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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1104


Chapter 1104

Chapter 1104: Celestial Body

’’Celestial Lotus, Indestructible, Protective.’’

When the girl saw Lin Feng moving towards her so fast, she started chanting a mantra. Petals and lotuses started appearing. The snowflakes even turned into lotuses. Lin Feng stopped and moved back, but he was surrounded by a field of lotuses. ’’Eh?’’ Lin Feng was surprised. He could barely move.

’’Restrictive pure Qi!’’

Lin Feng looked around, he was surrounded by pure Qi lotuses which contained celestial Qi. What a scary spell.

Lin Feng thought about all those elders who had ignored him in the small world. Now he understood why.

’’You're the first person to actually kidnap me. You're also the first person I want to kill.’’ said the girl indifferently. Sharp snow petals were continuously emerging from her hands.

’’The first person you want to kill!’’ Lin Feng was surprised. That girl was so strong, had she never killed anyone before?

’’But it's only a misunderstanding!’’ said Lin Feng. Even though he had kidnapped her, he just wanted to protect himself. Otherwise, how could he have left the small world?

’’You tried to pollute my soul, so I must kill you.’’ said the girl moving her hands and releasing even more sharp whistling snow petals.

’’Hmph!’’ Lin Feng groaned and condensed demonic energies. They contained an explosive power and emitted roaring sounds. Lin Feng punched the lotuses violently and managed to break some. Blood appeared on his hands and it suddenly felt extremely sore.

Lin Feng continued moving, ignoring the pain. Lin Feng took out his bow, even though it was broken, it still contained a scary amount of Qi.

’’Break!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously as he started shooting arrows at the lotuses.

’’Boom boom boom!’’ Lin Feng continued shooting at the lotus field, slowly breaking it apart.

She opened her mouth and exhaled. He used his Xiao Yao agility technique to move back and continued shooting arrows while condensing pure Qi in the bow.

’’Bzzz!’’ The atmosphere shook as if it had been broken by that arrow. The girl raised her hand to block the attack. Red blood appeared on her snowy white hand.

’’Cough cough!’’ she coughed. Blood appeared at the corner of her mouth. She hadn't completely recovered still.

Lin Feng condensed more energies in his bow and arrows. She was being oppressed by those overwhelming energies.

’’We're not enemies, I never tried to do anything to you, why do you want to kill me even though you're injured?’’ said Lin Feng indifferently.

’’We're not enemies, I never tried to do anything to you?’’ when the girl heard him, she said codly, ’’Apart from the elders, no man has ever come into my room, but you did. Do you think I can let you off?’’

’’It was a mistake, I injured you by accident, you have to understand. You can't kill me just because of this misunderstanding.’’

’’I don't need to talk to you anymore, I told you, you kidnapped me so I'll kill you.’’ said the girl without hesitating.

Lin Feng's facial expression was cold. He was holding his bow as he said, ’’You're too confident in yourself.’’

’’Bzzz!’’ Lin Feng shot arrows again.

The girl didn't say anything as an illusion appeared, it turned into letters which contained dazzling celestial energies.

The arrows couldn't get anywhere near near those strangely dazzling celestial energies.

’’Hmph!’’ Lin Feng groaned and flapped his wings. He moved towards the girl and tried to punch her.

’’Corrode!’’ Lin Feng condensed black fire in his hand, however, it didn't work either. His black flames were instantly extinguished.

Lin Feng released more demonic energies into his hand. His black fire became even more intense and gloomy, it seemed like nothing could stop that attack.

’’Break!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously. He also condensed desolate Qi in that hand. It was a mighty and explosive attack. The girl was surprised. She tried to counterattack, but Lin Feng didn't give her a chance.

The girl looked petrified. She hadn't thought Lin Feng would be able to break through her celestial body. Even if she was injured, a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer shouldn't be able to compete with her.

She looked at him in a cold way, but remained fearless.

’’You're strong. You keep saying I kidnapped you and polluted you, let's see what you're going to do when I take off your veil.’’ said Lin Feng. He grabbed her veil and took it off. She looked dispirited.

She possessed a celestial Qi, Lin Feng was surprised, that was the same Qi as Meng Qing.

The girl looked at Lin Feng in a cold way. Not only had he polluted and kidnapped her, but he also took off her veil. He was too close to her face.

Lin Feng looked confused. He remembered Meng Qing's snowy white skin and celestial appearance.

’’You're not as good as her!’’ said Lin Feng. The girl was surprised. Whom was he talking about?

She saw that Lin Feng was confused, he almost looked like he was smiling. She didn't understand.

’’You can go.’’ said Lin Feng indifferently releasing the girl. She didn't understand why Lin Feng was acting so strangely.

’’What do you mean I'm not as good as her?’’ asked the girl. She was about twenty years old and had already broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer. She had almost broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer, but Lin Feng had interrupted her.

’’Even though you're similar, you're not as good as her. Before I change my mind, go.’’ said Lin Feng. She was surprised. Similar? Similar to whom? There was only one person who looked like her.

’’My name is Xue Baguio, remember my name. When I recover, I'll come and kill you.’’ said the girl putting her veil back over her face.

’’Xue Baguio!’’ whispered Lin Feng. Xue Ling Long, Xue Baguio!

Lin Feng had Xue Ling Long come out and smiled.

She looked at him and hugged him.

’’Meng Qing, there are many strong cultivators in Ba Huang Province. Your mother didn't want me to take you with me so I don't dare take you out often. Don't be angry with me.’’ said Lin Feng. He had to find the Celestial Land of Alchemists and find the holy pill to help Meng Qing recover. He was worried though, there were so many strong cultivators who could harm him. Would they be able to exchange a holy pill for a high-quality holy weapon?


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