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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 809


Chapter 809: 809

Chapter 809 - Having a Reputation, Acknowledged by the Authorities

The entire dojo was immersed in a complete silence .

The beasts wore astounded faces, as the development of the situation had completely taken them by surprise .

Not only did Qin Nan become the first human disciple within the last few thousands of years, he was now an inner disciple with a formidable status!

Furthermore, the chief had demanded Xuan Yue be Qin Nan’s servant?

Even Qin Nan himself did not expect it to come to this .

“What is the chief thinking?”

Qin Nan frowned .

At that moment, an infuriated voice burst into the sky and broke the silence .

“Chief, I don’t agree!”

The one uttering the yell was none other than Xuan Yue, who was currently wearing a furious expression while his eyes were emitting a crimson glow .

Are you joking!

I, Master Xuan Yue, the Young Master of the Skyhowl Wolves Tribe with a bloodline that is equivalent to a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, had to be an insignificant human’s servant?

How could he accept that!

Even if he were beaten to death, he would never agree!

“You don’t agree?”

The purple dragon in the air harrumphed and swung its tail . Following this, a magnificent tail appeared from a rift and swung downward with a tremendous force .


Even with Xuan Yue’s bloodline, his figure was knocked backward rapidly by the dragon might as if he had just experienced a heavy blow .

But . . .

His expression remained the same, as his eyes emitted a brilliant flicker .

So what if you’re trying to suppress me with your dragon might?

It would never crush Master Xuan Yue’s spine!

Even if it meant death, he would never accept!

Seeing this, the eyes of the purple dragon flickered like a cunning fox as it transmitted its voice to Xuan Yue, “Kid, be obedient and be his servant for two years . In two years’ time, I’ll make you a core disciple immediately . That being said, if you don’t accept the offer, I would have no choice but to ask someone else…”

“What did you say? Core . . . Core disciple?”

The anger in Xuan Yue’s heart and his unwillingness to surrender and firm spine were non-existent at this moment . Even his voice began to stutter .

It went without saying that the status of a core disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan was too overwhelming . Currently in the entire Dragon Emperor Clan, there were less than twenty core disciples! Furthermore, only the core disciples were allowed to cultivate in the legendary Ten Thousand Beast Garden!

Xuan Yue’s dream was to become a core disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan within five years!

His heart began to beat heavily .

This temptation was too much!

“That’s what I said . So, do you agree?”

The purple dragon straightened its face .

“Well, cough cough…”

Xuan Yue uttered a cough and struggled for a while before he clenched his teeth and said, “I promise you! It’s only two years, I, Master Xuan Yue, can bow and and submit or can stand tall when required!”

To become a core disciple!

The effort he put in and the humiliation he suffered would all be worth it!

Meanwhile, the crowd was left speechless . Wasn’t Xuan Yue extremely furious just a second ago? Why had his attitude changed in the blink of an eye?


The purple dragon scanned the crowd and uttered a thunderous roar, “From today onward, Qin Nan is an inner disciple of our Dragon Emperor Clan residing at the Human Peak, and Xuan Yue will be his servant! As for you all, continue to take part in the trial . I’m looking forward to seeing your performances!”

After saying this, the purple dragon waved its tail and vanished into a rift .

It took the beasts a while to collect their thoughts .

“My Heavens! This…”

“That is quite a surprise! A human has become an inner disciple just like that!”

“And Xuan Yue has become his servant too!”

“Why isn’t Xuan Yue mad?”

The entire dojo exploded as the beasts discussed with one another .

On the other hand, Qin Nan who was standing a distance away pondered .

He had already witnessed Xuan Yue’s temper, thus it was impossible for him to compromise that easily . It was most likely that the chief had promised him some benefits? Why did the chief do that? Was he trying to plant a spy beside me to keep an eye on me?

“What’s with the noise! Shut the f**k up!”

Xuan Yue suddenly burst out roaring while unleashing his suppression, causing the beasts to fall silent with silent with pale faces .


Xuan Yue harrumphed coldly before glancing at Qin Nan with a stern expression, “Come! I’ll bring you to the Human Peak!”

Saying this, without taking another look at Qin Nan, he sprang into the sky .

“This Dragon Emperor Clan is getting interesting…”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered as he followed Xuan Yue .

Not long after, the incident at the dojo was made known to the entire Dragon Emperor Clan like a storm .

“Where did this Qin Nan come from, to possess a reverse scale of an Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon? He even became an inner disciple with it!”

“HAHA, this is exciting . It’s been thousands of years since our Dragon Emperor Clan has had a human disciple!”

Tsk tsk, didn’t you hear? The Young Master of the Skyhowl Wolves tribe has become Qin Nan’s servant!”

“I don’t understand, I really don’t understand!”

Countless authorities and geniuses of the Dragon Emperor Clan were startled, as Qin Nan and Xuan Yue were suddenly famous among them .

Besides that, as the powerhouse among the Two-Starred Factions, the Dragon Emperor Clan was the main focus of countless factions as well .

The news regarding the Dragon Emperor Clan breaking their rules and recruiting a human disciple managed to catch the attention of many people .

The name of Qin Nan was no longer that of a nobody, as some people began to secretly take note .

Meanwhile, deep inside the mountain range of the Dragon Emperor Clan, inside a mysterious space . . .

Three figures arrived consecutively .

The .

The person in front was a middle-aged man and standing beside him was an old man with a hunchback and a teenage girl whose body was emitting a colorful glow .

If the elders and disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan were to see this, their hearts would be stirred vigorously .

These three people were none other than the three Martial Monarch Realm beasts of the Dragon Emperor Clan!

“Chief, do we just leave Qin Nan by himself?” The man with a hunchback spoke first, “If you’re not planning to do anything, our Diabolic Qilin tribe is more than happy to train him…”

“Our Nine-Tailed Skyfox tribe is willing to fulfill our role too . ” The teenage girl giggled .

Qin Nan was like a precious treasure in their eyes .

“You two . ”

The middle-aged man furiously pointed his fingers at them and calmly said, “Not only shall we leave him be, we have to let him grow on his own, as everything is still not finalized yet . There are still many uncertainties . ”

“Uncertainties?” The hunchbacked man asked .

The eyes of the middle-aged man flickered as he continued, “In other words, if he truly is the one, why would we need to care so much? He would surely stir a great chaos here in the Middle Continent on his own! All we need to do…is wait!”

The hunchbacked man and the teenage girl became silent .

However, the three pairs of eyes each emitted a shocking flicker in the dark .

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