wealthy and noble cultivator... he had also made fun of him for not having a letter of recommendation. But at that moment, he realized that Lin Feng had many more natural abilities and was more gifted than them. Even Bai Ze had lost his splendour in front of Lin Feng.

The path of cultivation is full with such events. Cultivation was about being stronger than the others, no matter what their background. The goal was to stand high above all mortals.

When the force released by Lin Feng crashed into Bai Ze's body, Bai Ze felt that he was losing in strength. He said he was a genius so he couldn't lose so easily. He took a few steps backwards and released his force in an attempt to make Lin Feng's attack collapse. He hadn't thought about the fact that he was probably going to embarrass himself. Lin Feng's force was much more powerful than his. It was sharper and more violent.

’’On the path of cultivation, apart from one's speed of progress, one must also understand skills and techniques. That is indispensable. However, of course, the spirit is the most important thing. The spirit belongs to the soul. I have a beast spirit, more precisely, a White Snake Spirit. How could you even compete with me?’’ said Bai Ze who was oppressed by Lin Feng's force. He was not going to accept losing to a beggar. He released his spirit. Immediately, a snake shadow and two hideously bestial eyes appeared above his body. They were evilly staring at Lin Feng.

’’As expected, it's a beast spirit.’’ said Lin Feng while smiling. The eyes of the white snake staring at him reminded Lin Feng of Wen Ren Yan's pupils, as expected as they both had snake type spirits.

’’Indeed, the spirit belongs to the soul but there are some people who, regardless of their spirit, can't withstand a single attack.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently. He used his moonlight feather agility technique to immediately appear in front of Bai Ze as he raised a single finger.

’’You want to die!’’ said Bai Ze while smiling coldly. Lin Feng despised him that much that he was attacking with a single finger.

Bai Ze started moving his hand to block the attack and his white snake spirit followed suit. At that moment, Bai Ze was suddenly surprised. An extremely strong and powerful Qi crashed onto his body. It seems like Lin Feng's finger had become as sharp as a sword. The atmosphere was filled with a deadly Qi. It was terrifying.

’’I cannot dare face that finger attack head on.’’ thought Bai Ze. He suddenly started to panic. He had the feeling that that a single finger was going to rob him of his life.

Lin Feng's Qi was present in the atmosphere yet was invisible to the extent that the crowd had no idea what was going on at that moment. But for Bai Ze everything was clear, he was surrounded by sword Qi. He had the feeling that he would be completely crushed at any moment.


Bai Ze had an extremely painful sensation in his hand on which a thin mark of blood appeared. He couldn't stand the pressure of the attack any longer. His entire body was being crushed and bruises had started to appear all over his body.

’’Retreat.’’ Bai Ze was about to collapse under the pressure and decided to retreat but Lin Feng's finger was still releasing even more terrifying force.

’’Die.’’ Lin Feng said only word. Then, Lin Feng's finger started emitting a bright light and powerful energy immediately lacerated the atmosphere.

Cracking noises spread through the air. Bai Ze groaned. His white snake spirit started releasing strong a strong Qi. But at that moment, his white snake spirit dispersed and disappeared. Bai Ze was kneeling down on the ground.

Everybody was stupefied and was blankly staring at Bai Ze. The atmosphere became entirely silent.

’’Splash, splash.’’ at that moment, the crowd saw blood dripping out of Bai Ze's head.

Lin Feng's finger, how terrifying!

Lin Feng's meaning was that some people used their spirit but couldn't withstand a single attack while some others didn't use their spirit but were still extremely strong. The crowd knew that Bai Ze had used his spirit but still couldn't withstand a single attack because Lin Feng didn't need to use his spirit which proved he was stronger than Bai Ze.

At that moment, Lin Feng was looking at Bai Ze kneeling down on the ground. He was surprised. He wouldn't have thought that one finger would be enough to bring down his opponent, so he was very satisfied of himself.

’’I am still not able to completely unite with the power of the sword. Only some parts of my body can use sword force. I recently started using forces. It's not been such a long time. That's why my body and my sword force can't completely unite but being able to use a finger to harness sword force is already a great achievement and was enough to make Bai Ze kneel down. How powerful will I be when I fully unite with my sword?’’ thought Lin Feng. A moment before, he had managed to make his finger and his sword force fuse together. It had been an extremely powerful attack.

Lin Feng had made great progress as a sword master. He was much stronger than before and also understood much more about the way of the sword.

’’I am still far from being able to make my body and the sword force fuse together but I need to understand how it is meant to work first.’’ It was clear to Lin Feng that he was still far from being able to achieve such a incredible feat but he needed to progress slowly, step by step so he could base his strength on solid foundations.

’’Cough, cough.’’ Bai Ze was coughing blood. He was still unable to stand up.

He had been so arrogant a moment before and had sounded as if he was levels above Lin Feng. Lin Feng was smiling. Lin Feng had used only one finger to defeat Bai Ze after he released his spirit. There would be nowhere within this world where he could hide away from his shame.

Lin Feng was cruelly looking at Bai Ze. His eyes didn't express the least bit of compassion.

Lin Feng suddenly said: ’’You say that you are a genius. You are extremely proud of coming from a wealthy and noble clan. You called me a beggar. Well, what do you intend to do now?’’ said Lin Feng indifferently. Lin Feng's words made Bai Ze feel like he was being slapped. That slap was much more painful that Zuo Qiu's one as it stabbed into his pride.

Besides, not only Bai Ze was humiliated but all the others noble and wealthy cultivators who were making fun of him. Each and every single one of them was making a hideous face. They had all been indirectly slapped by Lin Feng.


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