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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 82


Chapter 82 - Countless Slaps to the Face

In the midst of the mocking comments, Qin Nan's figure gradually vanished into the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods.

At that instant, the voices of the crowd disappeared;everyone turned quiet, their eyes fully focused on Qin Nan's back.

At the same time, Qin Nan was no longer walking slowly;like Huang Long and Ling Zixiao, he turned into a ferocious beast dashing forward amongst the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods at an incredible speed.

One hundred steps!

Two hundred steps!

Three hundred steps!

In just a short period, Qin Nan had advanced three hundred steps.

Upon seeing this, the disciples were astonished;at this rate, didn't it mean that Qin Nan would achieve quite a significant distance?

At last, as Qin Nan reached the three hundred and ninety-ninth step, his movement came to a sudden stop, as if he had reached a barrier before him, unable to lash out another step.

Xiao Yunhe, Duan Muyang, Wang Chu and Luo Jianhao let out sighs of relief after seeing this. Previously, after seeing Qin Nan advancing forward with ease, they were quite worried that Qin Nan would beat them easily.

After collected their thoughts, the four broke the silence by saying in a mocking tone, ’’Hmph, looks like we all have underestimated this trash. It's reasonable for this trash to reach the three hundred and ninety-ninth steps with his eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. However, it seems like that will be his limit.’’

The scornful comments from the geniuses awakened the disciples from their shock.

They all let out sighs of relief, before their faces were filled with scornful expressions.

With only a result of three hundred and ninety-nine steps, why would this Qin Nan be so daring to challenge Senior Brother Ling Zixiao?

Despite that, in the next moment, Qin Nan began to move again.

His figure advanced forward with the same pace, like a ferocious beast dashing forward in the woods, as if the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods had no effect on him.

In a blink of an eye, Qin nan achieved four hundred steps.

After three breaths' time, Qin Nan reached the five hundredth step.

After six breaths' time, Qin Nan had advanced forward six hundred steps. The same as previously, his figure came to a halt.

Every disciple, including Xiao Yunhe's crew and the other geniuses froze upon seeing this. The disdainful expressions on their faces had stiffened, as a great astonishment could be seen in their eyes.

Although six hundred steps were nowhere close to Huang Long and Ling Zixiao's results, Qin Nan had surpassed Xiao Yunhe and became the third on the ranking.

But, how could trash like Qin Nan achieve six hundred steps?

Under everyone's astonishment, Qin Nan's voice was heard, ’’Oops, For Xiao Yunhe, Duan Muyang, Wang Chu, Luo Jianhao, and those who thought I could only achieve one hundred fifty steps, I'm so sorry. I have definitely let you guys down, as I somehow reached the six-hundredth step without noticing.’’

The whole crowd fell into silence after hearing this.

For Xiao Yunhe, Duan Muyang, Wang Chu, Luo Jianhao, the geniuses, and the disciples at the scene, Qin Nan's words were like a powerful slap to their faces, causing their faces to burn in pain.

Didn't you say Qin Nan could only reach the one hundred and fiftieth step?

Didn't you say Qin Nan could only achieve three hundred and ninety-nine steps?

I'm sorry, I somehow reached the sixth hundredth step without noticing!

’’You...’’ Xiao Yunhe and his crew twisted their faces incredibly, as they were consumed by flames of anger. They had no idea how to refute him. After taking a deep breath, and with a dull expression, Xiao Yunhe let out a hollow laugh, ’’Qin Nan, so what if you've reached the six-hundredth step? Even if your Martial Heart is stronger than ours, do you think that you can beat Senior Brother Ling Zixiao's? In my opinion, you could only achieve at most seven hundred steps!’’

Xiao Yunhe's words caused the disciples to collect their thoughts and clench their teeth.

’’Right, seven hundred steps will be your limit. If you don't agree, then try achieving eight hundred steps!’’

’’Humph, so what if you've reached the seven-hundredth step, you're unworthy before Senior Brother Ling Zixiao, you're still trash!’’

’’That's right, what rights does trash have to be so cocky here?’’


At this moment, even Xu Qian, who was managing the test, eventually said, ’’Qin Nan, being able to achieve six hundred steps or even seven hundred steps you're considered a top genius among the disciples here. However, you're too full of yourself, to think you're able to defeat Junior Brother Ling Zixiao? I'm telling you, even after cultivating for a hundred years, you have no chance...’’

Before Xu Qian could finish talking, a shocking sight occurred before them.

Qin Nan's figure started moving forward again with increasing speed, and steady steps!

Six hundred and fifty steps!

Seven hundred steps!

Seven hundred and fifty steps!

Eight hundred steps!

After reaching the eight-hundredth step, Qin Nan's figure came to a stop, and his voice was heard once again, ’’Guys, I'm really sorry. I've disappointed you all again. I've just reached the eight-hundredth step without being careful.’’

At that instant, everyone's expressions changed slightly.

They never expected Qin Nan to have such a firm Martial Heart, to have the ability to reach the eight-hundredth step.

Xu Qian, Xiao Yunhe, Duan Muyang, Wang Chu, Luo Jianhao, the geniuses, and all the disciples felt like Qin Nan's words were continuous slaps to their faces. A slap to their left, and another one to their right;they could even hear the noise of the impact in their thoughts!

It felt like their faces were swollen from the endless slaps!

The first time they mocked Qin Nan, they received a slap to their faces. The second time when they mocked Qin Nan again, they received another merciless slap to their faces.

At this moment, Ling Zixiao ran out of patience, as he said in a cold tone, with a twisted expression, ’’Don't worry guys, it's only eight hundred steps. After proceeding eight hundred steps in this Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, the difficulty increases dramatically. I reckon he could only reach eight hundred and twenty steps at most. As for surpassing my result, it would only happen in his dream...’’

Before Ling Zixiao could finish his sentence, his face became extremely contorted all of a sudden.

Once again, Qin Nan's unstoppable figure dashed forward rapidly among the bamboo woods.

Eight hundred and twenty steps!

Eight hundred and forty steps!

Eight hundred and sixty steps!

In just a short period, Qin Nan had advanced eight hundred and ninety-nine steps, which was on par with Huang Long's result. He was only a step away from reaching Ling Zixiao's nine hundred steps.

This time, Qin Nan was not only slapping their faces, he was also slapping Ling Zixiao's!

At the same time, Xu Qian, Xiao Yunhe, Duan Muyang, Wang Chu, Luo Jianhao, the geniuses and all the disciples, had their eyes opened wide in astonishment.

The sight before them was too shocking, as if they had just been struck directly by rays of thunder.

How is this possible?

How could Qin Nan reach the eight hundred and ninety-ninth step?

Once again, Qin Nan's calm voice was heard, ’’So, what do you guys say? Can I reach the nine hundredth step? Or even beyond nine hundred steps?’’

At that instant, the whole place fell silent;no one dared to answer the questions.

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