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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 88


Chapter 88 - Defeating Ling Zixiao

An enormous force was gathered behind Ling Zixiao;the imperious aura from his ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit caused everyone to feel a sudden pressure on their chests, hindering their breathing.

’’Nine-Layered Pagoda Devil Suppressing Melody!’’

In that instant, Ling Zixiao let out a huge cry;the Fiery Flute Martial Spirit behind him shone brightly, emitting flames and melodies continuously.

The flames, filled with murderous intent, gradually formed into a pagoda with nine floors. The endless melody, like resonance of blades, entered the inflamed pagoda and bounced around, which eventually skyrocketed up into the sky together with the rolling flames!

At that instant, a forceful aura was emitted, causing everyone at the scene to twist their faces and inhale deeply.

’’Such a terrifying force, as expected of a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. I'm afraid this force is equivalent to someone who has reached the half-Xiantian state!’’

’’Tsk, I wouldn't stand any chance facing this.’’

’’You? Even someone with a tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivation would be destroyed instantly!’’


Apart from the disciples, Xiao Leng and Chu Yun were utterly stunned too. Even Huang Long straightened his face after seeing this.

The three instinctively held their breaths, and clenched their fists;the forces within their bodies were accumulated, ready to lash out with their strongest attacks!

Meanwhile, with the forceful aura emitted from Ling Zixiao's execution of Nine-Layered Pagoda Devil Suppressing Melody with his Fiery Flute Martial Spirit, even Qin Nan who had reached the Arcane Realm appeared to be miniscule, as if he would be swallowed any time.

The difference between the two's strength was instantly evident.

Xiao Yunhe, Duan Muyang, and the other geniuses who were previously cold-looking, looked excited after seeing this;once again, their gazes at Qin Nan were filled with disdain.

’’HAHAHA, the strongest attack, this is Senior Brother Ling Zixiao's strongest attack. Qin Nan not so smug now, are you!’’

’’Humph, think you're invincible after achieving the Arcane Realm? I do admit that you're strong, but you're still like an ant before Senior Brother Ling Zixiao's attack!’’

’’Hehe, so scornful and full of yourself;I would like to see how prideful you are this time!’’


These geniuses were enlivened, with a feeling of exaltation.

After hearing the words of the geniuses and witnessing the scene before them, the disciples could not help but glance at Qin Nan with pitiful looks.

’’Sigh, Qin Nan is dead for sure this time, such a great talent is to die here.’’

’’Yeah, even Xiao Yunhe is outmatched by his talent.’’

’’If he wasn't so full of himself, even though he is slightly weaker than Ling Zixiao and Huang Long, he could definitely be the first ranked among the top ten geniuses.’’

’’Can't help it. It all came to this as he was too cocky, with no idea of how to conceal himself. It's all his own fault.’’


Unlike those geniuses, these disciples did not mock him. The strength that Qin Nan displayed previously had won their respects. As a result, they felt sorry to see a genius like Qin Nan die here.

Even Xu Qian could not help but shake his head and let out a sigh in his heart after seeing this.

As a Martial Emperor expert, he could easily tell how powerful Ling Zixiao's attack was. With it, Qin Nan was sure to die;even with his Martial Spirit, he wouldn't have a chance of changing the tide of the battle.

’’HAHAHA, Qin Nan, do you see now?’’ Ling Zixiao burst out laughing after hearing the comments from the crowd, ’’Even if your Martial Skill Talent and your Martial Heart surpassed mine, there's still a huge difference between us since the beginning. A super genius with a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit is not someone that you, with merely a eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, could disrespect! Now die!’’

Ling Zixiao seemed like he was using all his might to yell out the last sentence;the floating Nine-Layered Devil Suppressing Melody instantly came crushing down onto Qin Nan.

Everyone's pupils contracted witnessing this, as if a huge mountain was crushing onto a tiny ant!

Despite that, Qin Nan let out a sudden laugh;his laugh was ruthless, and filled with a rich battle intent, ’’Very impressive, this is indeed the strongest attack of a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit! Only your strongest attack is worthy enough to make me excited, to make me use this ability!’’

Qin Nan's whole aura switched together with his laughter, as his finger pointed toward the sky.

’’Heavenly Accumulating Strike!’’

Qin Nan let out a roar, as an arcane absorbing force appeared on the tip of his finger, which gathered all of Qin Nan's saber intent, forming a light dot with the size of a thumb.

’’More, this isn't enough!’’

Qin Nan's hair started to dance around wildly;following his roar, the light dot on the tip of his finger thoroughly gathered his eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivation, his Intent of the Arcane Realm, and all his energy and strength.

Despite that, at this moment, everyone was utterly stunned and stood shocked in spot.

They could tell that the tiny light dot on the tip of Qin Nan's finger continued to emit a terrifying force;even though nothing special had happened yet, the aura it emitted was enough to suppress Ling Zixiao's strongest attack.

The smile on Ling Zixiao's face vanished as he lost his mind and screamed, ’’Impossible! How is this possible? What kind of skill are you using, to be able to suppress my strongest attack like...’’

Before Ling Zixiao could finish his sentence, his face contorted greatly as the sense of death arose from his heart, and his eyes filled with terror.

Under everyone's gaze, the tiny little light dot, was fired.


The moment the light dot was fired, a great force exploded, which turned into an enraged ocean with rolling waves, engulfing Ling Zixiao's figure instantly.

Following it, endless gusts of wind exploded toward all directions like a hurricane, which caused everyone's hair to dance wildly.

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