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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1093


Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093: The Ruins in the Huang Sea

Lin Feng was on one of the pirates' boats. He had heard many things about the tensions between the Island of the Nine Dragons and the Yang Clan. Whether it be the Yang Clan's boat or the numerous boats the pirates had taken to go to Ba Huang, they were all faster than the boat Lin Feng was riding. They would arrive in Ba Huang before Lin Feng.

When Ba Huang's people saw so many pirates arrive, they instantly believed that something tragic had happened. They soon learnt that the pirates were going to the Yang Clan. They also heard that Yang Zi Lan had obtained a holy weapon at the auctions on the Island of the Nine Dragons and that tensions had maybe risen between Gu Qiu Yun and Yang Zi Lan because of it.

They still hadn't heard all the news, but they supposed that a great war would soon start.

’’Without a faster boat, I probably missed the war already.’’ thought Lin Feng annoyed. He wanted to see that terrifying war.

When Lin Feng about more, he decided to go to Tianjing City instead of the Yang Clan. Huang Fu Long and Lin Feng had agreed to meet there. Lin Feng still wasn't sure if You You and the others were dead or not. He needed to go to those ruins Huang Fu Long had told him about.

He didn't fear the desolate Qi of the Huang Sea. Many Zun cultivators couldn't even compete with him in that aspect. Once there, he would know if his friends were safe or not. He needed to check, otherwise, he'd be constantly be worried.

On the way to Tianjing City, Lin Feng heard many people talking about the conflict between the Yang Clan and the pirates. As expected, the pirates had gone to the Yang Clan's territory, but they didn't let them kill Yang Zi Lan. The Yang Clan cherished Yang Zi Lan so they protected him.

Therefore, a terrible war started and many people died. Many Zun Qi layer and other extremely strong cultivators fought. The territory of the Yang Clan was completely destroyed. Now the pirates wanted to kill the elders and capture Yang Zi Lan.

After a day, Lin Feng heard about the war again. The war still wasn't over.

Yang Zi Lan wanted to take Lin Feng's soul out of the sea to kill him a second time. He would never have the opportunity to prove his innocence. He couldn't come out, otherwise the pirates would kill him.

Lin Feng went back to Tianjing City. He found Huang Fu Long quickly thanks to the energies left by his boat. Huang Fu Long was excited. He had heard that Gu Qiu Yun had been killed. He was wanted to kill Gu Qiu Yun for so long now.

’’I wish I had killed him with my own hands!’’ said Huang Fu Long.

’’You, me, it's all the same.’’ said Lin Feng coldly. Huang Fu Long was surprised, he looked at Lin Feng and said, ’’You mean that...’’

’’Yes, it's me.’’ said Lin Feng nodding. Huang Fu Long was happy to hear that.

Once in Tianjing City, both of them heard more about the situation with the Yang Clan. They heard that the war was finally over and that both sides lost many people. To destroy the Yang Clan's territory, the pirates had to pay a steep price. They were almost done destroying the Yang Clan when the Xuan Yuan clan arrived to help. Xuan Yuan then told them the truth.

The pirates knew how strong the Xuan Yuan Clan was. Concerning Xuan Yuan's ’’truth’’, the pirates were furious. Was he questioning their intelligence?

Why would a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer kill himself along with Gu Qiu Yun and accuse the Yang Clan? Was that even possible? Did he think the pirates were stupid? That was a terrible excuse.

Lin Feng was disappointed. Xuan Yuan had ruined his plan. However, he knew that the pirates would never forgive them. Even if they believed Xuan Yuan, they had already fought a great war, now the situation couldn't be solved so easily.

’’Huang Fu Long, bring me to those ruins.’’ said Lin Feng taking out a boat.

’’Lin Feng, the pirates could throw us into the sea, and without them, we can't make it.’’ said Huang Fu Long shaking his head.

’’Bring me there.’’ said Lin Feng. When Huang Fu Long saw Lin Feng determination, he sighed and said, ’’I guess it would be nice to see what they've become.’’

’’First, we'll need to go to the Island of the Nine Dragons. We left from there last time so I'll remember the way if start from there.’’

Lin Feng didn't say much as they immediately led the boat to the Island of the Nine Dragons. This time, he didn't inform anyone he was coming. If they saw his boat, he might get into trouble.

Lin Feng brought Huang Fu Long to the edge of the island and listened to Huang Fu Long.

The boat was neither too slow nor too fast. Huang Fu Long remembered the way approximately, not precisely.

One day later, they were still looking for that place. Lin Feng looked extremely worried and scared. You You and the others had gotten into such trouble because of him. He had made them come with him, he wanted them to become imperial cultivation disciples too. Now, however, he was the only one who had become an imperial cultivation disciple.

He didn't even know if his friends were still alive. What a cruel world. Apart from his parents and wives, he also cared a lot about his friends. He hoped his friends would explore the world with him and now only Huang Fu Long was left.

Lin Feng took out a bottle of alcohol.

He had many expensive things in his ring, including a few bottles of alcohol. He couldn't help but have a drink at this moment.

’’Back then, we were drinking and singing together, where are you now?!’’ said Lin Feng looking at the sky and sighing anxiously.

He could still see You You's beautiful face in the sky, her eyes, her resplendent smile, Jun Mo Xi's classy Qi, his golden robe, Yun Fei Yang's messy hair and his gentle smile.

’’You said we'd stay together forever and that we wanted to become stronger in Ba Huang together. Where are you my friends?’’ said Lin Feng again. He was getting angry, then sad. ’’You also said we'd go back to the Xue Yu Region with our heads held high! Where are you?’’

Lin Feng downed another bottle and lied down on his boat. He didn't look determined like a cultivator anymore, he didn't look like a fighter, he looked sad and depressed.

Huang Fu Long's face was red, he was clenching fists as tears appeared in his eyes!

Back then, he used to practice cultivation in the snowy mountains of Tian Chi. He hoped he'd get married with the holy woman of Tian Chi, but after he met Lin Feng, his life changed and he understood what it felt like to have a brother!


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