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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 85


Chapter 85 - Challenging Ling Zixiao

All the disciples knew clearly that the conflict between Ling Zixiao and Qin Nan was irreconcilable.

Especially now that Qin Nan had achieved one thousand steps, defeated Ling Zixiao, and obtained the twenty Blue Dragon Badges this caused Ling Zixiao's hatred toward Qin Nan to deepen even further.

Therefore, the disciples were secretly getting excited, and chatter broke out among them.

’’It seems like Ling Zixiao is going to hurt Qin Nan.’’

’’Hmph, Ling Zixiao already had that sort of intention previously, but he restrained himself as he was focused on getting the twenty Blue Dragon Badges.’’

’’Hehe, if Ling Zixiao did attack him, I'm afraid Qin Nan would be in a bad spot.’’

’’Of course, even though Qin Nan has achieved one thousand steps proving his Martial Heart to be outstanding and placing him in first place in the history of Mystic Spirit Sect it does not necessarily reflect his strength;if Ling Zixiao were to fight him, Qin Nan would surely die.’’

’’I agree with your point, not to mention that Ling Zixiao has assembled over fifty geniuses;no one could survive if they all attacked at the same time.’’


The disciples took turns to express their thoughts.

Despite that, it was quite different compared to previous occasions. They used to look down on Qin Nan, or even had the intention of killing him after being recruited by Ling Zixiao. However, after Qin Nan achieved a thousand steps, the disciples instinctively felt respect toward Qin Nan, not daring to speak any further.

They were only analyzing the situation before them from their own perspectives.

Meanwhile, Ling Zixiao took a big step forward, his gaze locked onto Qin Nan. An incredible sense of hatred could be seen flickering in his eyes as he said, ’’Qin Nan, what a surprise. I really did not expect that apart from your great Martial Skill Talent, even your Martial Heart is able to defeat me. In terms of these two, I have to admit;you are way stronger than I am. However, in the Martial Art world, it's useless to have a great Martial Skill Talent, and a firm Martial Heart, as your cultivation is still trash!’’

After saying this, Xiao Yunhe and the other geniuses behind Ling Zixiao let out evil grins before emitting powerful auras from their bodies.

At that instant, over fifty disciples burst out their auras using their cultivation, which combined into a powerful surge of wind, allowing the crowd to feel a terrifying force being gathered.

At that instant, these disciples all unleashed their murderous intent toward Qin Nan.

Just as Ling Zixiao said, Qin Nan's great Martial Skill Talent and firm Martial Heart was useless at this moment. Besides that, due to the great potential Qin Nan displayed, these geniuses were even more eager to murder him.

If Qin Nan weren't to be slain today, he would become a great threat in the future!

Upon seeing this, Xiao Leng and Chu Yun's expressions changed greatly, and they immediately moved close to Qin Nan without hesitation.

At the same time, Huang Long who was still in a weakened state rose from the ground and said laughingly, ’’Ling Zixiao, I always knew that you were a sore loser. If you wish to fight, then I, your Grandfather Huang Long, shall have some fun with you all.’’

After saying this, Huang Long's aura transformed instantly into a ferocious beast with a human figure the powerful aura caused the crowd to be stunned.

Although in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods Huang Long had lost to Ling Zixiao regarding Martial Heart, and was severely injured, since Huang Long's cultivation had reached the half-Xiantian stage, he still possessed a great threat even despite his injuries.

At this moment, the atmosphere of the scene intensified.

With Huang Long's decision to interfere, even though there were only four people on Qin Nan's side, their combined aura was not in anyway weaker than Ling Zixiao's group.

After seeing this, a cold gaze flickered in Ling Zixiao's eyes, which were already filled with hatred, as he said, ’’Huang Long, you're mismatched against us with your injuries. Are you sure you want to stand on their side? If that's your decision, then I shall send you to hell!’’

The geniuses behind Ling Zixiao gathered their might;they were ready to charge toward their enemies with a single command from Ling Zixiao.

Huang Long glanced at Ling Zixiao before he smiled disdainfully and said, ’’So what if I'm heavily injured? I can still smash you;Ling Zixiao, stop wasting time on nonsense, fight me if you want!’’

The last sentence was almost a roar coming from Huang Long, as nine golden rays flickered behind him along with a huge sword covered in blood that emitted a powerful murderous aura.

Huang Long was indeed being himself hot-tempered. Even though he was suffering a severe injury, he was not afraid to battle.

’’Well, well, well. I shall grant you your death wish!’’

After seeing this, Ling Zixiao burst out a murderous intent, with nine golden rays together along with a fiery flute rising behind him.

The two greatest geniuses among the new disciples had both unleashed their Martial Spirits at this moment, prepared to have a great battle!

Everyone at the scene held their breaths as their heart beated rapidly, with their eyes opened wide.

A battle between two super geniuses involving other geniuses was a rare sight indeed.

Even Xu Qian, who was a Martial Emperor and an inner disciple, held his breath after seeing this, as if he did not want to miss out on any aspect of the battle.

However, at this instant, a calm voice appeared out of nowhere, ’’Guys, can you all listen to me?’’

The owner of the voice was none other than the previously silent Qin Nan.

Qin Nan's words caused the intense atmosphere to pause briefly, as everyone switched their focuses onto Qin Nan.

What does Qin Nan have to say at this stage?

Under everyone's attention, Qin Nan slowly walked forward and stared directly at the enraged Ling Zixiao, before saying calmly, ’’Ling Zixiao, it's always been a personal conflict between us two. There's no need to involve the others right? That being said, I'm not saying this because I'm afraid we're getting overwhelmed by your quantity;I only want to resolve this with my own hands.’’

Everyone was dumbfounded after listening to the words, unable to make any sense of them.

What does Qin Nan mean with his words? Does he want to fight Ling Zixiao alone?

Qin Nan hesitated for a while, before he drew his saber from his waist and his gaze turned sharp, ’’Ling Zixiao, if you're brave enough, accept my challenge of life and death!’’

Qin Nan's tone intensified toward the end of the sentence, which turned into a roar.

With a slash, his saber pointed toward Ling Zixiao with a forceful battle intent!

Despite that, everyone at the scene was completely stunned.

Qin Nan dares to take the initiative to challenge Ling Zixiao?

Is he out of his mind?

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