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Peerless Demonic Lord - Chapter 27


Chapter 27: To Choose Life or Death

’’Qin Shi!’’

Seeing Qin Shi heroically standing there, all the persons at the place cried out at the same time.

’’Elder Brother Shi'tou!’’ The Qin Family members also yelled after gaining a new lease on life.

Qin Siyu was also the same. Seeing that the Qin Family members were safe, tears bubbled out of her eyes and a quiet voice leaked out, ’’Very good, very good indeed...’’

’’Yang Family, Yang Zi Yun, you all are courting death!’’

A red flame twisted around his arm after Qin Shi blocked Yang Zi Yun's attack with his bare hands. An unprecedented rage bubbled up in his heart when he saw the injuries on the bodies of the Qin Family disciples and Qin Siyu weeping off to the side.

’’Qin Shi? I believed you wouldn't dare to come!’’

Yang Zi Yun laughed strangely after seeing Qin Shi.

’’Why wouldn't I come? If didn't come, who else would take your dog life?’’

Qin Shi's eyes went red, his whole body shuddering as he yelled.

’’Hehe, you're indeed boasting shamelessly! This is also good. Originally, I was thinking of enjoying Qin Siyu's body, freshen up, and then deal with you. Luckily, you've delivered yourself to the doorstep and saved me the trouble of finding you.’’

A fierce light passed through Yang Zi Yun's eyes. He grabbed hold of Qin Siyu and thrust her towards Yang Zi Long while saying, ’’Look after her for me. Wait until I kill Qin Shi, then I'll properly enjoy her.’’

’’Elder Brother, let me give the final killing blow to him!’’

An excited light passed through Yang Zi Long's eyes after he received Qin Siyu. He eyed the figure in the distance and coldly said, ’’After the shame from last time in Market Lane, I absolutely can't live under the same sky as him.’’

’’Sure! That is... if he doesn't die from a single hit from me!’’

Yang Zi Yun shrugged his shoulders disdainfully. Turning back to the front, he walked towards Qin Shi. ’’You could have lived longer if you had stayed hidden, but since you want to jump out and dance with death, let me help you accomplish it!’’

’’Stop speaking nonsense!’’ Qin Shi said coldly, ’’The type of person I hate the most is a man who makes a woman shed tears. To make it even worse, you made my beautiful Older Sister Siyu shed tears - it's simply the highest crime!’’

’’Death is near at hand, and you're still thinking about women? You're really hopeless!’’

Yang Zi Yun didn't speak anymore and rushed forward to attack Qin Shi.

’’Humph! Let's see who dies in the end!’’ Qin Shi sneered. He didn't evade but instead directly acted to exchange a blow with Yang Zi Yun. After rushing forward, a red radiance broke out of his body as a layer of scales came of out his skin!

- Peng! -

This one blow, those two people colliding into each other like a meteorite.

After colliding, Yang Zi Yun retreated three steps back while Qin Shi retreated seven steps back. He had some difficulty stabilizing his body after their collision and thought, ’’Such a frightening spiritual power, it seems that this Yang Zi Yun is not simple!’’

’’He's in the 8th layer of the Spirit Tempering Realm! Shi'tou, be careful.’’ Shu Zhong Yu warned him in his mind.

’’8th layer of the Spirit Tempering Realm? Wouldn't that mean that this Yang Zi Yun is at the same level as Great Uncle? It seems that he's really worthy of being a talent viewed highly by the Cloud Cauldron Sect.’’ Realizing this, Qin Shi sucked in a cold breath. However, he didn't have the slightest amount of fear. ’’No matter who you are, those who dare to injure my Qin Family members shall have awful deaths!’’

Qin Shi didn't know that at this moment even greater waves were surging in Yang Zi Yun's mind.

’’He practices a body refining martial imitation?’’ Yang Zi Yun narrowed his eyes. Seeing that Qin Shi's body was covered in snake scales, his complexion became gloomy as he said, ’’No wonder! He dared to fight me just by relying on his 6th layer Spirit Tempering Realm strength. Originally he had learned a body refining martial imitation?’’

’’However, you're really naïve if you think that you can beat me with a snake-scaled body!’’

Yang Zi Yun waved his arms and laughed strangely. After that, he rubbed the spatial ring on his finger and fished out an 8-foot long silver spear which gave rise to a violent, fiery aura as it issued a sky-piercing dragon cry.

’’You should be honored to die before my Silver Dragon Spear.’’

