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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 107


When Lin Feng heard the young woman, his expression became even colder. He had never needed anyone's permission to speak.

What was wrong with that young woman? Saying over and over again that other people didn't have the right to express themselves? What about her? Why would repeatedly attacking people with her staff give her the right to express herself?

’’That woman is as vicious as a viper. Even though she's beautiful, her beauty is hidden by that disgusting behaviour of hers.’’

Lin Feng had bitter feelings. He didn't bear a grudge or hate her but he was exasperated by the fact that Jing Yun was going to be punished for having said an innocent sentence.

Lin Feng had to block the woman's attack even if she attacked him afterwards because of it.

She kept contradicting other people but she didn't want to allow other people to contradict her. She was extremely rude.

’’You want to die.’’ shouted the young woman furiously. Her staff whistled the atmosphere.

’’First Ling Qi layer and she thinks that she has the power to bully others?’’ thought Lin Feng surprised.

Lin Feng lifted his hand and started his eight strikes of desolation. Six intense and violent strikes spread through the atmosphere. He didn't need to carry out a full eight strikes against her. Six strikes were enough for her to be completely overwhelmed.

Lin Feng's Eight Strikes of Desolation was an extremely powerful attack which had stopped the staff moving forwards.

’’Little sister, be careful!’’ shouted the two young men behind her as they launched attacks towards Lin Feng's Eight Strikes of Desolation. When the combined attacks of the staff and the two men collided with the six strikes, they vanished. People in the restaurant were frightened by the exchange and started moving away.

’’It seems like these people have a high status in society. They are so young and yet they have all reached the Ling Qi layer.

The crowd was surprised because these people had all broken through to the Ling Qi layer. They were stupefied. In the Imperial City and its periphery, cultivators of the Ling Qi layer weren't considered as extremely strong cultivators. However, considering the age Lin Feng, the young woman and her two guards, it was a very high achievement. The young woman's two guards were about twenty years old. Lin Feng and the young woman were about sixteen years old, yet they had all reached the Ling Qi Layer. They were probably geniuses.

’’You surprisingly dare to attack me?!’’ said the young woman who had been projected backwards by Lin Feng's attack. She looked furious and was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng groaned. He stood up and suddenly, an extremely oppressive Qi started spreading through the restaurant.

’’You want to kill me and I'm not allowed to retaliate, is that what you mean?’’

Lin Feng thought that it was ridiculous. In the world, there were some people who constantly humiliated and bullied other people but they couldn't stand being provoked themselves.

The young woman's two guards were vigilantly staring at Lin Feng. They could feel that Lin Feng was a dangerous existence.

’’If you want to live, slap yourself and get the hell out of here.’’ Shouted the young woman. The young woman's face looked evil. She had never been humiliated in the outer part of the Imperial City.

’’If I want to live? I don't know what you mean.’’ said Lin Feng while smiling coldly and started walking forwards. At that moment, a strong Qi pierced the atmosphere straight towards the young woman.

’’You say that I am not qualified to open my mouth but I would like to ask you a question. What gives a useless piece of trash like you the right to humiliate other people? Constantly slapping other people and even slapping those who are close to you.’’

When Lin Feng finished talking, he moved his hand and carried out another Eight Strikes of Desolation attack. This time, seven brutal and violent strikes rushed forward.

’’How dare you!’’ said the two guards whose expression had drastically changed. Suddenly their Qi and force emerged from their bodies. They were using all their strength to stop these seven strikes.

A vortex spread throughout the atmosphere and made rumbling sounds. Everybody was staring at them. That young man was extremely powererful. That young woman had provoked him without thinking about the consequences.

’’Get the hell out of here!’’ shouted Lin Feng. His Eight Strikes of Desolation attack was moving at full speed through the air. It looked nobody could resist such an attack.


The atmosphere was filled with an extremely loud rumbling noise as if there was an earthquake which had just been summoned forth. The young woman's two guards were blown into the air and then heavily fell down onto the floor. Everybody was astonished. Not only was that young boy only sixteen years old but he was also extremely powerful. Saying that he was a genius was definitely not an exaggeration. It seemed like the external part of the Imperial City was also home to some crouching tigers.

The young woman was blankly staring at her two guards who were had been sent flying by the attack. Her evil expression had disappeared from her face.

’’You.......’’ said the young girl looking at Lin Feng who was walking towards her. She wanted to talk but the words wouldn't come out of her mouth.

’’Answer my question. You say that I am not qualified to express my opinion, well, what about you?’’ Lin Feng was walking towards her. He didn't like bully or threaten other people but he could not stand seeing other people get bullied.

Lin Feng knew what kind of person that young woman was. He was used to such people. If you gave her an inch then she would take a mile and besides, she would definitely bully other people even more. Could Lin Feng tolerate the fact that Jing Yun had been humiliated by such a person?

Lin Feng had no choice but to get involved.

Lin Feng wasn't a person that you could bully or humiliate without regard. He had a strong personality and would resist anyone if they were unfair.

’’Don't you know who I am?’’ The young woman was terrified by Lin Feng's Qi. She was slowly stepping back. She hated herself for not having brought along stronger guards.

