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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 816


Chapter 816: 816

Chapter 816 - Gathering of the Geniuses

“Everyone, follow tight!”

Elder Yin yelled as his figure transformed into a giant bird with two wings covered in thunderous fire . The wings tore the rift open, resulting in ferocious gusts of wind, which increased their speed rapidly .

It appeared that he was planning to train the disciples along the journey .


Xuan Yue was excited and cast a challenging glance at Bai Xingyang, before his figure emitted a blinding silver glow and transformed into a five-zhang tall ferocious-looking beast with silver hair . It reached out its limbs and followed Elder Yin at a rapid pace .


Bai Xingyang’s eyes became colder as he unleashed his dragon might . His figure exploded into a twenty-zhang long beast, covered in crimson scales—it looked as if an enormous sun were lighting up the rift .

The two beasts chased after one another at shocking speed, producing a magnificent impact .

This caused a lot of trouble for the beasts behind them .

Due to the presence of the three imperious beasts, the rest of the disciples gradually slowed down .

“Not bad, this is quite interesting!”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened seeing this . If he were to ride the Red Dragon or the Skyhowl Wolf and arrive at the destination under the gaze of thousands of geniuses, how fascinating would that be?

He could feel his heart itching upon having this thought .

“Screw it, I’ll focus on the trial for now before I think about getting myself a mount!”

Qin Nan shook his head as his gaze became calm . The Sacred force and the force of the divine God of Battle were unleashed from his body .


It felt like a ferocious beast had been awakened within the rift .

The crowd of beasts was given a great scare . As they raised their heads, they could only see Qin Nan’s figure dashing forward like a godly saber being drawn out from its sheath . Before they could react, he had overtaken the Red Dragon and Skyhowl Wolf and caught up to Elder Yin .

“Such a terrifying speed! Such a tremendous cultivation!”

Elder Yin, Bai Xingyang, Xuan Yue, and the other beasts were astounded .

It was the first time they had witnessed Qin Nan’s strength, and they all realized that they had underestimated him!

Time gradually passed .

Similar to Elder Yin’s crew, the elders from different factions led their disciples as they made their way to the Touring Dojo .

Three days later!

“We’re here!”

Elder Lin shouted as his figure halted and transformed back into human form, before stepping out from the rift .

Qin Nan withdrew his aura too .

After utilizing his strength for the past three days endlessly in the rift, his aura was significantly refined . He was now able to fully unleash his strength with every single move .

On the other hand, Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, and the rest of the beasts tried their best to chase after Qin Nan after being motivated by his outstanding cultivation, allowing their cultivations to improve too .

Every action, including drinking and eating, could also contribute to their cultivations .



Upon exiting the rift, Qin Nan immediately realized that they had arrived at a desert .

The desert was covered in sandstorms, which felt like the rumbling roars of demons . However, within the desert was an ancient dojo floating in the air . It was emitting a faint blue glow, which served as a guidance to the people .

“Such a marvelous dojo!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment .

He took a glimpse with his left eye, but failed to peek through its secrets .

Normally, dojos were used as a place of gathering for disciples, but this Touring Dojo turned out to be a rare artifact .

“Some of you might not know, thus I should do some explanation . This is the Touring Dojo!” Elder Lin glanced at the crowd and spoke, “This dojo is nothing ordinary . It was said that it belonged to the Monarch Ranking . Those who are planning to enter the dojo must at least possess a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, and must have never participated in the trial before . As such, I won’t be able to enter the dojo . Bai Xingyang, take over my role and lead them to the dojo…”

Elder Lin secretly glimpsed at Qin Nan .

“Remember, no violence is allowed at the dojo . Otherwise, you will be disqualified!”

Elder Lin added .


Under Xuan Yue’s gloomy gaze, Bai Xingyang stepped forward and led the disciples to the dojo with his true appearance of the Red Dragon .

Some other factions similar to the Dragon Emperor Clan had already arrived—their disciples were at were at the dojo while their elders waited outside .

As soon as Qin Nan and the others landed, they were instantly scanned by countless divine Senses .

“Humph!” Elder Lin standing in the desert wore a cold expression, “Do you seriously want to boldly scan my disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan like that?”

Following the roar, the divine Senses from various directions immediately halted and dispersed .

They could not help but be wary of the power of the Dragon Emperor Clan .

Under Bai Xingyang’s lead, Qin Nan and the others approached the Touring Dojo .

The entire dojo covered an area with a circumference of eight thousand zhang . It was encapsulated within a light barrier, which prevented people from peeking into it despite having powerful eye-techniques .

“Follow me!”

Bai Xingyang uttered a yell before his eyes locked onto a vortex on the barrier . His figure disappeared into it with a step .

Qin Nan and the others followed .


Qin Nan could only feel his body turning light, before his figure was inspected by countless divine Senses that felt like rays of lightning .

Qin Nan glanced downward and felt his scalp become numb .

The dojo was already crowded with people . With a rough glance, there were at least over four hundred cultivators . Among them, some were bulky and enormous like giants, some were wearing black robes, covering their faces, some had fiery appearances as if they were being engulfed in flames . Others had mysterious auras like poisonous serpents hiding in the dark .

Every cultivator had their unique style! their unique style! The geniuses of the Middle Continent had all gathered here!

Each one of them should not be underestimated!

“How exciting!”

Qin Nan could feel his blood boiling .

It had been a while since he had been involved in such a grand occasion!

“It’s the Dragon Emperor Clan!”

Tsk tsk, the formation of the Dragon Emperor Clan is quite impressive!”

“The one leading is Bai Xingyang, who possesses the bloodline of the Red Dragon . His talent is equivalent to a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!”

“And that’s the Skyhowl Wolf Xuan Yue! His talent is on par with Bai Xingyang’s too!”

A few uproars took place as the crowd glanced at Bai Xingyang’s crew .

Although they had joined the other factions, they were quite familiar with the disciples that the Dragon Emperor Clan had just recruited!

“Mm? Is he the human disciple that the Dragon Emperor Clan recruited? Why are there two humans?”

A curious voice said .

The crowd immediately focused their attention onto Qin Nan’s figure .

They were intrigued when they heard of Qin Nan’s name a while ago . They were interested in witnessing the capabilities of the human disciple that the Dragon Emperor Clan was willing to break their rules to recruit .

“It’s him…”

Among the crowd, a black-robed cultivator murmured . The face under the robe was attractive and glamorous, but was lacking the sense of life .

She reached out her hand and pulled her robe downward while withdrawing her aura . She could not allow Qin Nan to see her appearance right now .

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