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Peerless Demonic Lord - Chapter 3


Translator: ImmortalDreamer

Edited by: Moxie

Chapter 3 - Goodbye Yu Lin'er

’’What? Stop the Evil Spirit?

Qin Shi was surprised, he would have never expected that his father wanted him to go and stop the Evil Spirit. For the time being, with his broken spirit veins, he was merely a useless person. Even if it was when he still had his spirit veins, it was still impossible to do this.

The Evil Spirit was what kind of existence;this was simply throwing away his life.

Not only was he frightened, even Qiong Shu Yao, Liu Yan Bing were also feeling this way.

’’Husband, are you insane? Don't tell me you want to get Shi'er killed?' Qiong Shu Yao hastily asked in a panic.

However, Qin Tian Qing completed ignored Qiong Shu Yao's pleading, he gazed towards Qin Shi, ’’What? You don't dare? Are you afraid? If it's like this, will your mouth still be able to say you are my, Qin Tian Qing's, son?’’

’’I will go.’’

Qin Shi suddenly responded. He clenched his fists, sneering in his thoughts, ’’So what if it's an Evil Spirit? I am already a useless person now, rather than living like this, I would rather do something amazing, although I can't say for sure that I'll be able to keep my life, my name would still resound throughout all ages.’’


Qiong Shu Yao was frightened, she hurriedly ran forward to stop Qin Shi, ’’Shi'er, you mustn't listen to your father, stay behind...’’


Mother - This word was filled with tenderness and regret, Qin Shi turned his body and decisively looked at his mother, ’’I have already decided, I am Qin Tian Qing's son, the calamity, which I have provoked, should be dealt by me personally.’’

Qin Shi left these words behind and turned around to leave.

’’Shi'er!’’ At this moment, Qin Tian Qing suddenly opened his mouth. He took out a small sandalwood box from his clothes, throwing it towards Qin Shi, ’’Inside this Sandalwood Jade Box is a jade object which was worshiped before falling into ruin;this Evil Suppressing Ruined Jade can suppress the Evil Spirit a little.’’

After Qin Shi caught the small box, he proudly raised his head and walked over towards the mountain behind the Qin family.

This time, he was already regarding death as his return home.

’’Husband, are you insane? How can you let Shi'er go and provoke the Evil Spirit, don't tell me you forgot the scene which happened at the mountain a year ago?’’ Qiong Shu Yao continuously tried to block Qin Shi as she anxiously yelled towards Qin Tian Qing.

Qin Tian Qing looked at Qin Shi going further and further away, after a long time, he sighed, ’’This is a calamity he provoked, everything depends on his good luck. In this generation, it's inevitable for the Evil Spirit to possess a master. My Qin family's mission cannot fall under my generation.’’


Qin family, one of the three great families of Desolate Town, was situated at the north of Desolate Town.

There was a tall mountain behind the Qin family, and the Evil Spirit was sealed here.

After departing from the family, Qin Shi arrived at the mountain behind the Qin family. It was just as Liu Yan Bing said, it was already contaminated by the Evil Spirit, and a radius of 100 li was completely barren, turning into ruins.

’’Such a fierce and strong Baleful Qi.’’

He was yet to arrive at the mountain, but he could already see the black clouds and mist surrounding the mountain peak.

These clouds and mist were filled with strong Baleful Qi, capable of affecting a person's mind, and this made Qin Shi feel a bit restless.

’’Since ancient times, the Qin family has been guarding the Evil Suppressing Ruined Jade, living while suppressing the Evil Spirit. In the end, noone knew the story behind this Evil Spirit. Now it's good, before facing death, I can see this Evil Spirit's true identity.

Harbouring the thoughts of death in his heart, Qin Shi relinquished his thoughts, lifted his foot, and walked over to the mountain peak.

However, after only a few steps, he heard the echo of a familiar graceful voice, sending a shiver to run down his spine.

’’Big Brother Bai, this Evil Spirit is becoming more and more violent recently;after one fortnight, it would probably come out of its egg.’’ A voice, which was so graceful that it seemed to be the embodiment of nature itself, echoed from halfway up the mountain.

After Qin Shi heard this voice, his body violently trembled.

