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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 812


Chapter 812: 812

Chapter 812 - South-Heaven Gate!

After the words were spoken . . .

The entire space disappeared .

Qin Nan’s will returned to his body .

It was as if nothing had actually happened .

However, Qin Nan’s eyes began to shudder while his body trembled vigorously .

He was experiencing an incredible shock!

Without a doubt, the ancient body without a left eye and two arms that was emitting a familiar aura was telling Qin Nan that it was the body of the divine God of Battle!

Furthermore, judging from the missing left eye and two arms, the body consisted of the remaining body parts!

In other words . . .

If he were to refine the remaining body parts, did that mean he would be merging with the flesh of the divine God of Battle?

It took Qin Nan some time to collect his thoughts .

The moment he recovered, he took a deep breath .

He had already come this far just by merging with the left eye and two arms!

If he were to merge with the remaining body parts, how powerful would his Martial Spirit and cultivation be?

It was completely beyond his imagination!

He would actually become a real divine God of Battle when the time came!

Completely becoming the successor of the divine God of Battle!

How strong was the divine God of Battle in the past?

No one could even tell him the answer in the entire Canglan Continent!

“Calm down!

“I have to calm down!

“Calm down! Calm down!”

Qin Nan suddenly recovered and immediately withdrew his thoughts .

The change of his emotions had been too rapid .

An hour later, Qin Nan finally calmed his emotions .

“Who would have thought that the scroll that the right arm had given me would lead me to the remaining body parts as a whole!”

Qin Nan exclaimed .

He had initially thought that the body parts were scattered everywhere, thus he would need to find each of them separately .

“By the way…”

Qin Nan frowned, “That South-Heaven Gate it mentioned, where would it be?”

It went without saying that merging with the body parts of the divine God of Battle would not be an easy task .

Qin Nan did recall that he had seen an ancient door in the mysterious space, which the remaining body parts of the divine God of Battle were located behind . It was most likely the South-Heaven Gate, which must be destroyed in order for him to merge with the flesh of the divine God of Battle .

“I shall ask Xuan Yue about it!”

Qin Nan was clueless about the South-Heaven Gate, but Xuan Yue who was the Young Master of the Skyhowl Wolves tribe might know about it . He immediately proceeded to the Cultivation Hall .

Inside the hall . . .

The Heavenly Fortune Hounds and the Heavenly Fortune Mouse were cultivating in a mysterious area called the ‘Illusionary-Heart Town’, while Mu Mu had entered the ‘Depths of Misery Martial Path’ . On the other hand, Xuan Yue had entered the ‘Demonic Force Chamber’ .

“Xuan Yue, come out at once!”

Qin Nan arrived at the entrance of the mysterious area and snapped while his left eye emitted a brilliant glow . .

“F**k me…”

Xuan Yue’s figure appeared at the entrance as he glared at Qin Nan and yelled, “Can’t you see that Master Xuan Yue is cultivating? Qin Nan, you dare to trouble me at this time, do you really think I’m your servant? Who do you think you are——”


Qin Nan’s eyes emitted an icy gaze as a tremendous aura was emitted from his figure .

Xuan Yue’s voice halted . For some reason, his instincts were telling him that he should obey the person before him .

“This guy is able to make me feel intimidated when he is mad?”

Xuan Yue frowned and mumbled to himself .

“I just want to ask you if you have heard of the South-Heaven Gate?” Qin Nan took a deep breath and asked with great anticipation in his eyes .

“South-Heaven Gate?” Xuan Yue’s expression darkened as he waved his hand and said, “Everyone in the Middle Continent should know it! I believe you’ve heard of the half-God region? Among the three factions at the half-God region, the South-Heaven Sacred Ground is considered the strongest faction! It is said that at the deepest part of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground stands a door, which is called the South-Heaven Gate!”

“Inside the South-Heaven Sacred Ground?”

Qin Nan was startled .

Xuan Yue nodded as he continued, “According to the rumors, the gate is the path that connects the Canglan Continent and the legendary Nine Heavens! I have no idea if it’s true! However, as the gate is mysterious and possesses extraordinary power, it is treated as the most precious treasure of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground!”

“Speaking of which…”

Xuan Yue suddenly thought of something as he blurted he blurted out, “There was another rumor . It was said that the South-Heaven Gate is hiding an unimaginable secret! Those who learn the secret would be able to leave the Canglan Continent and head to the Nine Heavens, achieving cultivations greater than the Martial God Realm! Once, around three thousand years ago, a Martial God and three peak Martial Monarchs had teamed up to attack the South-Heaven Sacred Ground to break the South-Heaven Gate, but they failed in the end . ”

“A Martial God and three peak Martial Monarchs were defeated?”

Qin Nan was astounded .

“It was never a surprise! The South-Heaven Sacred Ground could be considered as the strongest faction of the Canglan Continent . There are at least two Martial God Realm experts guarding it! Besides, do you think anyone can destroy the South-Heaven Gate?” Xuan Yue glanced at Qin Nan with a mocking grin, “Huh? Are you seriously thinking that you could destroy the South-Heaven Gate and acquire its secrets?”

“Thanks for the information! See ya!”

Qin Nan collected his thoughts and brought his fists together, before leaving the place with a kick .

“Is this guy insane…”

Xuan Yue wore a blank expression . Did he seriously interrupt his cultivation and leave after asking a few questions? Xuan Yue murmured to himself before he returned to the mysterious area to cultivate .

It went without saying that he never expected that he would witness an unforgettable scene one day .

After leaving the Cultivation Hall, Qin Nan returned to the woods and sat on the huge boulder . He let out a sigh and felt his body become heavier .

“As I thought, it’s not simple to not simple to claim the rest of the body parts . ”

Qin Nan wore a wry smile .

South-Heaven Sacred Ground!

The top faction of the Canglan Continent!

And the South-Heaven Gate is located deep within it!

Apart from being guarded by at least two Martial Gods and countless Martial Monarchs, the South-Heaven Gate itself was a mysterious existence!

Even with a Martial God and three Martial Monarchs teaming up, they had failed to break it .

How about him?

He was currently a mere Law-Defying Martial Sacred, not even a Martial Progenitor . He did not even have the right to become a disciple of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground .

It felt like someone was asking an ant to defeat a titan before it with its bare fists!

Was that even possible?


Qin Nan suddenly opened his mouth and spat on the ground . He stood up and unleashed an imperious aura from his body .

The divine Battle Spirit was the best fortunate encounter he had been given, and he finally knew the location of the rest of the body parts!

How could he give up now?

He must retrieve them!

Was his cultivation not strong enough?

He could slowly become stronger!

He was still young, he had plenty of time!

Was his Martial Spirit not strong enough?

He could increase its rank!

He could even improve it to a tenth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

It might be impossible for others, but that was not his case!

South-Heaven Sacred Ground?

South-Heaven Gate?

“I’ll surely shatter you into pieces one day!”

Qin Nan clenched his fists tightly, while his eyes became fiery .

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