Yang Zi Yun held the spear with a face full of disdain. Finished speaking, he suddenly dashed forwards, waving the spear in his hands towards Qin Shi's chest. ’’This Silver Dragon Spear is a High-Grade Spirit Tool. A bumpkin like you couldn't have even heard about it.’’

’’A Spirit Tool?’’ The Qin Family disciples immediately sank into despair when they saw the spear attacking Qin Shi. It was known that even among the great families in Desolate Town, only the Qin Family had a giant sword which has been passed on.

Moreover, the giant sword passed on in the Qin Family was just a low-grade spirit tool.

Qin Shi also narrowed his eyes, turning grim. He crossed his hands to guard his chest but the Silver Dragon Spear was still able to push him a few steps back. The bones could be clearly seen through the deeply cut open bloody mouth.

’’These huge sects are really ostentatious, giving a High-Grade Spirit Tool out so easily.’’ Qin Shi thought. However, his expression didn't contain any shock but rather ridicule as he said to Yang Zi Yun: ’’Since you've been so good as to let me appreciate a Spirit Tool, then I will also not be stingy and show you what is called a Profound Weapon!’’

’’A Profound Weapon? Haha, I'll die from laughing!’’

Yang Zi Yun was astonished, as if he had heard a huge joke. He couldn't help but crack up. ’’You say you have a Profound Weapon? Haha, don't be ridiculous. Even my Cloud Cauldron Sect has only three Profound Weapons, how could you possibly...’’

However, at this moment, Yang Zi Yun's voice abruptly halted.

Qin Shi had taken the Blood-Thirsty Sword out of his spatial ring. It brought a bloody aura along with its arrival. Even the previously roaring Silver Dragon Spear was taken aback as it issued a scared howl.

’’A P-Profound Weapon? It's really a Profound Weapon?’’

Yang Zi Yun's mouth was wide open in shock when he was the Blood-Thirsty Sword.

’’Are you shocked? This is all thanks to your Yang Family!’’ Qin Shi really felt it was quite funny. This Blood-Thirsty Sword was originally sent to the Yang Family from the Burning Sky Sect, but now it had instead become a threat to the Yang Family.

Qin Shi gripped the Blood-Thirsty Sword in his hand. The aura around him soared up, even surpassing the aura of Yang Zi Yun. Waving the sword, he took a big stride forward, dashing towards Yang Zi Yun. The sword's afterimages could be seen all over the sky.

- Peng! -

Those two exchanged blows once again. The gap between the two had been clearly reduced due to the Profound Weapon and the Snake Scaled War Body. Yang Zi Yun roared with the Silver Dragon Spear in hand, ’’Humph! Even if you have a Profound Weapon, you're only disgracing it by using it for its brute force!’’

’’Dragon Cry Strike!’’

In a split second, a malevolent dragon appeared out along the Silver Dragon Spear while roaring.

Qin Shi was also unafraid as he said with a cold voice, ’’If even you, a man as stupid as a pig, are able to use a Spirit Tool, you think I, Qin Shi, wouldn't be able? Let me show you what kind of strength the 'Yellow Springs 9 Swords' is able to exhibit through this Blood-Thirsty Sword!’’

’’Yellow Springs 9 Swords!’’

9 sword lights immediately soared across the sky.

’’Elder Brother Shi'tou can use the 'Yellow Springs 9 Swords? Wait, is that the 9th Sword? Quick, take a look, it's the 9th Sword!’’

’’This is really unbelievable - couldn't only Grandpa Qin use it?’’ The Qin Family members were all stupefied. Especially Qin Siyu, she was completely shocked. ’’He really cultivated the 'Yellow Springs 9 Swords' to the natural pure fire stage in just 10 days? How can this be possible?’’


The two martial imitations clashed against each other at this moment.

The strength of the 'Yellow Springs 9 Swords' had increased several times due to the Blood-Thirsty Sword. The sword light turned blood red and collided onto the dragon's body like a wild beast. The two martial imitations contended against each other.

Yang Zi Yun narrowed his eyes as he laughed confidently, ’’The 'Yellows Springs 9 Swords'? One of the so-called three great martial imitations of the Qin Family? Hehe, it's really funny. It's only a 2ndRank, Middle-Grade Martial Imitation and you have the nerve to show it off? My 'Dragon Cry Strike' is a High-Grade Martial Imitation!’’

However, he was stupefied before he could even boast further.

