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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1118


Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118: Tiantai People

’’You're so ugly and ridiculous.’’ said the young man from the celestial land of alchemists. ’’Purple Blade, let's kill him!’’

’’Slash, slash...’’ a sharp purple blade moved towards Lin Feng. Many people couldn't help but watch, it was dazzling to the eyes. After that attack, Lin Feng's body would be with riddled with gaping wounds.

However, at the last moment, the crowd saw Lin Feng move, even though he was constricted by all those vines. He rose up in the air and launched forwards.

’’Boom!’’ A terrifying black fire appeared and the vines sizzled away. The sharp purple blade also started burning under Lin Feng's scorching hot fire.

Finally, Lin Feng took another step forward as buzzing sounds spread in the air and a wave of energy assaulted the young man from the celestial land of alchemists. He felt oppressed by a great natural strength.

’’Eh?’’ the crowd's hearts were racing, what was going on? How could his fire be so powerful?

Lin Feng was bathing in those black, destructive flames. The young man from the celestial land of alchemists was a strong cultivator with the strength of the seventh Tian Qi layer, so Lin Feng shouldn't be able to destroy his purple blade that easily!

’’What kind of strength is that?’’ thought the people from the celestial land of alchemists. That fire contained other forms of strength and energies, it wasn't a pure fire.

’’I can sense demonic energies inside!’’ whispered someone. The others shivered. Their skills and techniques were particularly sensitive to demon energies.

’’Indeed, that's demonic energy.’’ said someone else nodding. However, Xue Bi Yao seemed surprised, was there only demon energies inside? Why did she sense something else? Lin Feng's energies also contained a destructive strength.

’’Bzzz!’’ The purple energies didn't affect Lin Feng's natural force. He continued moving forward and his energies soon reached the young man from the celestial land of alchemists. Lin Feng then stretched out his hands and released destructive energies which made the young man shake. How could Lin Feng's energies be so brutal?

’’Spirit!’’ shouted the young man in a deep voice. Suddenly, a purple energy emerged and launched itself towards Lin Feng, surrounding him.

Lin Feng condensed black destructive energies in his hands. Lin Feng put his hands in the purple energies, destroying them, and then he continued moving towards the young man again.

’’Stop!’’ shouted the young man bestially. Lin Feng's hands trembled and the young man gave a horrible shriek. Lin Feng raised him up in the air and sealed his strength away with demon seal strength. The young man's spirit and energies slowly disappeared. The crowd finally saw what was going on. Lin Feng was holding his enemy by the throat and was corroding him with his destructive energies from inside. The young man looked like he was in incredible pain.

’’You're so weak.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently, holding his enemy at arms' length.

Lin Feng was holding his enemy with both hands so the young man couldn't escape. He gave a horrible shriek again, he was suffocating.

’’Let him go!’’ shouted the people from the celestial land of alchemists. Some people released energies towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his head and glanced at them, ’’You're worthless. He wanted to kill me, why would I let him go. His life is now mine.’’

Those people hoped he'd kill Lin Feng, not the other way around!

’’He's a member from the celestial land of alchemists, if you kill him, you'll be an enemy of the celestial land of alchemists!’’ said someone coldly.

’’You can't blame me, he's the one who wanted to kill me. When he said he wanted to kill me, why didn't you prevent him from doing so and tell him that he would become Tian Chi's enemy? Do you think Tian Chi would be happy to have their disciples killed? You are just shameless.’’ replied Lin Feng coldly.

The young people from the celestial land of alchemists quickly surrounded Lin Feng. Xue Bi Yao was the only one who didn't move, she decided to just observing.

’’Will you let him go or not?’’ they said threateningly.

’’Does the celestial land of alchemists think they can humiliate Tiantai without consequences?!’’ shouted someone in the distance. Some people were coming at them with incredible speed.

’’Lin Ruo Tian.’’ Apart from him, there was Meng Ba and a young man in purple clothes. There were also two cultivators of the eighth Tian Qi layer. They were Tiantai's imperial cultivation disciples from the first batch. There were few cultivators who had the strength of the fourth Tian Qi layer and above, but that didn't mean they were weak. There were also some cultivators of the eighth and ninth Tian Qi layer amongst them.

’’Lin Feng, your brothers from Tiantai are here now!’’ said Lin Ruo Tian smiling and nodding at Lin Feng. They surrounded the young people from the celestial land of alchemists who were already surrounding Lin Feng.

’’Lin Feng is from Tiantai. It seems like he's Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu's imperial cultivation disciple and from the first batch at that. No wonder he could easily kill Xia Fan and had the advantage over a cultivator of the seventh Tian Qi layer from the celestial land of alchemists!’’ thought the crowd when they saw people from Tiantai arrive.

Lin Feng was from Tiantai and he had just killed a cultivator from Tian Long divine Castle and now he had defeated a cultivator from the celestial land of alchemists. All those people had emperors at the head of their groups. This time, no Zun cultivator was going to Fortune City. Only Tian level cultivators could participate. The cultivators who had participated at the last event in Fortune City were either dead or had broken through to the Zun Qi layer by now. Hou Qing Lin was one of them and he had already broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer.

’’You brought so many people to threaten a single cultivator from Tiantai!’’ said Meng Ba glancing at those people. He was furious.

’’Let our fellow disciple go, otherwise, the celestial land of alchemists will not forgive you.’’ said the young people from the celestial land of alchemists. They wanted Lin Feng to release their colleague.

’’I told you, I hate people who threaten me!’’ said Lin Feng. Cracking sounds spread in the air all of a sudden. The young man in his hands gave another horrible shriek and flames penetrated into his skin, he was going to burn alive.

’’You...’’ all the cultivators from the celestial land of alchemists released their energies, but the strong cultivators from Tiantai also charged forward.

’’Don't look at me that way. Today, everyone saw what you did. He threatened to kill me so I protected myself, and he's weak so I have the advantage over him. If you want to avenge him, you can fight, however threatening me using your sect's name won't work. Do you think Tiantai fears anyone anyways?’’ Lin Feng said.

Then, the sounds of fire erupted. His enemies gave horrible shrieks and burnt alive in front of him.

Mu Chen had also just spoke encouraging words to those people from the celestial land of alchemists, words that nobody would forgot easily. Strong cultivators were fearless, fighting and killing was normal, only those who won could rise in the cultivation hierarchy. The leaders of such groups couldn't care less about battles between low level cultivators!


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