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Peerless Demonic Lord - Chapter 29


Chapter 29, Beast Wave

’’A Profound Rank Desolate Beast?’’

Everyone was scared witless when they saw that Giant Bear.

A Profound Rank Desolate Beast had already completely condensed its monster core. There was quite a huge disparity in rank when compared to a Yellow Rank Desolate Beast, as it could even fight head-to-head against a human expert at the Spirit Sealing Realm.

Qin Shi also sucked in a cold breath. He never imagined that he would unexpectedly run into a Desolate Beast of the Profound Rank inside this hidden dimension. Confronting a Desolate Beast of this rank, even him, who considered himself to be the nemesis of Desolate Beasts, could only avoid its crosshairs.

’’Yang Zi Yun is escaping!’’

At this time, the Qin family disciples suddenly yelled.

Hearing their voices, Qin Shi turned around, only to see Yang Zi Yun taking advantage of the fact that everyone was distracted by the beast wave. Yang Zi Yun was crawling up with great difficulty, picking up his cut-off arms as he escaped towards a distant place.

’’Qin Shi, the Cloud Cauldron Sect won't let you off for damaging my arms. You just wait!’’ Yang Zi Yun did his best to run but still didn't forget to spat some curses towards Qin Shi.

’’Want to escape? It won't be that easy!’’

Qin Shi was furious, he drew his legs back, preparing to chase him.

At this moment, a 2m tall Ash Wolf plunged towards Qin Shi and Qin Siyu, baring its sharp claws towards them, cutting through the sky.

’’A Yellow Rank 8th Level Desolate Beast? Damn it!’’

Qin Shi didn't even put this Ash Wolf into his eyes since he possessed the Evil Spirit Totem.

However, this Ash Wolf was very clever, it had previously seen Qin Shi kill the Goshawk, and thus, it intentionally spiralled around Qin Shi with the intention of attacking the comparatively weak Qin Siyu. This really vexed Qin Shi, making him give up the notion of chasing Yang Zi Yun, he turned about and stood in front of Qin Siyu, covering her.

’’Get away!’’ Qin Shi bellowed. Swinging his left hand, the Evil Spirit Totem was let loose. Huge amounts of black baleful qi nibbled away at the Ash Wolf until nothing but pure white bones were left of its existence.

Qin Shi thought of resuming the chase, but Yang Zi Yun had already run away.

Qin Shi looked towards Yang Zi Yun's distant silhouette, cursing grudgingly, ’’Damn it! He escaped. Humph! I'll get you sooner or later 1. Wait until I leave this hidden dimension, I'll go to the Yang Family to settle the debts!’’

’’Hou! Hou! Hou!’’

By this time, numerous Desolate Beasts had gathered at this region.

Qin Shi narrowed his eyes, looking towards the surging beast wave. He knew he had to be extremely focused.

He clenched his teeth as he grabbed Qin Siyu with one hand and retreated a few steps back, saying coldly, ’’Older Sister Siyu, the mature Yuan Yang Fruit will attract several more Desolate Beasts, you must take the Qin family disciples and get away from this place!’’

’’What about you?’’ Qin Siyu stared blankly.

Qin Shi glanced towards the several hundred Desolate Beasts at the region, saying, ’’I'm going to stay behind!’’

’’What? No way! You're coming with me. With so many Desolate Beasts, you'll definitely die if you stay behind!’’ Qin Siyu was shocked, shaking her head with all her might, she thought of dragging him away, ’’We're going to escape together!’’

However, Qin Shi directly stopped her, chiding, ’’It won't do! If someone doesn't stay behind to stall these Desolate Beasts, no one will be able to escape!’’

Qin Siyu was startled, she also understood Qin Shi's reasoning.

These many Desolate Beasts, there wasn't even a shortage of Yellow Rank 8th Level ones and even 9th Level ones existed among them. Moreover, the most dangerous one was that Profound Rank Giant Bear which was glaring like a tiger watching its prey. It was simply impossible for their group to withstand this degree of a beast wave.

If no one stayed behind to stall these Desolate Beasts, there was only one outcome, which was that all the Qin family members would become the Desolate Beasts' food.

’’No, you have to go!’’ Who would have thought that Qin Siyu would still be resolute. She stepped forward to block Qin Shi, saying, ’’All this harm has happened to us because of me, let me stay behind to make up for my mistake!’’

She had the look of facing death unflinchingly when she said this.

’’Being able to die for the Qin family members can also be regarded as a regretless death.’’ Qin Siyu thought in her heart.

’’Get out of here!’’ Unexpectedly, Qin Shi scolded her, ’’You're going to stay behind? With your strength, you will just be delivering yourself to their jaws. Moreover, letting a women stand in front of me to protect me? Even if I, Qin Shi, lose, I refuse to be that kind of man!’’

