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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1056


Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056:

Lin Feng looked around, Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin were the first ones. Nobody else was there apart from them.

Lin Feng was happy, he hoped that would play the biggest role in their ranking. If strength was the only factor, he definitely couldn't rank first.

’’Pfew...’’ Lin Feng coughed up blood again. Hou Qing Lin said, ’’When we were about to come back, a protector attacked us in front of the altar. He wanted to kill us.’’


Hou Qing Lin frowned. He looked angry.

’’He dared?!’’ said Hou Qing Lin coldly. ’’Lin Feng, why did he attack you?’’

’’In the underground world, a cultivator of the eighth Tian Qi layer with a holy weapon tried to attack me, but he couldn't manage to prevent me from making it to the altar, so an old man decided to help him.’’

Hou Qing Lin suddenly looked furious.

’’Killing is normal in that world, however, killing in front of the altar is forbidden! How shameless! Follow me, Lin Feng!’’ said Hou Qing Lin coldly. Lin Feng nodded and stood up again.

’’I'm coming too.’’ said Qiu Yue Xin.

Hou Qing Lin nodded and they arrived at a palace where they could go back.

They then arrived in the underground world again.

’’Slash!’’ Hou Qing Lin groaned coldly and released some energies at someone. That person immediately fell down and died. Lin Feng didn't know how Hou Qing Lin had done that.

’’Let's go.’’ A powerful energy surrounded the three of them and they turned into a beam of light moving towards the altars.

Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin glanced at each other. What a terrifying speed. It was faster than their boats even. Hou Qing Lin was incredible.

Lin Feng had seen how strong Hou Qing Lin was in Gan Yu with his reincarnation sword.

’’Boom!’’ Xuan Yuan sensed an incredibly powerful energies above him, so he raised his head. He couldn't make them out, for he had, he would be even more furious. Yuan Fei had been chasing him for two full days without stopping, like a cat and mouse. He was furious, he was almost going insane. Lin Feng had probably asked Yuan Fei to do that!

’’Who can be that strong?’’ whispered Xuan Yuan. How could he guess who it was?

’’Xuan Yuan, little boy, continue running, otherwise I'll kill you!’’ said Yuan Fei extremely loudly from far away.

’’Damn you.’’ thought Xuan Yuan. He then continued running. When was Yuan Fei going to leave? Xuan Yuan still had to finish his exam.

Hou Qing Lin, Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin were still in the sky flying towards the altars.

Very quickly, they arrived. Some people were still there. They still looked pensive because of what had just happened. A young man of the fourth Tian Qi layer had taken out a holy weapon!

The fact that Gu Xiao wanted to avenge his brother's death, two Zun cultivators had started fighting. In the end, the protectors stopped fighting, but it was no secret how shameless Emperor Tian Long's henchman was.

Gu Xiao had already left and Emperor Tian Long's henchman were smiling coldly. Now and then, he glanced at Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi's henchman. He hadn't managed to kill Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin, they were lucky this time.

Three people arrived.

Those two. Hadn't they left already? Why were they back?

But when they saw Hou Qing Lin, they instantly understood what was going on.

’’It's getting better.’’ thought the crowd.

They were moving very quickly as it didn't take long before they arrived in the middle of the altars.

The protector were surprised and so was the crowd. They understood what was going to happen. Interesting. If the tensions between Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu continued, then a full out war could occur.

’’Brother Hou!’’ said Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu's henchman when he saw Hou Qing Lin. He was smiling. His second fellow disciple had come. Even though he was much older than Hou Qing Lin, Hou Qing Lin was the emperors' second direct disciple, so he had to show respect.

Emperor Tian Long's henchman was nervous now.

’’Lin Feng, who injured you?’’ asked Hou Qing Lin indifferently. Lin Feng turned his head and pointed at Emperor Tian Long's henchman saying, ’’He did!’’

Hou Qing Lin looked at him.

’’Hou Qing Lin!’’ he looked scared. He knew Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu's direct disciple, Hou Qing Lin.

’’Hou Qing Lin, reincarnation sword!’’ many people recognized him. Hou Qing Lin was famous and not only in the Ba Huang Province. Every imperial cultivation disciple in Ba Huang Province knew him.

’’How will Hou Qing Lin handle this matter?’’ thought the crowd.

Hou Qing Lin slowly walked towards the Zun cultivator.

’’Hou Qing Lin, what are you doing?’’ asked the old man coldly, but he was scared. ’’Don't forget that apart from protectors, other Zun cultivators can't come here.’’

’’You actually have the balls to explain the rules to me after what you just did?’’ said Hou Qing Lin. The old man was speechless. Indeed, he had violated rules just before. He hadn't thought Hou Qing Lin would violate rules as well and come there in person.

’’The Huang Sea underground is a place where people kill each other. Your disciple was killed by my disciple, that's normal. Then your disciple attacked mine near the altars which is a violation of the rules. You're a Zun cultivator, you violated the rules and attacked my disciple, you're too shameless. Besides, you're a protector, you can't attack disciples, that's another violation of the rules.’’

’’You should die, of course!’’ said Hou Qing Lin. Everybody was astonished. Did Hou Qing Lin want to kill the old man?


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