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Peerless Martial God - Chapter 1021


Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021: Lin Feng Defying the Skies

Lin Feng was sensing the force of the Earth and sky. They were all hanging on there firmly. They couldn't afford being careless, otherwise, they would be crushed under the pressure.

’’Moron, you can't move any further, go back now!’’ said Yang Zi Lan coldly. Then, he continued walking up, step by step. He had to stop after each step.

’’You go first.’’ said Lin Feng to Qiu Yue Xin. She nodded and continued going up. She stopped after each step too. She couldn't afford being careless.

’’All the geniuses from the prestigious families have continued to go up!’’ the crowd was amazed. Those people were getting closer and closer to reaching Xuan Yuan's record. However, the weakest were probably stuck now, they couldn't go back or forward.

Rumbling sounds spread in the air each time they moved up. Finally, four of them stopped on the ninth step of the fourth group of steps. They didn't look relaxed at all.

’’Hmph!’’ Yang Zi Lan turned around and coldly looked at Lin Feng, ’’Poor you, you're going to be propelled away, even though you came so far.’’

However, at that moment, Lin Feng smiled mockingly and it was a huge smile.

Lin Feng moved and continued going up, he looked absolutely relaxed as if he was walking in normal conditions.

’’Eh?’’ the crowd couldn't believe it. Lin Feng just walked up to the ninth step of the fourth group leaving them all dumbstruck.

’’How's that possible? We don't even know him.’’ thought the crowd. Yang Zi Lan seemed like he had reached his limits, and Lin Feng had done the same as him, but in a more relaxed way.

’’Are you satisfied now?’’ said Lin Feng indifferently. Yang Zi Lan looked to suffer more from seeing Lin Feng succeed than from the force of the flight of stairs. He felt weak.

’’Hehe, who's joining me higher up?’’ said Meng Ba with a resplendent smile. The others' faces twitched. Meng Ba wanted to continue? Did he really want to do the same as Meng Ba?

’’You should set reasonable goals. If we can't reach the last step of the fifth group, we'll lose everything. It's better to stop here.’’ said Yang Zi Lan indifferently.

Lin Ruo Tian remained silent for a few seconds and tried to put a foot on the next step, however, he immediately took it back.

’’Nah, I'm not going!’’ said Lin Ruo Tian indifferently.

’’Hehe, since you're not coming, I'll continue. I'm having fun with this.’’ said Meng Ba.

’’Argh!’’ Meng Ba's clothes were suddenly ripped apart. He groaned as he sensed the incredible force crushing his flesh. He felt like he was going to be crushed. Veins appeared all over his body.

’’Boom boom!’’

Explosion sounds spread in the air. Some of his veins actually broke and blood appeared. He looked like a violent injured beast had attacked him.

’’Argh!’’ Meng Ba groaned loudly with pain and continued walking up. It was as if his feet were millions of kilos.

He reached the ninth step of the fifth group and grabbed a blue key, then he instantly disappeared.

’’Meng Ba managed to finish the fifth group of steps!’’ the crowd was gasping with amazement.

Lin Ruo Tian and Yang Zi Lan's eyes were twinkling as well.

’’He's much stronger than you.’’ said Lin Feng to Yang Zi Lan.

’’Shut the hell up! You're just lucky to be here. You're a tiny, little insect.’’ Yang Zi Lan snapped back.

Lin Feng smiled and released blood strength as well as pure Qi. He also started circulating his strength of the Heruka and the Buddha to flow through his body.

He then started walking up the fifth group of steps. People were wondering what he was doing.

Qiu Yue Xin was gasping with amazement. Lin Feng would go farther than her.

’’Boom boom!’’ When Lin Feng set a foot on the fifth group of steps, he sensed that the energies there were much more terrifying, but he could still handle them.

He stopped for a few seconds, he looked relaxed, he turned around and looked at Yang Zi Lan.

’’An insect is standing above you. How do you feel?’’ Lin Feng mocked him calmly. However, people's thoughts were racing. How did he feel?

Nobody knew how Yang Zi Lan felt at that moment. Was he still confident?

’’If I'm an insect, you're even less than an insect.’’

Lin Feng's words were penetrating deep into Yang Zi Lan's heart. He was less valuable than an insect?

’’Boom boom!’’ Lin Feng's voice kept piercing through Yang Zi Lan's eardrums as well as the sound Lin Feng's steps made as he went higher up. Lin Feng then arrived on the ninth step of the fifth group of steps. There was the blue key floating there.

’’Astonishing, wouldn't have thought that guy would do as good as Xuan Yuan and Meng Ba.’’ thought the crowd. Lin Feng had done what Xuan Yuan did!

Yang Zi Lan was clenching his fists. He felt humiliated.

’’We'll see each other in Tiantai in a few seconds?’’ said Qiu Yue Xin smiling.

Lin Feng shook his head. Qiu Yue Xin didn't understand. Lin Feng continued, ’’When Xuan Yuan arrived here, he said nobody could go further. Even though he is incredibly strong, he was wrong.’’


Did Lin Feng want to surpass Xuan Yuan?!

’’Go and die!’’ said Yang Zi Lan mockingly.

’’Shut up!’’ shouted Lin Feng furiously. He then said coldly, ’’You're a weakling and a coward, you're lower than me so don't even talk to me.’’

Yang Zi Lan was furious.

’’Insects give up easily and are not aware of their own strength. Meng Ba decided to climb the fifth group of steps because he loves challenges. It was challenging for him to get the blue key. Now, I'll go even higher. That's my challenge.’’ said Lin Feng making people feel vehement.

Then, Lin Feng took another step.

’’Boom boom!’’ An incredible force appeared around Lin Feng. His hair was fluttering in the wind, it seemed like he was facing a hurricane. Was he going to fall down?

’’Real cultivators don't give up, real cultivators don't care about material things. They challenge the Earth and sky. We know human and Earth fusion, I understand the force of the Earth and sky, how could the sky be stronger than me!’’ said Lin Feng looking at the sky.


He looked like he was in a trance. It was an extraordinary scene.


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