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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 90


Chapter 90 - Scornful Comments

For the remaining time on the Island of Versatility, there were no more mishaps.

Due to the consequences of executing the Heavenly Accumulating Strike, Qin Nan spent the rest of his time recovering.

As for the other disciples, knowing that the results were pretty much set, they all sat down on the ground and cultivated while waiting for the end of the Trial of Versatility.

Time passed gradually;after three days, an enormous formation came into operation on the Island of Versatility, which encapsulated everyone within it.



...Mount Tianfeng, Mystic Spirit Sect...

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

A few gusts of wind could be heard, which appeared to be the five elders in charge of the Trial of Versatility.

Following the arrival of the five elders, numerous presences with Martial Emperor auras approached, who were all inner disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect. The ones leading the crowd were Mo Li and Xiao Qingxue.

They had all gathered here as today was the conclusion of the Trial of Versatility.

As soon as Mo Li arrived at the White Jade Dojo, he could not help but glance at Xiao Qingxue and burst out laughing, ’’Qingxue, I didn't expect you to be here too. Good timing, I've got something to ask you. Do you think Junior Brother Qin Nan was able to survive in this Trial of Versatility?’’

After hearing the words, the beautiful face of Xiao Qingxue turned cold instantly.

Only after the start of the Trial of Versatility was she told that Mo Li and Ling Zixiao had come up with an evil plan to team up with two hundred and twenty disciples and hunt Qin Nan down on the Island of Versatility.

When she heard the news, she was furious, but helpless. As it had already been done, even with her identity as an inner disciple, there was nothing she could do to interfere the Trial of Versatility.

As a result, Xiao Qingxue was worried every day;she even prayed for Qin Nan secretly, hoping that he would not die on the Island of Versatility.

Before Xiao Qingxue could say anything, the white-haired elder leading the other four elders said calmly, ’’Mo Li, such unwise words for the son of an elder. Qin Nan with a mere eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit dared to challenge Ling Zixiao, who is a super genius. There is no way he could survive in this Trial of Versatility. Therefore, your words were a waste of time.’’

The other four elders, and the inner disciples who came to welcome the return of the new disciples, chuckled after hearing this.

They clearly knew what had happened previously at the White Jade Dojo.

In their perspectives, even though Qin Nan possessed an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, since he had offended Ling Zixiao, and was being hunted by two hundred and twenty disciples, there was no chance of survival for him.

Mo Li grinned after hearing the words, ’’Elder Yang, for your information, Junior Brother Qin Nan is the genius Xiao Qingxue discovered. It's reasonable for her to be worried, which is why I asked her that question...’’

After hearing this, the five elders and the inner disciples were startled.

It was evident that, they had no idea that the prideful Qin Nan, who offended Ling Zixiao and roared at the crowd the other day at the White Jade Dojo, was the genius discovered by Xiao Qingxue.

The white-haired elder frowned his eyebrows, before saying in a comforting tone, ’’Qingxue, not only has that Qin Nan prevented Ling Zixiao, a super genius, from entering the Skill Library for the rest of his life, he even dared to roar at the crowd after facing Ling Zixiao's anger. His actions were extremely ruthless and disrespectful;’’Serves him right if he is dead, despite his great talent of possessing an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. Thus, don't you worry about it...’’

The other elders all voiced out to comfort her.

Even though these five elders did not care about Qin Nan at all, they still had to pay attention to Xiao Qingxue.

After hearing the words from the five elders, Xiao Qingxue's straightened her beautiful face, as flames of fury were sparked deep within her attractive eyes.

’’Elders, please keep this useless talk to yourselves.’’ Xiao Qingxue's expression turned cold as she glanced at Mo Li and said calmly, ’’If anything happens to Qin Nan, I'll not let you go so easily!’’

The faces of the five elders turned unsightly hearing the words.

They never expected Xiao Qingxue to snap at them without respect, in favor of the miniscule Qin Nan.

Although they were quite intimidated by Xiao Qingxue's identity, they were still considered inner elders, whom were respected by most of the inner disciples.

Mo Li was not affected by Xiao Qingxue's warning;he turned to the five elders and said, ’’Elders, there's still some time before they return. How about we have a bet? Like if Qin Nan is dead or not?’’

Mo Li's words arrived at the perfect timing for the five elders.

Even though they could not do anything to Xiao Qingxue, it did not mean they were afraid of her.

The white-haired elder let out a smile and glanced at Xiao Qingxue purposely before saying, ’’Sure, I'll have a bet. However, to bet if Qin Nan is dead or not is not interesting at all, as Qin Nan is surely dead by now. Let's bet on the amount of attacks it took to kill him, or the amount of people it took. Now, this is more interesting.’’

The other elders joined the conversation immediately.

’’Interesting;this Qin Nan with a cultivation of fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm and an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, could easily be defeated by ordinary seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivators. Therefore, I'll bet that he was killed in three attacks, by a single person.’’

’’Heh, I don't agree. I would like to bet that he was killed in a single attack by a single person!’’

’’Tsk tsk, if you two think so, I'll bet that he was killed by a group of people.’’


The other inner disciples exchanged glances with each other upon seeing this, but they chose to remain silent.

In the Mystic Spirit Sect, even the inner disciples, were classified into different levels. Their identities were way more insignificant when compared to Mo Li and Xiao Qingxue.

Despite that, while listening to the sarcastic comments of the five elders and Mo Li, they could not help but let out sighs of relief in their hearts. In their opinions, it was unwise for Xiao Qingxue to go against the five elders in favor of the miniscule Qin Nan.

Besides that, with a logical perspective, wasn't Qin Nan guaranteed to be dead?

To offend the five elders and Mo Li just because of a dead man, was not worth it at all.

Xiao Qingxue's body shivered after hearing the words;the flames of anger grew stronger in her heart, but she held them back as now was not the time for her to explode.

However, in the meantime, a calm voice could be heard, ’’Five elders, Junior Brother Mo Li, you guys are really enjoying yourselves here. It seems like you guys have no idea that Qin Nan is my brother;could it be that you guys are disrespecting me by treating him as a joke?’’

Everyone glanced toward the voice, and their faces contorted, including the five elders.

The newcomer was none other than Gong Yang.

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