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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 111


Lin Feng and the others coldly looked at those who were saying these things about them. They only saw that these people were smiling.

’’What are you guys saying?’’ asked Duan Feng coldly.

But contrary to one's expectations, Lin Feng immediately said: ’’Duan Feng, let's go. Go and enter your name on the list.’’

When he finished talking, Lin Feng continued driving the carriage forwards.

’’Lin Feng, big brother.’’ said Duan Feng who was surprised while looking at Lin Feng who was smiling and shaking his head.

’’There are so many idiots, can you afford wasting your Qi against so many idiots?’’

Duan Feng was surprised. He hadn't expected such a funny answer. He laughed and shook his head.

However, Lin Feng's words made these people angry and they made a hideous face when they heard his words.

’’You filthy beggar, if it wasn't forbidden to make trouble near the Celestial Academy, I would cripple your cultivation.’’ said a young man coldly.

However, Lin Feng just ignored him. He was starting to get used to idiots in this world.

’’Zuo Qiu, whom are you arguing with?’’ said a voice which had come from behind Zuo Qiu. At that moment, Duan Yu's staff had appeared.

’’Nobody, a mere beggar, that's all.’’ said Zuo Qiu indifferently. At that moment, Zuo Qiu jumped down from his Moon Wolf.

Even though Duan Lie's status wasn't high in the hierarchy of the Duan Clan, their family name was still Duan and they required respect from other people.

The vision they had of life was that people could be classified into different classes: lower, middle and upper classes. Their thoughts were strictly confined into that system. That was why they had insulted Lin Feng when they saw that Duan Yu had arrived.

Therefore, they could show that their social class was lower than that of Duan Yu but still higher than that of Lin Feng.

’’Since he's a beggar, there's no need to get angry. Go and enter your name on the list.’’ said Duan Yu coldly. At that moment, the mark left by Lin Feng's hand on her cheek had disappeared. Her house had enough pills so it was easy to cure such a small injury but her dignity had been affected and he had wounded her deep within her heart. An emotional injury wouldn't be easy to cure.

One of the most horrible things for her is that such news spread quickly in the Imperial City. What would other people think about her?

Duan Feng arrived at the desk where the old men were. One of the old men immediately said: ’’Please give me your recommendation letter.’’

’’Alright.’’ replied Duan Feng and handed it over to the old man. The old man looked surprised, he raised his head and asked: ’’Your family name is Duan?’’

’’Indeed.’’ replied Duan Feng.

’’Oh, ok. Go over there and get your card then you can enter the academy. Of course, some people will welcome you when you arrive.’’ said the old man while pointing at the place where Duan Feng could get his student card. Duan Feng nodded.

’’Lin Feng, big brother, let's go inside.’’ said Duan Feng to Lin Feng. Right after, the old man said: ’’How many people are you? Where are their letters of recommendation?’’

Letters of recommendation?

Lin Feng and the others didn't have a letter of recommendation, how could they? Lin Feng shook his head and said: ’’We are just accompanying him. We don't have letters of recommendation.’’

’’If you don't have a letter of recommendation, you don't belong to the Celestial Academy and if you are not members of the academy, you are not allowed to go inside. Even family members cannot go inside. You can leave on your own.’’ said the old man calmly but still sounding strict as if he was giving them an order.

Lin Feng had just realized that many people who had come there were of noble families but that nobody was accompanied by their group. That was probably because of that rule.

’’Bloody beggars who can't understand the rules. They don't even have a letter of recommendation and are making fools of themselves.’’ said Zuo Qiu who had arrived near them and heard the old man.

’’Zuo Qiu is right. Where are these filthy beggars from? Such a disgrace.’’ said a girl next to him whose name was Zhong Ling. All the words she said were harsh and poignant.

’’Duan Yu, what do you think?’’ asked Zhong Ling to Duan Yu. She knew that Duan Yu was the most arrogant of all of them. She also thought that Duan Yu wouldn't hesitate and slap these lowly beggars.

But at that moment, Zhong Ling noticed that Duan Yu was staring at a certain young man's back. She was shivering in fear. She looked strange and was both angry and frightened at the same time.

Lin Feng turned around and saw Duan Yu. Lin Feng smiled which surprised Duan Yu.