’’Quickly leave along with the rest of the Qin Family members!’’

Qin Shi grabbed her, speaking with confidence, ’’Don't worry, I won't die so easily. I've escaped from calamities like these so many times, God surely has some concern for me. Older Sister Siyu, believe me, quickly take the Qin family members away and wait at the entrance of the hidden dimension for me!’’

’’But ...’’

’’But what? No need for buts.’’

Qin Shi interrupted Qin Siyu, licking his cracked lips, he looked towards the Yuan Yang Fruit distributing a rich fragrance with excitation, ’’Moreover, how can I miss this chance to get a treasure like this? That's just not my, Qin Shi's, style.’’

Saying this, Qin Shi didn't hesitate anymore and suddenly strode towards the Yuan Yang Fruit.

’’Older Sister Siyu, Elder Brother Shi'tou, he...’’

All the Qin family disciples stared blankly at each other when they saw Qin Shi's actions.

’’You must always remember, your lives were saved by Qin Shi.’’ Looking at the silhouette of Qin Shi gradually fading away, her heart trembled. A sky and earth transformation happened to her impression about him at this moment.

’’Let's go!’’

Finally, still feeling unresigned, Qin Siyu turned around and left with the Qin Family disciples.

Qin Shi relaxed his breath after seeing them leave. After that, he arrived at the Yuan Yang Fruit tree and jumped up to pluck to the pair of Yuan Yang Fruit, placing them inside his Spatial Ring, saying, ’’Humph! To even think of fighting over a treasure with me, Qin Shi? No chance that you'll succeed!’’

’’Hou! Hou! Hou!’’

The Desolate Beasts within the beast wave bellowed in rage when they saw Qin Shi's actions. They charged towards him, launching attacks from all directions.

’’You're nothing but a group of tiny bandits, see how I devour all of you!’’

Qin Shi was unfettered facing these Desolate Beasts delivering themselves to him. He deftly travelled back and forth within their group as a bright light originating from the Evil Spirit Totem on his left hand burst out. At this moment, the powerful baleful qi exploded outwards.

The baleful qi released an excited shrill in the sky, plunging into the group of Desolate Beasts.

The baleful qi swept past the region, leaving nothing but pure white bones behind its path. In a blink of an eye, more than ten Desolate Beasts had died tragically within the baleful qi.

’’Hehe, if I'm able to devour these many Desolate Beasts, breaking through the 7th Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm will be an easy matter.’’ The baleful qi continued to devour the Desolate Beasts unceasingly, delivering the transformed spiritual power for Qin Shi to use.

Qin Shi was incomparably excited due to this.

However, these Desolate Beasts simply didn't know the word 'fear'. One fell down and several other Desolate Beasts would rush forward, this was the simple wheel tactics. 2

In another blink of an eye, most of the Desolate Beasts were already engulfed under the baleful qi's range. The remaining Desolate Beasts roared malevolently, surrounding Qin Shi, raining attacks towards him and almost injuring him several times.

’’Damn it! This won't work!’’

Qin Shi decided to use the 'Star Exterminating Overlord Body Secrets'. Narrowing his eyes, he quickly evaded the attacks, thinking, ’’If this goes on, sooner or later I will be buried alive by these Desolate Beasts. I have to think of some method to break away from here!’’

’’Hou! Hou! Hou!’’ At this time, a heaven frightening beast roar echoed out. The Profound Rank Giant Bear had finally reached the Yuan Yang Fruit tree. Its huge body manifested itself within the beast wave, looking down at the rest of the beasts.

The low level Desolate Beasts drew back in fear due to the Giant Bear's roar.

That Giant Bear was like a king amongst the Desolate Beasts, the imposing aura from its body could make a person tremble in fear. All the tiny Desolate Beasts showed a look of fear as well as respect in their expressions when they looked towards that Giant Bear, parting to the side to make a pathway for it.

Qin Shi narrowed his eyes as he looked towards that Giant Bear. Suddenly, an idea spun within his mind, ’’To catch a thief, first their king must be caught. If I can devour this Giant Bear, I'll definitely be able to scare the other Desolate Beasts!’’

’’However, will the Evil Spirit Totem be able to devour it successfully?’’

Qin Shi gulped down. He could sense that the spiritual power distributed outside by this Giant Bear was stronger than that of his Grandfather.

It could be said that besides the Elder Ye from Burning Sky Sect and Lin Yu, who gave him the 'Star Exterminating Overlord Body Secrets' at Desolate Town, this Giant Bear was perhaps the most powerful existence among the other humans and beasts Qin Shi knew of.