At this time, the 9 sword lights filled with a bloody aura unexpectedly broke through the dragon, defeating it in a single hit. After crushing it under the heel, those sword lights hadn't scattered but rather pounced towards Yang Zi Yun even more excitedly.

’’W-What? My Dragon Cry Strike lost?’’

’’Hehe, you dare to compare with this young master on martial imitations?’’ A confident curve rose at Qin Shi's mouth. He didn't dare to speak about other aspects, but if it was regarding martial imitations, then only a few persons in this entire world were capable of matching him.

With Shu Zhong Yu at his side, there was no marital imitation in this world which he couldn't learn.

- Peng! -

At this time, the 9 sword lights shot towards Yang Zi Yun's body. He anxiously tried to resist the 9 sword lights with his Silver Dragon Spear, but the outcome was completely one sided. Followed by a 'ka-cha' sound, that Silver Dragon Spear directly shattered into small pieces.

’’NO!!’’ Yang Zi Yun despaired as he saw the Silver Dragon Spear breaking apart. Those 9 sword lights hit him fiercely, making him fly like a broken kite as he fell down to the ground.

’’This Blood-Thirsty Sword is really awesome!’’

Qin Shi was really happy as he saw the defeated Yang Zi Yun.

At this moment, Yang Zi Yun crawled up with difficulty. He staggered uneasily as he looked towards Qin Shi with a malevolent expression. He roared out, ’’Qin Shi, you destroyed my Silver Dragon Spear - I'm going to take your life!!’’

Following that, he suddenly raised his hands, spouting out a mouthful of blood essence.

That blood essence gave rise to a huge amount of spiritual power after falling onto his hands. That spiritual power finally congealed into a purple meteor. The spiritual power from the 3m high meteor caused the earth to tremble.

All those present at the scene trembled after sensing the power within that meteor.

Qin Shi was also startled, gulping down. ’’Such a terrifying spiritual power ...’’

’’Hahaha, Qin Shi, let me see how you will resist this mysterious martial imitation of my Cloud Cauldron Sect!’’ Yang Zi Yun controlled the meteor with his hands. That meteor was still getting huger just like the sun in the sky as it ferociously attacked Qin Shi.

’’Purple Star - Setting Sun!’’

In a split second, that meteor started burning and shot across the ground with a thunderous power. It left a deep gorge behind the places it passed as it shot towards Qin Shi.

’’A 3rd Rank Low-Grade Martial Imitation?’’

Shu Zhong Yu said anxiously: ’’Shi'tou, dodge it quickly! You won't be able to handle this move!’’

Qin Shi trembled after hearing Shu Zhong Yu. He unconsciously turned around to dodge it. But, taking a glimpse at the Qin Family disciples standing behind him made him stop his movements.

’’Hehe, why don't you dodge it?’’

’’If you dodge it, the ones who will die are your Qin Family disciples!’’

’’Either you will die or your Qin Family disciples will die. Hahaha, it's really interesting, a really amusing choice!’’ Yang Zi Yun had already anticipated this and laughed malevolently.

’’Yang Zi Yun, you're despicable ...’’

’’Despicable? So what? The victor writes the end and the loser falls from grace.’’ Yang Zi Yun objected as he laughed excitedly, ’’Dodging it will bring rise to infamy and not dodging will take your life. Hahahaha.’’

’’Shi'tou, dodge it quickly! You can take revenge only if you're alive!’’ Seeing Qin Shi's distracted look, Shu Zhong Yu reinforced anxiously, ’’All the Qin Family members will be unable to survive if you die!’’

’’Elder Brother Shi'tou, dodge it quickly! We are not afraid of death!’’

The Qin Family disciples yelled out hurriedly, ’’Save Older Sister Siyu and take revenge for us!’’

At this moment, Qin Siyu's heart was completely empty. All of this had occurred due to her actions. She didn't know that she had started to subconsciously wish for Qin Shi to dodge the attack but she was also unable to accept the Qin Family disciples' tragic death again. She cried and wept silently.

Qin Shi stood motionless amidst the continuous sounds arriving at his ears.

He turned his head silently and looked towards the Qin Family disciples and suddenly laughed.

Lowering his head, he muttered to himself in a low voice, ’’Although I'm not a good person and don't care about possessing the reputation for duplicity or infamy, and although you insulted me a year ago, however...’’

’’However, I, Qin Shi, will definitely protect the things I have decided to protect till the end!’’ Saying this, he raised his hand suddenly and roared towards the incoming purple meteor!


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