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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 817


Chapter 817: 817

Chapter 817 - The Entry of Formidable Foes

“These two humans are most likely very strong!”

“Of course, the Dragon Emperor Clan had not recruited human disciples for thousands of years . If they were able to make it through, the ranks of their Martial Spirits must be at least fourth-grade Tian ranked, or even fifth-grade Tian ranked!”

“So many geniuses!”


Qin Nan and Mu Mu had instantly entered the limelight of the crowd .

The main reason was that many of the human geniuses had tried to join the Dragon Emperor Clan, but none of them had made it . Therefore, they subconsciously assumed Qin Nan and Mu Mu to have extraordinary talents, since they were accepted by the Dragon Emperor Clan .

Xuan Yue twisted his lips . Powerful my ass, they only made it because of their relationship with the chief!

Mu Mu’s face blushed when she heard the comments . However, her embarrassed expression was quite cute, thus causing the eyes of many geniuses to glisten .

Qin Nan wore a calm expression as he secretly scanned the crowd with his left eye .

“Impressive, very impressive . ”

Qin Nan exclaimed in his heart .

He had seen twenty geniuses with third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits, seventy-six geniuses with second-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits, and two geniuses with fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits, comparable to Bai Xingyang and Xuan Yue, and most likely from some Two-Starred Faction as well .

On top of that, every genius had quite a powerful cultivation, with various immeasurable auras .

“Not everyone has arrived yet, but their strength is already this impressive . How many geniuses will I find later?” Qin Nan murmured .

As if to prove his assumption, countless figures began to appear above the dojo all of a sudden . The young man leading them had a cold expression and formidable aura, which immediately attracted the attention of the crowd .

“It’s the Chaos Sect!”

“The genius that the Chaos Sect recruited this year is called Guan Hu;he possesses a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit! It was said that he fought against a first-layer Martial Progenitor with his cultivation of Law-Defying Martial Sacred Realm, and it ended in a draw!”

An uproar took place among the crowd .

Even Xuan Yue and Bai Xingyang, who were standing beside Qin Nan, began to inspect him .

He will be a worthy opponent!

“Chaos Sect?”

Qin Nan was surprised, as he took a closer look at Guan Hu . He could still recall that the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor whom he had slain at the Wuliang Mountain was one from the Chaos Sect . Mu Mu almost ended up as a new disciple of the Chaos Sect, too .

Meanwhile, following a huge explosion, another group of cultivators landed at the dojo with terrifying auras .

Their presence was comparable to that of the Chaos Sect!

“It’s the people of the Heartless Sect!”

“Those two are the geniuses that the Heartless Sect had just recruited, whose names are Yu Xue and Yu Bing, each with a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit! They are actual sisters, which allows them to execute a forbidden technique to merge their cultivations into one!”

The atmosphere of the place fired up gradually . .

Both the Chaos Sect and Heartless Sect were famous Two-Starred Factions with impressive rankings .

Not long after, other groups of formidable auras arrived at the place like a raging storm .

The disciples of various Two-Starred Factions arrived simultaneously as if they had all agreed to come at the same time .

As a result, the crowd on the dojo grew rapidly, with many powerful geniuses joining in, causing the place to become lively!

“These people are from the Wuji Alliance, but I heard that their best disciple only possesses a second-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit . It seems like the Wuji Alliance is experiencing a decline in their strength!”

“Look at those people from the Sword Principle Sect . Their auras are incredibly powerful . Their top genius, the Sword Addict, also has a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit . Besides, it was said that his Martial Spirit was once a half-Martial Monarch existence . ”

“Look! That guy was known as the third-ranked genius of the North Continent, who came to the Middle Continent and altered his destiny . He now has a third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!”

“Those people are from the Righteous Sect!”

“The people of the Distinct Drift Sect have arrived too!”


All sorts of noises could be heard as the crowd blurted out the names of the factions .

Qin Nan stood on the dojo while glancing at the arriving geniuses . His boiling blood had begun to freeze .

In just a short period of time, at least over ten Two-Starred Factions and several Three-Starred Factions had arrived, causing the number of the crowd to increase to increase to eight hundred!

“Thirteen geniuses with fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath .

Including Xuan Yue and Bai Xingyang, there were at least fifteen geniuses with fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits .

Meanwhile, he had lost count of the geniuses with second-grade or third-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits .

Even Xuan Yue and Bai Xingyang began to show stern looks .

Although the Dragon Emperor Clan was considered the strongest Two-Starred Faction, it did not mean that the other Two-Starred Factions were significantly weaker . They all had Martial Monarchs guarding them . Most importantly, the Martial Spirits of their geniuses were comparable to theirs too .

. . . Meanwhile . . .

The geniuses exchanged greetings with one another on the lively dojo .

Regardless of their strengths, the geniuses secretly executed their methods checking their surroundings and inspecting the cultivations of one another .

Although Qin Nan and Mu Mu were the first human disciples that the Dragon Emperor Clan had recruited within the past thousands of years, their presence had slowly become insignificant, and they were totally forgotten by the crowd .

All of a sudden, five figures appeared above the dojo .

Icy saber intents swept the place like a storm, causing the crowd’s faces to stiffen as they raised their heads .

“Heaven-Saber Sect!”

“The Heaven-Saber Sect is here!”

Gasp, is the one standing at the front the legendary Cui Lixu who has a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit?”


Voices filled with astonishment were heard .

A fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

These few words caused the entire caused the entire crowd to lose their minds .

At that instant, Bai Xingyang, Xuan Yue, Guan Hu, Yu Xue, Yu Bing, and the Sword Addict who were all fourth-grade Tian ranked geniuses of various Two-Starred Factions began to wear stern looks on their faces as if they had met their greatest foe .

“A fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit?”

Qin Nan immediately took a closer look .

As everyone knew, apart from the three factions of the half-God region, a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit was considered the most powerful presence among the Two-Starred and Three-Starred Factions! Even on the Monarch Ranking, there were less than thirty people with a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit in the entire Middle Continent!

The one leading the disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect was a white-robed young man .

The eyes of the white-robed young man were eerily black in color, and he carried a mysterious ancient saber on his back . A faint smile could be seen on his face, which was filled with a natural hint of pride and caught the attention of the crowd .

The pride was not a result of his achievements, but something that he was naturally born with .

An extraordinary talent that could disdainfully look down at the Middle Continent!


The white-robed young man’s eyes slowly scanned the crowd and skipped past Guan Hu, Yu Bing, Yu Xue and the others . However, when his gaze found the people of the Dragon Emperor Clan, he raised his eyebrows upon seeing Qin Nan and Mu Mu among the beasts, while his eyes became filled with astonishment .

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