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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 98


Chapter 98 - Outer Domain Auction

It took Qin Nan three days to slowly regain his consciousness.

’’Ouch... extreme headache, same as last time.’’

Qin Nan took a deep breath while holding his head, and kept on rubbing it;after the period it took an incense to burn, he finally got used to it.

’’What was that dream? What on earth could that corpse be?’’

Qin Nan found himself lost in countless doubts after he collected his thoughts.

The shock which the corpse gave him was too overwhelming;it felt like the whole Tianfeng Mountain was only the size of a dust particle before the corpse.

However, Qin Nan's thoughts did not linger too long on this;with his current cultivation, it would be impossible to understand the meaning behind the dream. The only thing he was sure of was that there must be some bizarre connections between the corpse and his divine Battle Spirit.

’’Most importantly, I should check if the divine Battle Spirit is any different now.’’

After settling his thoughts, he instantly unleashed the divine Battle Spirit.

Within the ten golden rays, the blurry figure of the divine Battle Spirit appeared with an incredibly imperious aura;besides that, its pair of white-colored eyes gave itself an extraordinary, ancient, mysterious feeling.

After seeing this, Qin Nan was stunned once again.

Had the eyes of the divine Battle Spirit finished evolving?

After receiving the eyes of the divine Battle Spirit previously, Qin Nan figured that with enough consumption of the pills, it was possible to eventually evolve the other parts of the divine Battle Spirit.

However, when Qin Nan saw the eyes of the divine Battle Spirit for the first time now, he could not help but get lost his thought.

’’The eyes of the divine Battle Spirit have completely evolved;does that mean my eyes of the divine Battle Spirit possess a more arcane power now?’’

As the sudden thought came to Qin Nan's mind, he could not wait and executed the eyes of the divine Battle Spirit and looked out from the room.

With a glance, he was left speechless in place.

The forbidding aura which only Martial Emperors could glance through had no effect on him, and he was able to clearly see everything happening in the building.

Many of the inner disciples were chatting while having tea. Some were unleashing their Martial Spirit and cultivating in seclusion. There were also two guys and a girl doing something shameless together.

Qin Nan could see everything very clearly, and with ease.

At the same time, some furious voices could be heard around the building, ’’Who's that? Who's peeking?’’

Upon hearing these voices, Qin Nan immediately withdrew his eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, and his heart began racing.

He was now sure that, his eyes of the divine Battle Spirit had improved;his vision now had the ability to bypass any forbidding aura, able to see everything.

’’With my current eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, if I were to encounter any forbidding auras, formations, or similar mysterious objects, I would be able to discover its secrets and truths with just a glimpse.’’ Qin Nan tried to calm himself down as he thought, ’’With this ability, I'll be cruising down my road of cultivation!’’

After having this thought, Qin Nan inhaled deeply, as he gathered himself together.

He did not continue to consume the Marital Emperor Pills to try and reach the Xuan ranked Martial Spirit. Instead, he rose and headed for the exit.

This was because, after the Trial of Versatility, he had yet to report his arrival at the outer domain. He had spent four days here, thus he must head straight to the outer domain at once.

As for leveling up the divine Battle Spirit, there was plenty of time for that. Qin Nan was not in a rush to do so.

As soon as Qin Nan opened the door, a surprised voice was heard, ’’Young Master Qin Nan?’’

Qin Nan glanced toward the voice, and was surprised to find the person to be Bai Heng.

Bai Heng said immediately, ’’Young Master Qin Nan, I heard from Senior Sister Xiao that you've been cultivating in seclusion here, so I've been waiting. Don't you worry about the outer domain, I've already helped you with all the procedures. You're now a real outer disciple, thus you can go back whenever you want.’’

Qin Nan hesitated for a while, before saying, ’’You've been here all these days?’’

’’Yeah.’’ Bai Heng nodded his head, as he looked around worriedly and said, ’’Not sure what happened to those inner disciples just then. They all yelled furiously as if they were being peeked at;that scared me...’’

Upon hearing this, Qin Nan let out a smile;Bai Heng had no idea that the one peeking them was standing right in front of him.

’’Thanks for your help. Here are one hundred Martial Emperor Pills, take them.’’ Qin Nan held back his unwillingness, as he took the pills out and gave them to Bai Heng.

Although back in Lingshui City, there was some conflict between Qin Nan and Ling Zixiao;however, since then, Bai Heng had been behaving well, plus Qin Nan was still new as an outer disciple, and thus he would need Bai Heng's help to understand everything he needed to know.

’’One hundred Martial Emperor Pills?’’ Bai Heng was shocked, as he quickly waved his hand. Despite that, he was terrified after seeing Qin Nan's glare, and immediately received the pills as his heart filled with joy;he then said, ’’Thank you, Young Master Qin Nan. Feel free to seek for me if you need anything.’’

Qin Nan smiled and said, ’’I'm not sure where the outer domain is, please bring me there.’’

’’You want to go back to the outer domain?’’ Bai Heng was stunned after hearing this.

’’Any problem with that?’’ Qin Nan asked.

’’No, no, nothing. I didn't mean that.’’ Bai Heng instantly waved his hand and said, ’’It's just that I heard there will be an outer domain auction happening at the Treasure Vault. I thought you would be interested, hence why I have been waiting here so I can bring you there. If you want to go back, I'm happy to bring you too.’’

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with a hint of curiousness as he said, ’’Outer domain auction? What's that?’’

’’Yep, it's an auction organized by the Treasure Vault, which is only open to outer disciples;there will be lots of treasures there.’’ Bai Heng glimpsed at Qin Nan's waist as he then said with a timid tone, ’’I initially thought that Young Master Qin Nan was looking for a new saber...’’

After saying this, Bai Heng paused his sentence.

’’Interesting, let's go to this outer domain auction.’’ Qin Nan seemed to be interested. He had always wanted to get a new saber all this time, but he did not have the chance to do so.

After having this thought, Qin Nan could not help but glance at Bai Heng;this Bai Heng did spend some thoughts on me.

Bai Heng was joyful after hearing this as he replied, ’’Sure, I'll bring you there.’’

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