’’If I'm able to devour it, not only will the other Desolate Beasts be scared, but it will also make it easier for me to escape from this place without a hitch. I can even obtain the monster core of a Profound Rank Desolate Beast. If I fail, there won't even be a chance to feel regret, and I can only be devoured by it ...’’

Qin Shi hesitated a bit facing this choice.

He knew that this was a huge gamble.

’’Anyway, even if I don't devour it, I don't have any other method to escape from here. Riches and honor lie within danger, I'll just stake it all!’’ Qin Shi made a firm resolution in his heart. He regained all of the Evil Spirit's baleful qi back and pressed on towards the Giant Bear.

’’Hou! Hou! Hou!’’ Seeing Qin Shi walk towards itself, the Giant Bear opened its blood filled mouth to roar. Its roar was filled with disdain and contempt. Soon after, it raised its huge paw, smashing it towards Qin Shi.

The paw made a whistling sound against the air as it made its way towards Qin Shi.

Qin Shi strenuously resisted the incoming wind pressure, cursing in his thoughts, ’’Damn it! Just the pressure alone is so powerful. Evil Spirit, aaahh Evil Spirit, I'm leaving everything to you. It will also be difficult for you if this young master is swatted to death.’’

’’That's why, brotherly Evil Spirit 3, you must not disappoint this young master, aah!’’

Qin Shi took a deep breath. He raised his left hand, facing the Evil Spirit Totem towards the incoming paw. Right now, all he could do was wait. Victory will bring him profit, defeat shall grant him nothing death.

- Buuuzzzzzz!!! -

The Evil Spirit Totem trembled, releasing huge amounts of the mighty baleful qi outside.

That baleful qi was pitch-black, filled with abstrusity. It spiralled a few times in the air, as if it had sensed the Giant Bear. It released a low cry to provoke it as it plunged towards that Giant Bear's paw.

- Rumble! -

A rumbling round echoed out as the baleful qi struck against that Giant Bear's paw. A deep echo rose due the clash between both parties. However, the scene Qin Shi was anticipating didn't occur, that Giant Bear wasn't devoured by the baleful qi.

’’It didn't work?’’ Qin Shi trembled in shock. This matter concerned his life, there was no room for mistakes here. ’’Brotherly Evil Spirit, you can do it! This young master's later life's happiness is all dependent on you!’’

’’Hou! Hou! Hou!’’

At this time, the Giant Bear released a roar filled with with pain and fury towards the sky.

’’Did it work?’’ Hearing the Giant Bear's scream, Qin Shi was overjoyed. He discovered that the baleful qi was winding on top of its paw, causing the brown hair of the Giant Bear to fall off. ’’Looks like it's working? Brotherly Evil Spirit, you can do it!’’

The brown hair on top of the paw came off little by little.

This gave an excruciating pain to the Giant Bear, making it withdraw its paw. However, the baleful qi wasn't going to let it if off so easily, it began to ride on the paw and spread over its huge body.

’’Well done! Brotherly Evil Spirit, devour it!’’ Qin Shi was thrilled, thinking, ’’This Giant Bear is indeed very formidable. The Evil Spirit's baleful qi can devour a Yellow Rank 9th Level Desolate Beast within a blink of an eye, but this Giant Bear was able to last for so long.’’

’’Hou! Hou! Hou!’’ The Giant Bear roared in pain, rolling down on the ground. Many unlucky little Desolate Beasts were crushed to death, while a few unfortunate ones were infected by the baleful qi, ultimately being devoured until only the bones were left.

Qin Shi was exalted, ’’Devour! 7th Layer of Spirit Tempering Realm, you're just around the corner!’’

’’Shi'tou, take the baleful qi back!’’ At this time, Shu Zhong Yu's voice suddenly echoed in his min

  1. 跑得了和尚,跑不了廟 = 'the monk can run away, but the temple won't run with him'. It means that although Yang Zi Yun ran away, he won't be able to escape the calamity. Hence, I translated it as 'I'll get you sooner or later.' Sometime I use the idioms as they are and other times, I use equivalent sentences or words to fit the context.
  2. 车轮戰術 - Wheel battle method or Wheel tactics , It's actually a battle term, the tactic depicts a situation in which either the attacker or defender are changed periodically until the other party is exhausted/exterminated. Just like a rotating wheel.
  3. 邪魔兄弟 - A humble way of calling that Evil Spirit. It's often used by the Chinese. It can be translated as 'Brother Evil Spirit' but since I haven't read until the part the gender of the Evil Spirit has been revealed, I have decided to translate it as 'Brotherly Evil Spirit.' If anyone has indeed read that far, then please PM me on Discord so you can shatter my illusion of the chance of it transforming into a beauty in the end.


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