Of course, she also wouldn't have thought that anybody would surprisingly dare oppose her like Lin Feng. She thought that Lin Feng was probably a foreigner.

’’Who you are? What does that have to do with me?’’ said Lin Feng while smiling coldly and then added: ’’Only a piece of trash relies on their social status to bully and attack other people. What you don't know though is that if you attempt to slap the wrong person, they might slap you back.’’

’’Slap me? That's a joke. Nobody has ever dared to slap me.’’ said the young woman coldly.

’’Is that so?’’ said Lin Feng with a cold smile on the corner of his mouth and then added: ’’What an honor, I will become the first to slap you.’’

’’You would dare to attack me?’’ said the young woman looking angrier and angrier. She continued: ’’If you touch me, you will die such a tragic death that you will not even need a grave for burial.’’

’’There are some things which cannot be said, otherwise one has to pay the price for it. You said that a moment ago, do you remember?’’ said Lin Feng with the same ice-cold expression on his face. He then made another step and added: ’’Besides, there are some things which you cannot do without regard for other people. Now you will have to bear the consequences of your actions and be punished for your mistakes. You want me to slap my own face? Well, Then I will slap yours.’’

’’Would you dare?’’

’’Why wouldn't I?’’ said Lin Feng who had finally arrived in front of the young woman. He then lifted his hand into the air.

’’Stop.’’ said a sudden voice.

The crowd then looked at who had spoken. It was a lithe and graceful woman. She was carrying a guqin. She was on the second floor and was heading to the flight of stairs. She looked so graceful and elegant that it seemed impossible to criticize her.

Many people were looking at her. She was the owner of the place. Her name was Qing Xin. She looked like such a pure and innocent person, however she was also stunningly beautiful. Her restaurant definitely had a well-deserved reputation.

That woman looked more mature than the arrogant young woman which made her even more beautiful and glamorous.

’’It seems like the battle is not going to happen.’’ Many people were looking at the beautiful woman who was personally getting involved. The tensions had definitely been started because of that arrogant young woman. Nobody liked her but considering her social status, it was hard to oppose her.

At that moment, Lin Feng turned around and looked at that woman. She was about twenty. He thought that the woman was particularly attractive.

But Lin Feng's expression didn't change much. Even if that woman was very beautiful, Meng Qing was much more beautiful than her. Besides, Lin Feng had been spending so much time with Meng Qing and they got along really well, so Lin Feng was started to be immune to other women's beauty.

’’Is there a problem?’’ asked Lin Feng calmly yet sounding cold and indifferent.

Qing Xin looked at Lin Feng. She looked angry. People who talked to her coldly and indifferently were rare.

’’You shouldn't touch her.’’ said the woman in a soft and gentle tone which was hiding a certain authority. Lin Feng knew that that woman wouldn't accept any other answer than a positive and agreeing one.

’’Is it an order?’’ said Lin Feng on the same cold and detached tone while frowning.

When she heard Lin Feng, Qing Xin was surprised. Immediately, she started smiling and said: ’’No, it's not an order.’’

’’Just don't make me lose face. How does that sound?’’

’’I understand.’’ said Lin Feng while smiling indifferently. He then asked: ’’But do we know each other?’’

’’Huh?’’ Qing Xin was looking at Lin Feng with the same gentle smile on her face and said: ’’Well, this is the first time we meet, but......’’

’’Alright, we don't know each other it seems.’’ said Lin Feng while interrupting Qing Xin and then said: ’’If we don't know each other, why should I care about you losing face?’’

Lin Feng's words astonished everybody. That guy was so aggressive! How could he talk to Qing Xin that way? Besides, she was so beautiful.

Obviously, Lin Feng didn't know what everyone was thinking and he then continued: ’’When she started provoking my friend, you didn't come out at that moment, right?’’

’’When she was provoking and slapping other people or when she ordered me to slap my own face, you also didn't come out, right?’’

’’She's been acting arrogantly and setting herself above everyone else this whole time. She's been humiliating and bullying a whole bunch of people. She wanted me to slap my own face... so now, what are you doing? Why did you suddenly come out? What do you think you're doing?’’ continued Lin Feng. Qing Xin was speechless.

Lin Feng's words resonated through the entire restaurant. Everybody was speechless. They were all thinking about what Lin Feng had just said. Maybe that he was right. A moment before, they had thought that because Qing Xin had come out, Lin Feng had to be quiet and respectful to her. However, at that moment, nobody thought that way anymore because everybody agreed with Lin Feng.

Why had she suddenly come out? Why hadn't she come out earlier when that arrogant young woman was harassing the others?

Qing Xin had been slapped by Lin Feng but it was an invisible one. Lin Feng's words had slapped her in the face. She hadn't respected Lin Feng by coming out at that moment. She had even attempted to humiliate Lin Feng.

’’People need to show respect if they want to continue living in dignity.’’ said Lin Feng with a resplendent smile on his face. Suddenly, he landed a thunderous slap against the young woman's cheek. Under the crowds amazement he slowly lowered his hand.

This was a real slap with a shocking sound on impact.


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