’’As expected from people who would be your friends. You and your friends are the same type of trash. Only bullshit comes out of their mouths just like it did from your mouth.’’ said Lin Feng coldly which made Zhong Ling and Zuo Qiu furious.

That beggar had suddenly dared to provoke them? Besides, he also dared to provoke Duan Yu, how audacious!

But Zhong Ling and Zuo Qiu looked at Duan Yu and saw that apart from looking embarrassed, she didn't look like she was planning to act. Duan Yu was usually so proud and easily lost her temper... but at that moment, she remained silent. Zhong Ling and Zuo Qiu were very surprised and found the situation extremely strange.

’’Whose mouth are you talking about?’’ said Zhong Ling while staring at Lin Feng, when she saw that Duan Yu wasn't talking. The Lion on which she was sitting roared in anger.

Ling ferocious beasts were extremely smart and could feel their masters' emotions.

’’No intelligence, stupid as hell... I really don't understand why the Celestial Academy would accept such trash.’’ said Lin Feng while shaking his head. He had humiliated them twice already. Lin Feng could tolerate certain things but these people really seemed insatiable. He couldn't bear their ignorance anymore.

’’A beggar like you who doesn't even have a letter of recommendation dares call in question the decisions of the Celestial Academy. You are really shameless. Today, even though the academy doesn't allow such things. I will slap you.’’ said Zhong Ling coldly. Nobody had ever dared called her a trash.

’’That's enough! Today is the registration day of the Celestial Academy. Get lost.’’ said the old man who looked furious.

’’Teacher, here is my letter of recommendation. Please.’’ said Zhong Ling who walked over to the old man. She was standing next to Lin Feng and gave her letter of recommendation to the old man.

When the old man saw the signature on her letter of recommendation, he seemed surprised. He then immediately said: ’’You can go and get your card over there. Then, you can enter the academy.’’

’’Don't be impatient.’’ said Zhong Ling while looking at Lin Feng. At that moment, Zuo Qiu also went to the old man to hand over his letter of recommendation.

The old man looked at it careful and said, while nodding his head: ’’Not bad, not even seventeen years old and already at the second Ling Qi layer. That Zuo Clan has given birth to a good young man.’’

’’Thank you, honorable teacher.’’ said Zuo Qiu while smiling and looking proud.

’’Zuo Qiu.... However, don't get too excited. There are many geniuses in the Celestial Academy... and next time, try and refrain from making the Zuo Clan lose face.’’

’’Of course, I understand. I won't.’’ said Zuo Qiu while shaking his head. He then immediately glanced at Lin Feng and said coldly: ’’However, teacher, right now there is someone who deserves to be punished.’’

A light flashed in the old man's eyes while glancing at Lin Feng.

’’Even though today is the registration day of the Celestial Academy and it is forbidden to create a disturbance, fighting against the people who don't have letters of recommendation is indeed possible.’’ said the old man which surprised Lin Feng and the others. He then added: ’’The power and influence of the Celestial Academy is very wide.’’

’’If I don't slap your filthy mouth, I don't deserve to be a member of the Celestial Academy.’’ said Zuo Qiu while smiling. After all, those people didn't even have a letter of recommendation and they were acting recklessly. They were asking for trouble.

At that moment, more and more people were coming closer to see what was going on. They wouldn't have thought that some people would be causing trouble while next to the academy.

’’Beggars will be beggars. They should be punished for being shameless.’’ said a young man in the crowd. He was wearing magnificent clothes and sounded extremely arrogant. These people thought that ordinary people should never be accepted to the Celestial Academy even if they were strong cultivators because cultivators who belonged to rich and powerful clans had more resources and more money to invest in cultivation goods. Therefore, poor cultivators, even if they were strong, could never reach the level of rich cultivators.

’’What a bunch of trash. Only taking advantage of their power to bully other people. Apart from being able to buy extremely expensive pills to increase one's cultivation power, what's the point of being that wealthy?’’ said a voice in the crowd who contradicted all that the others were saying. That person was, on the contrary, despising cultivators who came from wealthy and noble clans. Two more people agreed with him. Different views and opinions were suddenly emerging amongst the people in the crowd.

In the Imperial City, there were many cultivators who came from wealthy and prestigious clans and families. Many of them were really arrogant. As time passed, conflicts and tensions were rising between the different social classes. That was something specific to the Imperial City. In other cities, such things almost never happened.


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