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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1057


Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057: If You're Not Insane, Can You Become An Emperor?

’’Die, of course?’’ repeated the old man. He was fixedly staring at Hou Qing Lin as he said, ’’Emperor Tian Long is one of the emperors who created this place. Nobody knows where Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi are, they came out of nowhere. I protect this altar and you dare say I should die?’’

’’Ridiculous, who said cultivators can't become emperors? Emperor Tian Long has been an emperor for a long time now. Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi became emperors thanks to their natural abilities. That's not the case for Emperor Tian Long. You violated the rules by attacking my fellow disciple, so you will die.’’

Hou Qing Lin jumped forwards and pale lights appeared which surrounded the old man. It seemed like he was going to freeze.

’’Hou Qing Lin is actually attacking him!’’ the crowd shivered. Hou Qing Lin was incredible, in the future, he would definitely become an emperor. Even now some emperors respected Hou Qing Lin. His future would be bright.

The emperor moved backwards and jumped into his altar which started twinkling. He was getting ready to teleport.

’’He wants to escape!’’ the crowd was astonished. Although he was a protector, he was ready to abandon this place and his disciples. How shameful! Hou Qing Lin was chasing him to kill him, what was the better decision? Escaping and losing face and making Emperor Tian Long lose face or dying protecting the altar? He cared more for his own life than for his group's reputation.

’’Hou Qing Lin, if you force me to leave, the emperor will be furious and you won't remain unharmed. Do you think that's necessary?’’ said the old man, scared. He didn't want to leave if he didn't have to.

’’When you attacked my disciple, which is a violation of the rules, you didn't think that my teachers would be furious? You're ridiculous!’’ said Hou Qing Lin. He continued walking forwards, ’’I told you, I will definitely kill you.’’

The old man frowned. Hou Qing Lin was determined to kill him.

The altar was shining more and more as the teleportation portal appeared. He was about to leave.

’’So, you're leaving?’’ said Hou Qing Lin. The old man looked scared. He released some Qi and a cloud appeared which moved towards Hou Qing Lin.

’’If I don't kill you, my fellow disciple won't get his revenge.’’ said Hou Qing Lin punching the cloud and instantly destroying it. He continued moving forwards with indescribable speed.

’’Bzzz!’’ dazzling lights appeared as the old man slowly started disappearing.

’’Keep dreaming!’’ said the old man. Hou Qing Lin couldn't manage to kill the old man. It was too late.

’’I, Hou Qing Lin, never dream.’’ said Hou Qing Lin indifferently. He jumped towards the altar.

The crowd was astonished.

What was Hou Qing Lin doing?

If Hou Qing Lin jumped into that portal, he would end up in the enemy's territory, would he kill the old man there?

He was insane. It was too dangerous.

Lin Feng was astonished too.


Strength appeared around the altar again, Hou Qing Lin was activating the altar himself.

’’Brother, forget about it!’’ shouted Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin was already his fellow disciple so he could call him brother.

’’Brother, you just became an imperial cultivation disciple so nobody can humiliate you. Besides, he violated the rules to attack you. That old dog is a disgrace. If Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu's disciples lose battles in normal conditions, we won't say anything, but now he humiliated you and violated the rules.’’

Hou Qing Lin looked calm and serene as if he was doing something normal. Other people were astonished though. Even those who had nothing to do with it this looked tense. Hou Qing Lin was insane.

Lin Feng became serious. Hou Qing Lin was ready to do anything for his fellow disciples and teachers.

Strength continued enveloping Hou Qing Lin, he was leaving. He was really leaving.

’’He's not afraid!’’ thought the crowd.

Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu's henchman said to Lin Feng, ’’Brother, go back and inform the others.’’

’’Alright!’’ said Lin Feng nodding. Qiu Yue Xin and Lin Feng moved back to the altar. They had to tell Mu Chen about Hou Qing Lin.

Very quickly, Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin were in Tiantai again. There was still nobody there. Quickly, they found the Sadhu.

’’Brother, Hou Qing Lin used the Emperor Tian Long's teleportation portal!’’ said Lin Feng to the Sadhu. The Sadhu immediately stood up.

’’Alright. I understand!’’ His silhouette flickered and he flew towards a palace. Lin Feng didn't have time to tell him the reason.

’’Where did he go?’’ asked Qiu Yue Xin.

’’He must have gone to Mu Chen.’’ said Lin Feng.

Mu Chen them came. He looked calm, calmer than the Sadhu.

’’Lin Feng, let's walk and talk.’’ said Mu Chen. Lin Feng nodded. Strength surrounded Lin Feng. Mu Chen was taking Lin Feng to the same palace again.

’’Yue Xin, you stay here!’’ said Lin Feng. Mu Chen and Lin Feng disappeared again. Qiu Yue Xin looked at them, she was speechless. Mu Chen's agility technique was incredible.

’’Lin Feng, tell me what happened.’’ Lin Feng looked serious. In the blink of an eye, they appeared in the Huang Sea underground again.

Lin Feng explained everything to Mu Chen very quickly. Mu Chen smiled in a resplendent way. He looked calm even. Lin Feng was confused by his reaction to this news.

’’If you're not insane, how can you become an emperor? I'm not surprised by his actions at all.’’ said Mu Chen laughing. They were already at the altar. The crowd was incredulous when they saw them, Lin Feng had left only a few minutes before?

’’If you're not insane, how can you become an emperor!’’ whispered Lin Feng.


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