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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 89


Chapter 89 - Conquering the Scene

As the scene returned to a calm state, the whole place became dead silent.

Everyone stared with their eyes opened wide and utterly shocked expressions on their faces.

Xu Qian, Chu Yun, Xiao Leng, Huang Long, or even other geniuses including Xiao Yunhe, did not expect Qin Nan a mere eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator who they thought would surely die to execute such a terrifying attack;even a super genius like Ling Zixiao was instantly destroyed without any resistance.

Their thoughts were filled with the previous scene, which was like a bomb exploding deep within their souls.

At last, after a long while, a disciple swallowed his saliva and asked the disciple beside him with a weak tone, ’’Tell me now... am I dreaming?’’

Everyone was instantly awakened after hearing this;the silent crowd exploded all of a sudden.

’’I can't believe it Ling Zixiao lost.’’

’’Eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm;he instantly killed a tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm super genius, when his cultivation is only at the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm!’’

’’Tsk, how crazy is this Qin Nan's strength!’’

’’Impossible, unbelievable, it felt like a dream!’’


All the disciples kept on repeating the same words;the shocked expressions on their faces showed no sign of disappearing.

They could not explain it;Why was a super genius like Ling Zixiao so easily defeated, like a tiny ant?

Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, and Huang Long were speechless;they glanced at each other, and could see the excitement and undisguisable shock in their eyes.

They could not believe that a super genius like Ling Zixiao could be defeated by Qin Nan in such a way.

So, what level is Qin Nan's strength considered to be?

Meanwhile, Xu Qian, finally collecting his thoughts and with eyes still filled with astonishment, asked, ’’Qin Nan, the skill you just used, what exactly is it?’’

As a Martial Emperor, Xu Qian would know more about Martial Skills;therefore, he knew the significance behind the blow he just witnessed.

However, according to common sense, how could a Body Tempering Realm cultivator execute such a powerful blow?

After hearing Xu Qian's question, the crowd fell silent, as everyone turned and stared at Qin Nan simultaneously.

Xu Qian had no doubt just asked the same question they had in their minds.

They were very curious;What kind of skill did Qin Nan learn, to possess such an unbelievable strength?

Qin Nan, who was now the focus of the crowd, wore a pale expression;his aura was extremely weak, as if a breeze would cause him to collapse immediately.

This was because the Heavenly Accumulating Strike that Qin Nan had learned was only an incomplete version, which only covered the beginning part of the skill. As a result, Qin Nan was not able to accumulate the force of the Earth and Nature, but instead could only accumulate his own Saber Intent, his might, and his energy;he had to consume all the force within him to unleash such a terrifying force.

If a first-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator were to attack Qin Nan now, he would be defeated with a single attack.

This was the consequence of using the Heavenly Accumulating Strike;he would not be able to recover in a short time.

Qin Nan took a deep breath, and tried his best to stand straight. He did not answer Xu Qian's question. Instead, his gaze fell upon Xiao Yunhe and the other geniuses.

Qin Nan's gaze caused Xiao Yunhe and the other geniuses, who were still immersed in great shock, to shiver and wear frightened looks on their faces.

Qin Nan slowly spoke, ’’Xiao Yunhe, do you still want to kill me?’’

Xiao Yunhe, who stood in front of the crowd, felt like he was being electrocuted by the words, causing his body to tremble. He could not speak a single word.

Qin Nan continued to speak, ’’Duan Muyang, do you still want to kill me?’’

After hearing this, Duan Muyang's face went pale white, and took a few steps backward instinctively.

Qin Nan ignored him, and looked toward the third person, before saying, ’’Wang Chu, how about you?’’

Wang Chu, the sixth rank of the top ten geniuses, instantly shook his head crazily.

Qin Nan glanced at the fourth person and said, ’’Luo Jianhao, do you still want to kill me?’’

Luo Jianhao held his breath and, all of a sudden, he dropped to his knees onto the ground;countless droplets of sweat could be seen on his forehead, as his face was filled with terror.

Qin Nan ignored him, and stared at the over fifty disciples behind the four of them, and said calmly, ’’Honestly, a single attack from any of you would be able to kill me straight away. I'm on the edge of a cliff right now. Therefore, I shall ask you all, do any of you still want to kill me? Don't miss a good chance like this.’’

The crowd of over fifty geniuses remained dead silent;not a budge was seen, not a single sound was made. Everyone's face was as pale as a piece of paper, as if they were greatly injured.

Qin Nan forcefully held his body upward, turned around and looked at the disciples, and pointed with his finger, ’’You, you, you, and you. That guy too, and this guy over here...’’

Qin Nan pointed to more than a hundred people in a row, and said calmly, ’’I still remember, that you all accepted Ling Zixiao's request to hunt me down on the Island of Versatility. Although Ling Zixiao is gone now, I still want to ask, do you guys still want to kill me?’’

These disciples, were utterly stunned hearing these words.

The group of disciples, the four top ten geniuses, and the fifty plus geniuses, were all dumbfounded.

Under ordinary circumstances, they would not be so embarrassed, and so scared to face Qin Nan.

However, they had witnessed everything with their own eyes throughout this journey.

At the Mystic Spirit Sect, Qin Nan had crushed Ling Zixiao with his Martial Skill Talent.

At the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, Qin Nan had broken the record of the Mystic Spirit Sect, and become the first person to achieve a thousand steps with his Martial Heart.

In the battle against Ling Zixiao, with a cultivation base of eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm, and an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, Qin Nan was able to completely destroy Ling Zixiao who had a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, and a cultivation of the tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm with a single blow.

How could they dare to kill someone who continued to make history, and had just killed a super genius?

Even though they knew that Qin Nan was currently in his weakest state, and that it would be easy to defeat him now, they did not dare to move.

This was due to his prestige and majesty.

The prestige and majesty he displayed with his achievement of one thousand steps in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, and with Ling Zixiao's fresh blood.


Qin Nan could not help but burst out laughing after seeing this.

Previously at the White Jade Dojo, he was only a fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator, trash in everyone's eyes, the hunted of over two hundred disciples, the target of a super genius like Ling Zixiao. He had been mocked continuously, and treated like a dead man throughout the journey.


No one dared to talk when he spoke!

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