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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 820


Chapter 820: 820

Chapter 820 - The Trial Begins

The atmosphere instantly lit up .

“It’s Sorceress Qian Qian! It’s said that she managed to escape after being hunted by a powerful Martial Monarch, and even infiltrated the Two-Starred Faction Skycloud Sect three times without being harmed!”

“I’ve heard that even Martial Monarchs have fallen to her traps!”

“Sage Chen Zilai! It’s Sage Chen Zilai! He was born in a village in the Southern Continent . He managed to alter his destiny and acquire a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit! Once he sat in the rift and read scriptures for ten days straight, inflicting severe damage to a devilized Martial Monarch! Very impressive!”

“Shi Qingfan! It’s Shi Qingfan!”

“According to the rumors, he is the reincarnation of a powerful Martial Monarch from a few thousand years ago, a terrifying genius who has the highest chance of becoming a Martial Monarch!

“He actually came! Unbelievable!”


The crowd entirely lost their ground .

The same went for geniuses like Cui Lixu, Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, and Guan Hu .

Hence to them, or even to the entire Middle Continent, their legends and capabilities left an unerasable mark in the hearts!

“How powerful!”

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with amazement when he saw them .

Even though it was only their clones there, their auras were magnificent . Qin Nan could easily tell that their cultivations were extremely close to achieving the Martial Monarch Realm!

Especially Shi Qingfan .

It was highly possible that he had surpassed the Law-Defying Martial Progenitor Realm .

“You all, since you’re here, say something . ”

The Monarch Envoy spoke in the same tone as before .

“To all cultivators, the trial is about to begin . I wish you all the best in the trial and that you achieve a good ranking . ” Sorcerer Qian Qian blinked her eyes and said, “Even if you fail to achieve satisfying results, don’t be too disappointed . Life is full of countless opportunities . ”

“Lay down the Butcher’s knife and become a Buddha on the spot . It’s not just talking about kindness and evil, but describing the path of cultivation too . Let go of the stubborn desires in your heart and take a look at the sky . You will find yourself free . Amitabha!”

Chen Zilai spread out his arms before holding his hands together again while speaking his advice .

Shi Qingfan remained silent as his deep-looking eyes scanned the crowd .

“That’s it . ”

The Monarch Envoy waved its hand . Before the crowd could react, the three formations in the sky crumbled, causing the three figures to disappear .

The dojo retained its quietness .

However, the crowd could no longer feel calm . They were incredibly high-spirited .

“Top three on the Monarch Ranking! That’s the position I dream of reaching! One day, I shall come top three on the Monarch Ranking too!” Cui Lixu clenched his fists as his eyes displayed a passionate look .

“The Monarch Ranking Trial begins begins now . ” The Monarch Envoy glanced at the crowd and calmly said, “All participants should sit down with their legs crossed . The spirit of the Monarch Ranking will be here soon . Please wait patiently, and remain silent . ”

It felt like the words were enchanted with some kind of magic .

Despite the excitement of the crowd, everyone immediately withdrew their thoughts and took deep breaths, before sitting down on the ground .


Qin Nan exhaled deeply as he cleared his thoughts, before sitting down with his legs crossed .

Following this, the entire Touring Dojo was immersed in a dead silence . Every genius breathed calmly as they waited patiently .

However, little did the crowd know . . .

. . . At a desolate place in the Middle Continent . . .

“Shi Qingfan, weren’t you able to find the rare one just then?” Sorcerer Qian Qian wore a stern look instead of her previous playful expression, as she asked the question through the badge in her hand .

“No . ”

The badge responded with Shi Qingfan’s calm voice, “I’ve already inspected Cui Lixu, Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, and the others;they won’t even come in the top two hundred without altering their destinies, let alone be considered the rare one . ”

“That’s strange . ” A hint of worry appeared on Sorcerer Qian Qian’s attractive face, “The spirit of the Monarch Ranking mentioned that the rare one has appeared, thus appeared, thus there would be some significant changes to the Monarch Horoscopes . If we can’t find the rare one now, will we still have the chance in the future?”

“Amitabha, just wait . No matter who he is, just preserve your heart . ”

Sage Chen Zilai’s voice appeared from the badge .

“Preserve my heart?” Sorcerer Qian Qian snapped, “Bald donkey, this is related to your Monarch Horoscope, how could you still preserve your heart?”

This time, Chen Zilai’s voice did not respond .

“Just wait . ”

Shi Qingfan calmly spoke, “Since the spirit of the Monarch Ranking has told us about the rare one, I believe it would arrange for us to meet . It’s just a matter of time . As for the Monarch Horoscopes, it all comes down to our capabilities . Otherwise, what do you suppose we should do instead?”

“You’re right . ”

Sorcerer Qian Qian raised her head and stared into the sky, before her figure vanished with a kick .

. . . Meanwhile, at the Touring Dojo . . .

Qin Nan suddenly felt his figure lightening, as if a magical force had encapsulated his figure and brought him to a mysterious place .

“Did the trial start?”

A thought flashed across Qin Nan’s mind .

“Qin Nan, you can open your eyes now . ” A gentle voice could be heard .

Qin Nan’s figure shuddered as his eyes sprang open . He was astounded when he saw the scenery saw the scenery before him .

He was no longer at the Touring Dojo . It was some woods on a mountain . For some reason, the place felt incredibly familiar to Qin Nan, as if he had been there before .

“So you’re the spirit of the Monarch Ranking?”

Qin Nan shook his head and glanced forward . An old white-haired man was sitting above a boulder with a gentle look, causing everyone to feel close and dear to it subconsciously .

Even Qin Nan was affected by its aura .

“Yes, that’s correct . ” The old white-haired man said smilingly, “You’re an interesting lad, therefore I’ve decided to alter the sequence of the trial for you . ”

“The sequence of the trial?”

Qin Nan was startled .

“For other people, I test their Martial Spirit and strength, before testing their destiny . ” The old white-haired man said, “But you're different, so I’ll be testing your destiny first . ”


Qin Nan was stunned . He did not expect this to happen .

“So be it . ”

Qin Nan soon calmed his thoughts;tt did not really matter to him .

“So, let’s begin the trial . ” The old white-haired man’s eyes flickered as his tone softened, “Isn’t this place familiar to you? Recall your past, when you were around ten years old . ”

Hearing this, Qin Nan’s figure shuddered .

Wasn’t this place the Longhu Mountain Range?

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