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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 819


Chapter 819: 819

Chapter 819 - Top Three On the Monarch Ranking

Qin Nan knew that was how he would be treated in the Canglan Continent .

Furthermore, the cultivators around him would have at least a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, while the most talented ones would have fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits . If it weren’t due to Qin Nan’s identity, his talent would not be able to grab any attention .

Therefore, rather than focusing on the crowd’s reaction, he was more interested in the upcoming trial .

As he thought, the crowd soon directed their focus toward the Monarch Ranking Trial instead .

“The trial is about to begin… . ”

Qin Nan scanned the crowd once again . There were almost one thousand geniuses on the Touring Dojo .

A rare sight suddenly took place .

The initial blue glow emitted by the Touring Dojo shuddered violently and turned into a golden glow .

The crowd was astounded, causing them to raise their heads .

The space above the dojo was twisted, as an extraordinary figure in white had appeared . It swayed wildly like a flame, while its figure constantly switched between that of a beast figure and a human figure .

“The Monarch Envoy!”

“It’s the Monarch Envoy!”

“I’ve always heard seniors discussing it, so this is what it really looks like!”


The geniuses blurted out in the midst of their astonishment .

The Monarch Envoy was an entity representing the Monarch Ranking, who was in charge of the Monarch Ranking Trial . Many had heard of its existence before, but it was their first time seeing it in person .

“As expected of the Monarch Ranking, even its envoy is so fascinating . ”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment .

He tried to inspect the envoy with his left eye, but a shocking purple glow was stopping him from taking a peek .

“Allow me to introduce myself . I’m the Monarch Envoy, who will be in charge of the Monarch Ranking Trial . ”

The extraordinary figure spoke slowly with a piercing voice, which possessed some sort of power, causing the entire place to quieten down, “Most of you might be aware of the rules already, but I do have the responsibility to go over them again . This trial will be focusing on your Martial Spirit, strength, and destiny, in order to determine your placement on the Monarch Ranking . ”


Qin Nan frowned .

How was the Monarch Ranking going to test their immeasurable destinies?

“In other words, even if you were only a second-grade Tian ranked genius, your ranking might surpass those who possess a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit . ” The Monarch Envoy explained, “Of course, it’s very rare to see that happening . ”

The crowd nodded .

Although it seemed like anyone might have a chance to acquire an outstanding ranking, but how could one’s destiny possibly be outstanding without a powerful Martial Spirit and overwhelming strength?

Even if it were possible, there would only be a scarce number of them .


Qin Nan’s eyes flickered . Based on that, was it possible for his first-grade Tian ranked divine Battle Spirit to surpass surpass Cui Lixu’s potential?

This Monarch Ranking Trial was getting quite interesting .

“That’s all for the rules . Let’s talk about the rewards . ”

The Monarch Envoy’s tone remained the same throughout its speech, “The rewards are the same as the previous years . Those within the two thousand ranks will be given a certain amount of Monarch Crystals . Those within the one thousand ranks will be given maps, manuals, or Martial Arts or Skills . Those within five hundred receive tremendous benefits . ”

The words did not bring any excitement to the crowd .

The same as always, the Monarch Ranking had never been clear with the rewards, as they were all randomized . Someone could be given a map that recorded the location of a fortunate encounter that dramatically altered their destiny . Meanwhile, some were given worthless treasures . It all came down to their own luck .

Besides, it was extremely difficult to be ranked in the top two thousand, one thousand, or five hundred .

The ranking on the Monarch Ranking would change every month .

For example, the geniuses who were killed or lost their cultivations would eventually be erased from the Monarch Ranking no matter how high they were ranked . Meanwhile, the low-ranked geniuses who managed to significantly improve their cultivations through fortunate encounters would have their rankings rise tremendously too .

Therefore, those who were ranked in the top three thousand on the Monarch Ranking were definitely experts with impressive capabilities .

The eyes of Cui Lixu, Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, Guan Hu, Yu Bing, Yu Bing, Yu Xue, and the rest of the geniuses glittered with great anticipation .

Especially Cui Lixu, whose will was sharp like a saber being drawn out from its sheath .

Among the participants here, his talent was considered the best!

Therefore, he aimed to come first in the trial, placing him in the top five hundred on the Monarch Ranking to make his reputation widely known . If he managed to get some benefits from the rewards, that would be even better .

He was intimidated when he first saw Qin Nan, as he was worried that he would turn out to be a great hassle . As such, he was willing to pay a huge price to investigate his background .

“Before we get to the trial, I do have something to announce . ”

The Monarch Envoy suddenly spoke, “Due to some unseen circumstances, the trial this time is taking place earlier . As a way to compensate for that, there will be some changes . In order to celebrate the start of the trial, I’ve summoned the clones of the top three geniuses on the Monarch Ranking to wish you all the best in the trial . ”

The words were equivalent to a shocking explosion .

The crowd was left completely speechless .

Top three geniuses on the Monarch Ranking!

The people that only existed in legends!

The cultivations of people like them were extremely close to ranking up, and had the highest hope of becoming Martial Monarchs too . They were only waiting for the Monarch Horoscope Contest to take place! Besides, there were quite a number of a number of fifth-grade Tian ranked geniuses on the Monarch Ranking, but the fact that these three could firmly stand at the top indicated how outstanding their strengths were .

They were considered geniuses among the geniuses!

Everyone, including Cui Lixu, had only heard their names before . They never had a chance to meet them in person .


Qin Nan’s eyes glistened . What kind of people would the top three on the Monarch Ranking be?

Following this . . .


Three ancient formations appeared on the dojo, from which three figures stepped out . An overwhelming pressure immediately swept the place like a surging tide .

The top three geniuses on the Monarch Ranking had arrived!

“Keke, look at these people, it’s more than the total participants we had back in the day . ” A pleasant giggle filled the place, as a teenage girl wearing a demonic-runed golden robe appeared before the crowd .

The third-ranked genius on the Monarch Ranking, Sorceress Qian Qian .

“Excellent, excellent . ”

A bald young man with his hands held together with golden glows being emitted from his back appeared .

The second-ranked genius on the Monarch Ranking, Sage Chen Zilai .

The last person was a young man with a normal appearance wearing a blue robe . There was nothing worth noticing about him, but his eyes had a deep look, as if they were able to contain the entire world within them .

The top genius on the Monarch Ranking, Shi Qingfan .

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