Walking through where the voice came from, at a place halfway up the mountain, there were two figures standing. The person who spoke just now was a woman as beautiful as an immortal, that woman was snuggled within the bosom of a white robed man.

’’Yu, Yu Lin'er ... ...?’’

That's right;this woman was Yu Lin'er, the Yu Lin'er who destroyed Qin Shi's entire life.

’’True, this Evil Spirit has many uncertain factors factors, the Sect Master had already ordered that if we couldn't find the method to use the Evil Suppressing Ruined Jade, then our only option is to eliminate it while it's still inside its egg.’’ That white robed man said, displaying an expression of feeling great pity.

Yu Lin'er pouted, ’’Then wouldn't it be that I blindly wasted my affection on that Qin Family's little thrash?’’

’’Hehe, there's no other way, feel relieved Lin'er, Big Brother Bai will make up to you very well.’’ The white robed man let out a lewd demonic laughter, blocking the hand of Yu Lin'er, without forgetting to pinch her well developed butt.

’’So hateful~!’’ Yu Lin'er protested coquettishly.

Listening to the dialogue between the two people, Qin Shi's fingernails were biting into his palms, he secretly scolded, ’’Very good Yu Lin'er, you say I wasted you affection? At that time, who was it that was moaning as if she had reached the seventh heaven on my bed?’’

’’I indeed had blind dog eyes, how could I even fall for you?’’

’’At that time, you were acting good and honest in front of me, but you were unexpectedly a whore stinking of a man's stench.’’ He felt his heart was bleeding profusely, ’’To think that I, Qin Shi, who could be considered to have passed through a hundred flowers and taken too many weeds, had actually fallen in your hands.’’

(TLN: Here, the character's for weeds means prostitutes.)

’’I have believed that it was true love, but I would have never expected that in the end, I was just dancing on top of her palm.’’

’’Good cheating couple, I, Qin Shi, will remember this.’’ Qin Shi clenched his fists. From his actions;his extreme temperament was evident, ’’You want to control the Evil Spirit? Even if I, Qin Shi, die, I will never let you have your way.’’

Ka cha!

At this time, Qin Shi suddenly stepped on top of one withered tree branch, giving rise to a brittle echo.


Hearing the sound, Yu Lin'er and the other man turned around, bellowing towards Qin Shi's direction.

Upon seeing this, Qin Shi secretly scolded himself, and then he raised his legs to quickly run towards the mountain peak.

’’Humph! Want to run? There's no way you can.’’ Yu Lin'er and the white robed man pursued Qin Shi together.

Qin Shi hadn't ran much far before the area in front of his eyes was already covered in black fog.

This black fog was brimming with a strong Baleful Qi;anyone would stop on their tracks and they would not dare to recklessly approach it.

’’Hehe, is there no more path to run?’’

The white robed man said with contempt as he and Yu Lin'er arrived.

’’Bai Yu Tang? It's you?’’ Qin Shi turned his head, seeing the appearance of the white robed man, he clenched his fist tightly.

This white robed man was called Bai Yu Tang, a disciple of the Burning Sky Sect. Qin Shi could never forget that 1 year ago, it was precisely this Bai Yu Tang who broke his spirit veins, making him a cripple.

’’Hehe, I was wondering who it was, originally it is the Qin Family's little thrash?’’

After Bai Yu Tang saw Qin Shi, he pointed towards the mountain peak and sneered with disdain, ’’Little trash, the region ahead is shrouded in the Evil Spirit's Baleful Qi, without the Evil Suppressing Ruined Jade, anyone who enters it will start to corrode, eventually becoming nothing but dead bones;do you still want to continue running?’’

Hearing this, Qin Shi turned his head to look, sucking in a breath of cold air. He could only see the region behind him was covered in dead bones similar to a snow, there were humans, and there were desolate beasts, appearing exceptionally miserable.

’’Very cruel Evil Spirit...’’ He thought, ’’Although I have heard about the terror of the Evil Spirit, seeing it with my own eyes is still different. This intense scene could make anyone frightened.’’

’’Little thrash, I'm asking you, did you hear what I said just a moment ago?’’ Bai Yu Tang shrugged his shoulders and questioned Qin Shi.

Although Qin Shi was being forced to his death, he seemed to be much calmer. He sneered, ’’Heard what? Hehe, what you didn't want me to hear was unfortunately heard completely, but what you wanted me to hear, even a single word of it would never be heard.’’

