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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 813


Chapter 813: 813

Chapter 813 - Six-Spirited Dragon Vein

The battle intent in the woods slowly dispersed .

Qin Nan finally calmed his emotions .

“Shattering the South-Heaven Gate is my priority here at the Middle Continent, but I’m currently still an insignificant person…” Qin Nan analyzed and mumbled, “Even though I should focus on finding ways to improve the divine Battle Spirit’s rank, then my cultivation…”

That being said, Qin Nan clearly understood .

He would need to rely on his luck to find the way to improve the divine Battle Spirit’s rank, which would happen when the time came .

Therefore, it was better for him to spend his time on his cultivation for now .

“Speaking of cultivation, it seems like the mysterious areas that the Cultivation Hall provides are quite useful and beneficial if I were to cultivate there . However, it’s certainly not as good as the thing inside the mountain…”

Qin Nan’s left eye flickered as he glanced downward .

The thing inside the mountain was most likely a dragon vein, supporting the entire mountain .

“With my strength of the second-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, maybe I won’t need to be afraid . ”

Qin Nan pondered for a moment, before he immediately dashed into the mountain without hesitation .

Meanwhile, at the Demonic Force Chamber in the Cultivation Hall . . .

“This guy . ”

Xuan Yue’s eyes suddenly sprang open with disdain, “Does he really think the dragon vein inside the mountain is an ordinary one? If so, why would I be cultivating here instead? Humph, that thing will probably teach him a lesson . ”

Saying this, he shut his eyes once again .

. . . Meanwhile, inside the mountain . . .

As soon as Qin Nan entered, he could sense an abundant presence of Qi surrounding him .

Furthermore, the Qi was quite extraordinary, as it contained six different sources of will .

“This is…”

Qin Nan was startled upon taking a glimpse .

He could see a hundred zhang long enormous dragon resting before him with a terrifying aura .

Unlike other dragon veins, this one had six dragon heads, each with an illusionary appearance .

“Could this be the legendary Six-Spirited Dragon Vein?”

Qin Nan immediately collected his thoughts .

Dragon veins were rare natural products of the Heavens and Earth, and they were classified into various categories .

This particular Six-Spirited Dragon Vein was extremely rare and valuable . Not only did it have an endless supply of Qi, it also contained the Will of Six Dragons, which would provide incredible benefits to the cultivator refining it .

On top of that, once the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein materialized, it would transform into six dragons that soared into the sky with formidable powers .

Although the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein had not matured yet, its strength was utterly terrifying, as it was equivalent to the combined strength of six second-layer Martial Progenitors!

“A human?”

At that moment, the six dragon heads were awakened awakened as they opened their eyes .


A formidable aura was unleashed, causing Qin Nan’s black robe to flap wildly .

“Greetings, senior . ”

Qin Nan brought his fists together calmly, “I’m the new inner disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan, my name is Qin Nan . I’m here to ask for senior’s assistance, so that I can improve my cultivation——”

However, he was interrupted before he could finish .

The six dragon heads spoke simultaneously with thunderous voices, “Who would have thought that after thousands of years, the Dragon Emperor Clan has finally decided to recruit a human disciple once again . However, if you’re planning to ask me for help, either you defeat me, or become the Peak Leader of the Human Peak and an elder of the Dragon Emperor Clan . Otherwise, save your breath!”

The six dragon heads wore prideful looks .

Even though the Human Peak had fallen, and its cultivation was not as strong as it used to be .

Its pride still remained!

Not everyone could easily obtain its assistance!

“Defeat you, huh? Pardon me then!”

Qin Nan squinted as battle intent burst out from his body .

Although the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein was a formidable opponent, it did not mean he had no hope at all!


Without further ado, Qin Nan stomped his foot and threw a punch at the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein with his left hand .

Fist of the divine God of Battle!

“A mere Law-Defying Martial Sacred dares to challenge me?”

The eyes of the of the six dragon heads flickered with astonishment . It immediately inspected Qin Nan’s cultivation when he began to attack .

“How disrespectful!”

The six dragon heads harrumphed and opened their mouths, causing the Qi in the surroundings to become restless and gather in their mouths, forming six light beams .

A single move!

With tremendous power!

“Left arm shield!”

Qin Nan was taken by surprise and immediately raised his left arm as a shield .


Qin Nan’s figure was instantly sent flying, but in the next moment, it sprang into the sky as a stronger aura was unleashed from his body .

The first form of the divine God of Battle, Unrivaled Warrior!

“Mm? He’s unharmed?”

The eyes of the six dragon heads were filled with surprise . Even first-layer Martial Progenitors would not be able to resist its attack . It then uttered a roar in excitement, “Nice one kid, impressive! If you are able to resist three of my moves, I shall aid you in your cultivation! Six Dragons Mystical Descent!”

The six dragon heads uttered blasting roars .

Countless Qi was accumulated, which formed six illusionary figures that somehow resembled the outline of dragons . Each figure possessed a shocking power, not weaker than a first-layer Martial Progenitor .

Following this, the six figures made their moves and attacked Qin Nan .

“Left eye of the divine God of Battle!”

Qin Nan grunted as his figure weaved among the figures and dodged the attacks at lightning speed .

“Mm? Such a powerful eye-technique! a powerful eye-technique! It seems like I should be more serious with my attacks…” Apart from feeling more astounded, the six dragon heads were greatly excited, as it held its claws together to perform an ancient hand seal .


Qin Nan’s eyes emitted a shocking glow, “Heaven-Shattering Saber!”


His right arm suddenly exploded into countless lights dots, before forming an ancient saber .

Qin Nan grabbed the saber and immediately dashed past the six illusionary figures, before descending like an ancient general, slashing at the six dragon heads with a tremendous aura .

“Isn’t this——”

The six dragon heads were stunned seeing the saber .

Hang on a second .

Wasn’t this saber . . .


The six dragon heads suddenly yelled .


Qin Nan’s figure came to a halt as he frowned .

“Your saber, is it called the Heaven-Shattering Saber?”

The six dragon heads stared at the saber in Qin Nan’s hand while their voices began to tremble .

. . . Meanwhile, at the Demonic Force Chamber . . .


Xuan Yue’s eyes sprang open as he wore a shocked expression .

Why did the shocking aura from the mountain suddenly disappear?

“I need to take a look!”

Xuan Yue immediately rose from the ground and headed straight to the mountain .

If something were to happen to Qin Nan, he would definitely lose his chance of becoming a core disciple!

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