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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1023


Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023: Ninth Group of Steps

’’How incredible!’’

The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng could use the force of the Earth and sky to an incredible degree. He was becoming stronger even and his pure Qi was becoming stronger too.

’’Boom boom!’’ Another series of loud sounds spread in the air, but Lin Feng kept climbing the stairs. The force of the staircase wasn't oppressing him anymore, it was actually helping him.

’’What is going on! How's that even possible?!’’ Yang Zi Ye was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. She couldn't believe her eyes. She had thought that Lin Feng saved her because he wanted to have se* with her as Yang Zi Lan had told her. She hadn't defended Lin Feng when Yang Zi Lan said he wanted Lin Feng to die. They had humiliated Lin Feng over and over again.

Now, Lin Feng was the real hero of the event. Her future husband, Xuan Yuan said he would rank first amongst Tian level cultivators, but Lin Feng had already beaten him. Lin Feng was enjoying a landslide victory. He hadn't surpassed Xuan Yuan by a little bit either! He was already on the seventh group of steps and wasn't stopping. Besides, the force of the staircase was not hindering him any more, Lin Feng was using it to progress. His cultivation level was increasing thanks to his incredible understanding.

’’Boom, boom!’’ Lin Feng continued. The force was penetrating into his body. It was if he was absorbing a lake of force.

’’Boom!’’ Lin Feng released an incredible Qi. His Qi was now different, it had the strength of the fourth Tian Qi layer. Incredible! Lin Feng was really becoming stronger on that staircase.

’’What! He broke through to the fourth Tian Qi layer, how incredible! Astonishing!’’ The crowd was astonished. That way too incredible. Lin Feng was becoming stronger during the exam. He would be difficult to defeat in the future.

The Sadhu was in the sky, smiling with satisfaction as we watched Lin Feng. Lin Feng was incredible. He was so young but already so strong. No wonder his fellow disciples liked him.

Lin Feng was going up, step by step. After breaking through to the fourth Tian Qi layer, he continued.

Lin Feng didn't stop. He arrived on the last step of the seventh group and stopped.

’’What will he do now?’’ thought the crowd. This time, nobody thought he would stop. Everybody thought he was going to continue.

Everybody was fixedly staring at Lin Feng, wondering what he was going to do. They hoped he would continue.

’’I accepted the challenge of the Earth and sky, and I became stronger. A real cultivator remains determined and doesn't give up. If the Earth and sky want a war, then I accept.’’ said Lin Feng with a serious and solemn smile. He looked like an enlightened being. He then stepped onto the first step of the eighth group of steps.

’’Boom!’’ The Earth and sky turned into a gigantic hand which fell down from the sky. Lin Feng groaned and blood splashed out of his mouth. He managed to keep his balance, but he had bruises all over his body. Of course, he had broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer so his corporeal body had become even stronger.

Lin Feng's gums and teeth were soaked with blood, but he was still smiling.

Lin Feng looked at the sky and said, ’’You stepped on me but I felt nothing!’’

’’Boom boom boom!’’ Lin Feng condensed more strength and continued. At the same time, he continued studying the force of the Earth and the sky.

’’If the sky can't defeat him, who can?’’ thought many people in the crowd. They felt like they were dreaming. They would have never thought that anyone would manage to do what Lin Feng had now done.

’’He's going higher up.’’ People were petrified, excited, it was incredible. They were already speechless when Lin Feng had started walking onto the sixth group of steps, now he had reached the eighth one.

Lin Feng didn't stop. Nobody and nothing could stop him. Maybe he would succeed, maybe he would fail, but in any case, he had this accomplishment.

’’Do you think he'll try to step onto the ninth one as well?’’ said some people.

’’He's up there!’’

Lin Feng arrived on the ninth step of the eighth group of steps. People were speechless. Nobody could believe their eyes. He was way more incredible than Xuan Yuan. There was a white jade key floating in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng just had to take the white jade key and he would be able to go to Tiantai with an incredible gift.

The crowd was holding their breath. What was he going to do?

They all looked at the ninth group of steps, was he going to try?

If Lin Feng failed there, he wouldn't have a second chance. That would also be the end for him, he would never become an imperial cultivation disciple.

It was too dangerous. It was better to stop.

’’Do you want to try?’’ the Sadhu asked. People were surprised. The Master was talking to Lin Feng.

’’Think carefully, if you fail and can't stand it, you'll lose everything.’’ said the Sadhu. Lin Feng nodded. He obviously understood.

’’I'll try though!’’ said Lin Feng. The Sadhu smiled and nodded, ’’I won't prevent you from trying.’’

’’Will he be able to endure it?’’ thought the crowd. What was going to happen?

Lin Feng raised his head. He looked solemn and respectful.

Lin Feng started. People's hearts were racing.


And then, it was if their hearts stopped. They were watching Lin Feng, fixedly, and breathlessly, and motionlessly.

’’Eh?’’ Lin Feng put a foot on the first step of the ninth group of steps, but there was absolutely no strength or force.

Lin Feng walked up, easily.

’’What's going on?’’ How was that possible? How come it looked so easy?

’’Master!’’ Lin Feng turned around and looked at the Sadhu. There was nothing on the last group of steps.

’’You did it. Congratulations. You can take the Imperial Zun key. Congratulations again. That is the symbol of your glory.’’ said the Sadhu slowly. The crowd was astonished. The last group of steps was a symbol of glory, it was just symbolic! Imperial Zun key!


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