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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 84


Chapter 84 - Murderous Intent

After seeing the sight before him, Xu Qian lost his mind and screamed, ’’A thousand steps, a thousand steps, someone has actually done it! The step which countless geniuses of the Mystic Spirit Sect failed to achieve, he has done it!’’

At that instant, despite being a Martial Emperor, Xu Qian had completely lost his ground.

It was not really his fault. The sight before him was too shocking.

All the disciples had their mouths opened wide, speechless after hearing the screams.

They previously had kept on mocking Qin Nan, but in the end, not only had the reality given them a great slap on their face, Qin Nan was also the first one in the history of the Mystic Spirit Sect to achieve one thousand steps in the Trials of Versatility.

This caused them to be curious about one thing, How strong was Qin Nan's Martial Heart?

Ling Zixiao, Xiao Yunhe, and the other geniuses were rooted on the spot, with blank expressions on their faces.

Particularly Ling Zixiao, whose mind went totally blank.

After defeating Huang Long, he would not have believed anyone to have a firmer Martial Heart than his.

No to mention that Qin Nan was always insignificant like an ant in Ling Zixiao's eyes.

However, the scene before him was like thunder on a sunny day, which struck Ling Zixiao down from his altar high above.

Not only was Qin Nan's Martial Heart stronger than his, it also defeated all the previous geniuses of the Mystic Spirit Sect perfectly unmatched, placing him at the top.

Meanwhile, in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods where the rare occurrence was taking place, Qin Nan found himself standing at the deepest part of the woods, with a smile on his face.

By achieving a thousand steps, not only had his cultivation improved to the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm and his strength refined, his Martial Heart grew stronger and firmer, stable like a monolith.

’’This Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods is actually used by the sect to train all the new disciples;if one is able to withstand its pressure, it will bring great benefits.’’

Qin Nan exclaimed in his mind, before he stomped his foot on the ground and exited the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods.

As Qin Nan was walking toward the exit, a stunning sight occurred;the rare occurrence of the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods returned to its calm state, as all the bamboo shoots turned alive and created a clear pathway for Qin Nan.

Everyone, with their eyes open wide, glanced at Qin Nan as he walked out from the woods using the pathway at a slow pace.

As Qin Nan came into his sight, Xiao Leng collected his thoughts and blurted out, ’’Brother Nan, did... did... did you actually reach the one thousandth step, the historical achievement?’’

Beside Xiao Leng stood Chu Yun, whose eyes were glistening.

Even though they both had recovered from the shock, it still felt like a dream for them. Did Qin Nan just make history, and defeat Ling Zixiao just like that?

Qin Nan smilingly nodded at the two of them, without saying anything. He then turned around toward Xu Qian as he withdrew the smile on his face and said, ’’Senior Brother Xu Qian, my apologies for letting you down again. I accidentally surpassed Ling Zixiao.’’

After saying this, Qin Nan glanced over the crowd and said in a humble tone, ’’Everyone, I'm so sorry. I accidentally achieved a thousand steps.’’


Everyone at the scene, including Xu Qian, felt like they had just received a great slap to their faces, resulting in a burning sensation.

These two sentences were indeed very painful to hear.

Despite that, no one dared to refute;no one dared to mock him.

Qin Nan had achieved one thousand steps, creating history at this moment. It did not make sense if they could continue to mock him, right?

Furthermore, even after being brought to shame like that, everyone could no longer feel agitated.

It was all their own fault to begin with;if they did not look down on Qin Nan, why would he pay them back by shaming them and giving them a hard slap to the face?

Qin Nan looked at the crowd, without mocking them further;he then said calmly to Xu Qian, ’’Senior Brother, will now be the time for you to declare the results? I remember you said that whoever achieve one thousand steps would receive twenty Blue Dragon Badges, and a great prize from the sect.’’

Hearing the words, everyone halted their breath instantly.

They were previously immersed in the shock of witnessing Qin Nan making history, causing them to forget something important.

Since Qin Nan has achieved a thousand steps, didn't that make him the first in the Trials of Versatility?

Xu Qian hesitated for a moment before taking a deep breath.

Previously, he made the decision to fawn over Ling Zixiao, and treat Qin Nan disdainfully;he had even mocked Qin Nan verbally.

Now that Qin Nan had displayed his incredible Martial Heart, Xu Qian no longer assumed Qin Nan was only trash. It was quite the opposite, as it only took him a short while, before he stepped forward and exclaimed without considering Ling Zixiao's thoughts, ’’According to the rules, Qin Nan who created a historical act today by achieving a thousand steps, is ranked first in this test. He will receive twenty Blue Dragon Badges!’’

After saying this, Xu Qian waved his hand;twenty shiny badges then appeared flying toward Qin Nan.

These were the twenty Blue Dragon Badges as promised.

At this moment, everyone's gaze locked onto the Blue Dragon Badges in Qin Nan's hand. Their breathing instinctively became rapid as flames of lust were ignited deep within them.

These were twenty Blue Dragon Badges. With them, anyone would become the first place in the Trials of Versatility, which comes with great benefits!

’’Junior Brother Qin Nan, as for the prize from the sect, you will need to wait until the results are reported to the elders.’’ Xu Qian said.

’’Thank you, Senior Brother Xu.’’

Qin Nan brought his fists together.

Even though Xu Qian verbally mocked him before, as Qin Nan had already made his payback, plus Xu Qian's attitude toward him had changed, there was no need for Qin Nan to be unforgiving.

However, at this moment, a voice filled with murderous intent exploded all of a sudden, ’’Qin Nan!’’

The origin of the voice was none other than Ling Zixiao.

A completely twisted expression could be seen on Ling Zixiao's face, as his body was covered in an incredible murderous aura;a strong sense of hatred could be seen in his eyes.

At this instant, Ling Zixiao had gone completely mad;he no longer had the fake gentlemanly appearance like before.

This was because, previously at the Skill Library after losing to Qin Nan in the Martial Talent Battle he was forced to leave silently as he was prohibited to enter the Skill Library for the rest of his life. Now, even though he finally succeeded in defeating his biggest opponent, Huang Long, he had lost to Qin Nan once again.

If not for Qin Nan, these twenty Blue Dragon Badges were supposed to be given to him.

If not for Qin Nan, he would be the one in the spotlight!

However, everything was stolen by Qin Nan. How would he not be mad?

Everyone's heart skipped a beat after seeing Ling Zixiao's current expression.

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