These words were clear provocation.

’’Senseless guy, you're courting death!’’

Bai Yu Tang was furious, he lifted his hand and gathered his Ling Qi, bombarding it towards Qin Shi.


Qin Shi's heart was alarmed as he failed to react in time;with his broken spirit veins, he was directly struck, making him fly and continuously roll over the ground.

’’Cough! Cough~! This strike, I'll remember it against you.’’

’’Remember? Properly remember, I'll send you to hell right now, you can come and repay me in your next life.’’ Bai Yu Tang suddenly strode forward, his intent to murder was clear;lifting his foot, he ruthlessly kicked towards Qin Shi's head.

At this time, Yu Lin'er suddenly came forward, stopping the white robed man, ’’Big Brother Bai, wait a moment, don't kill him!’’

Bai Yu Tang wrinkled his brows, ’’Why? Don't tell me you still have some old affection towards him?’’

Qin Shi was also startled;he also didn't expect that at this time, Yu Lin'er would unexpectedly plead for his life. Within his mind, countless probabilities and delusions flashed by, perhaps the matter a year before, Yu Lin'er was just forced to do it.

But all these delusions were broken apart by her next words.

’’Big Brother Bai, what are you talking about? Still have an old affection? What old affection could I have towards this street beggar? Seeing his terrified appearance, he's still thinking of eating swan meat?’’ Yu Lin'er used an avoiding gaze and shot a glance towards Qin Shi, she fawned on the white robed man and said, ’’I merely thought that since he is Qin Tian Qing's son, perhaps he knows about the method to use the Evil Suppressing Ruined Jade?’’

Seeing that avoiding gaze, Qin Shi felt a stab of pain at the pit of his stomach, he secretly thought, ’’In her eyes, I was nothing but a toad from the beginning, that avoiding expression in her eyes, very good, if I'm able to escape from this calamity, sooner or later, there will be a day I'll make you feel regret!’’


’’I say, Qin Shi, you indeed don't know what is good from bad, if it wasn't for me pleading for you, how could Big brother Bai let you slip away with your dog life?’’

Yu Lin'er disdainfully said towards Qin Shi, and soon after, followed up by saying ,’’Hand over the method to use the Evil Suppressing Ruined Jade, if not, I will make Big brother Bai throw you towards the mountain top, then you can wait there to get swallowed by the Evil Spirit.’’

’’It's truly ridiculous. You say I don't know the what is good from bad. Even if I knew the method to use the Evil Suppressing Ruined Jade, I won't be telling it to a despicable and lowly woman like you.’’ Qin Shi difficulty tried to crawl up, his body continuously swaying, and his complexion was terrible as his eyes were filled with hatred.

’’You're courting death!’’

Bai Yu Tang clearly wasn't as patient as Yu Lin'er;he lifted his foot kicking it towards Qin Shi's navel region, making him fly, ’’I'm asking you for the last time, tell me how to use the Evil Suppressing Ruined Jade, or else I'll kill you!’’

’’Haha, hahaha!’’

Qin Shi fell after flying, his mouth laughed heartily, that laughter was gloomy and cold, ’’Using death to threaten me? I'll tell you, Qin Tian Qing's son isn't afraid of death! Haha, hahaha!’’

Peng! Peng Peng!

Bai Yu Tang was furious. Following up by a few more fists, Qin Shi was ,made to fly again.

Qin Shi continued to receive the attack, his mind was already hazy;after getting hit continuously, he had narrowly arrived at the region covered by the Evil Spirit's Baleful Qi.

’’Even if I, Qin Shi, dies, I will never surrender, I am Qin Tian Qing's son! It's only a pity that I cannot kill you personally;slaughter this cheating couple.’’ Intense resentful thoughts continuously rose up in his mind;it was these thoughts that were making him remain conscious.

Under those blaming thoughts, his body trembled continuously, the scene of Yu Lin'er pledging the oath of eternal love flashed through his mind. A portion of remorse bubbled up at his navel;biting his lips, a portion of bloody taste entered inside his mouth.

At this time, a voice resounded within his mind.

’’Chi Chi, such a strong resentment. Little guy, do you want power?’’


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